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i need stratergy help

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
i have been playing aoe2 4 as long as i can remember....yet i never seem to improve

and i hate to admit it but i need tips

the game; basicly me and 3 comps vs another 4 on standard setting

civ; britons
other civs; random
map; salt lake
result; victory but sluggish
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Official Reviewer
You castle too late. From the first seconds, minutes into the game, you scout too late, have too many idle villagers, your first mill should be near the forage bushes. You spoil wood on two early mills instead of placing your buildings further away from the town centre where you build no farms. Have three villagers for turkeys instead of one, do first turkeys, then berries, then farms to save wood. You mine too early, concentrate on wood and food in the Dark Age.
File Author
thank you i will take that into account

any one els?
JuBuOrangie You have a very weak economy and if you were playing vs a human player a weak military as well. You should never build farms in the dark age this is the order of gathering food, first your herdables sheep/turkeys then boars usually you go up to the feudal age after boars as they give you a big bonus to food while youre advancing gather berries and deer once in the feudal age get horse collar right away then get farms.

The biggest weakness by far was the fact youre TC wasnt doing anything for the first 5 minutes of the game if this happened in a player there would be no chance for you to win, your goal is to be able to be constantly having youre TC working from the Dark Age to the Castle Age unless youre rushing which in that case it should be working most of the time. I know this was restricted by the map you were playing but usually players will really expand by building more buildings for example 3-5 TC's then if youre building infantry for example they will build 10 to 20 barracks no kidding. You want to mix youre military up more youre military was designed to kill buildings and shoot down stragglers that came to attack you If I were play you I could attack you with Paladins or Eskirmishers.

If you want to improver then you need to stop playing the standard AI even if you have more allies then them, The standard AI and below are really just not good, even if they are giving 5 hours free time I doubt they would ever send a force bigger than 30 men at once.

If youre wondering what maps people play online they usually are arabia and for noobs black forest there are variants of these 2 maps made by players they are Green Arabia more grass than Arabia and Michi which is a wall of trees between teams and you only can get through with Siege Onagers.

If youre thinking of playing online and want to know if youre good enough then play a 1v1 map against the computer on hardest if you win you should at least put up a fight.
File Author
i used to play online but my computer is not detecting ips for some reason


thx for the info i will most probably post an "improved stratagy" recorded game

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