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Downloads Home » Best Campaigns » Wanton Destruction 2 -- Twin Dragon

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Wanton Destruction 2 -- Twin Dragon

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 5


The Hegarsi tribe thought they had crushed their enemies, the Qazaq. They thought they were the undisputed masters of Khelidar. But what they didn't realise is that it is impossible to kill and not create.

Malikada, the son of the slain Qazaq king Xanthos, is riding with arrows in his bow and vengeance in his heart. With one arrow, he will destroy the paper-thin peace of the land forever.


Some time ago, I released a campaign called Wanton Destruction. It got good reviews and was featured in the Blacksmith news, and I started work on a sequel.

Well...the mofo is finally done! Here's what it contains.

  • Five scenarios of pure gameplay (none of this "Prologue" and "Epilogue" crap)
  • Lots of action with as little dialogue as possible (although it has WAY more story than the original Wanton Destruction)
  • A mixture of FF, B&D, and a little RPG. Like before, I've emulated the Ensemble Studios method of designing scenarios. It's stripped-down, minimal and designed to be playable ahead of everything else.

Have fun! Death is not the end!

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Official Reviewer
Hi Lord_Fadawah,

Great campaign, I am playing the second scenario right now and have to find a solution against the siege onagers, that attack came unexpected. ;) I will restart on a lower difficulty level.

I had a quick look at the following scenarios, Act 4 Deadly Kiss, the player does not lose when Malikada dies and the game engine randomly places a town center and three villagers for the purple player Varga, you need a hold off unit.
File Author
Thanks for the comments.

Damn...bugs? I might wait a bit for other peoples' feedback and then upload a fixed version.
Hatsen It's pretty hard, even on Standard, but it's a pretty fun campaing.
Official Reviewer
hard? It was nearly a walkover..
John Mendl Quite good campaign. First scenario was too small. The second looks pretty good. I was too slow to escape the camp and they caught up. I defended for some time with Lean Mean AKM but not much. Eventually I lost to their cavalry hordes. Lean Mean AKM is funny and great but it has only 10 HP. Still its funny though.
File Author
Hey, thanks.

I thought the beefed-up heavy scorpion was fun. One click, and 20 enemies die.
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Wanton destruction 2- Twin Dragon is a five scenario campaign done in an ES-style, focusing more on playability rather than anything else. It is a mix of RPS, FF and B&D situated in a typical mediavel setting of betrayal, revenge and bloodlust.

Playability: 5

Definitely the strongest point of the campaign, the five scenarios have little to do with flowery cutscenes and 'new trickz'. In almost every scenario you are launched into action with the word go. Seamlessly switching between genres ( FF, B&D etc. ) the whole gameplay is non stop action. Along with witty dialogues and clear background history, Lord_Fadawah has been able to create an enjoyable campaign that is manageable in terms of triggers and the time to make it.
There were no serious bugs, except that selecting an archer in the first scenario invariably caused my game to crash ( but it may just be my comp. ). Also there was no victory condition in the 4th scenario and one player had no holdoff unit. It definitely lives up to it's title of 'Wanton destruction'.

Balance: 4-

Probably the most disappointing aspect was that it was overall quite easy. The first was a walkover, the second was easy if you figured out that all you had to do was build a market and keep repairing it. In the third you had a huge army to steamroller everything ( though the sidequest was nice ) and it was tiresome to keep repairing the rams. The fourth was also easy, but the final seige was a perfectly balanced game, thus bringing the overall score to 4.

Creativity: 4

The story and objectives were all quite cliché, but even so I think it was quite creative. Especially the random witty remarks here and there. The idea was to de-emphasize trigger tricks etc., rather to concentrate on the kind of games ES actually expected us to make, which includes mediavel age settings with the usual plotlines of loyalty, honour, revenge, etc. with big battles and seiges. Also included usual sidequests which were quite creative. A 4 here.

Map Design: 4

The map design was definitely a lot better than a random map, but not excellent. The terrain was more realistic and there wasn't too much of 'eye candy'. The forests however were not mixed and there was an over-usage of cliffs which did not look or play too well either. The best map was probably the last scenario, where the position of walls and castles really helps in holding out against the enemies.

Story/Instructions: 4

The instructions are quite adequate, along with copius amounts of history, hints, opening bitmaps etc. which was all quite interesting, yet no more than a background reason for the overall theme of "kill! kill! kill!" which seemed to dominate throughout the scenario. Though perhaps that fits in very well with "Wanton destruction", I can't give it a 5.

Additional Comments:

This game provides a break from, in the author's words 'annoying cutscenes, meaningless eyecandy , unnecessary trigger tricks' and rather focuses more on tactics and gameplay. If you want to improve your imperial age playing skills, you can try this game, along with the original Wanton Destruction.

[Edited on 01/17/08 @ 11:07 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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