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Resident Evil 5 (c) Capcom

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy

Play as agent Chris Redfield (RE:1; RE:Umbrella Chronicles)as he infilitrates a remaining Umbrella Headquarters in Africa
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Official Reviewer
We moved the file from Single Player Scenarios. We will move the file back after the completion of the project.

-Blacksmith Administrator
File Author
-Relics almost always have keys in them. One exception is in the village where there is a relic by a house in the corner,that was meant to have the key to Progen Co. but I changed it, and forgot to take that extra relic out

Edit 11/13/07 @ 12:26 PM
Comments and reviews welcome. Email me about any bugs at The two rs are not a mistake.

[Edited on 11/25/07 @ 11:04 PM]

File Author
When you get to the end of the *DEMO* you need to go up the long corridor once you have both halves of the emblem.

-Relics almost always have keys in them. One exception is in the village where there is a relic by a house in the corner,that was meant to have the key to Progen Co. but I changed it, and forgot to take that extra relic out
File Author
Comments and reviews welcome. Email me about any bugs at The two rs are not a mistake.
Zen Master Demos are considered Unfinished now?
Official Reviewer
Do not double post; if you want to comment on a file again where nobody commented since your last visit, you have to edit your comment using the edit button above your comment. I edited your four comments into one, which includes the one of your Smurf Zen Master.

With regard to the content of your comments, there is no long corridor, no halves of an emblem, there is only one relic, no extra relic to take out, and the relic cannot have a key in it because you did not trigger it. The scenario has a blank introduction screen, no instructions, hints, history, and no victory or loss message. There are two triggers, one renames the player's character to "Chris Redfield" and the other displays at the game's start "Resident Evil 5: Umbrella isn't dead. They're far from it, no matter what the government says." It is impossible to win your scenario. You submitted 'Resident Evil 5 (c) CAPCOM Demo.scx' dated 5th of November, which is unfinished, it is in a pre alpha stage. I suggest you to download your scenario and play it yourself.
File Author
@Tanneur: I double posted because I was trying to see if using a different account to post would make a difference with how long it took for the comment to show up. Also, it isn't impossible to win, me being as absentminded as i am, i probably forgot to mention that you needed to walk into the room with the wolves (zombie dogs)click the relic which contained half of an emblem, get 30 (or so) kills to get the second half of the emblem, then run down the long corridor with the zombies wih guns, to the end and once you get to the very end of the hall (edge of the map) you win. I don't need to download my scenario and playtest unless submitting it did something to the file. I tested it 10 times to make sure there was no bug ,that I could actually fix, in existence. I did encounter some problems with going down the last hallway, with get the 'doors' to open. If I can fix it I will update it, if not then you will simply have to set the progen co. that is your ally to enemy and destroy the doors. I hope that helps.
Official Reviewer
You triple posted with the same account, only the last comment was from your Smurf. My colleague JackelRat wrote also that it is impossible to win. There is no room with wolves, there is not a single wolf on the map, there is only one relic near a house, which does not contain half of an emblem, and you cannot get 30 kills to get the second half of the emblem. There is no long corridor, there are no zombies, there are no units with guns, there is no very end of a hall, and fact is there is no hall. You start at the Northeast corner of the map, the only area with a little design. Not to download your scenario to see that you submitted a pre alpha version is your choice alone, the files arrive at the blacksmith as you submit them and the submission process cannot erase map design and triggers from a scenario. Probably you play tested a version 10 times that you did not submit. There are no problems with going down the last hallway because hallways do not exist on your map; there are no 'doors' to open. There is no progen co.; there is no ally to set to enemy to destroy doors, which do not exist. I hope that helps.
File Author
I thought I explained about the doors thing in the instructions? I guess not...

Well you have to click the relic then it tells you that you have a village gate key. The palisade wall is the 'gate' and once you have the key, you click the left part of the gate which should then open,(disappear) you go on into the village where there is people to fight, then get 10 kills to get a key card, and go up to the second palisade wall next to the stone walls, and click the wall. It should open, go in and the rest of the doors should be unlocked, but as I said before, the end hall triggers do not work for some reason, so you need to set the 4th player to enemy and knock down the walls. The room with the wolves has two doors, but the one facing towards the wolf pen only opens. I said the rest before...
Liono Warlord, haha listen to Tanneur99 and download the scenario from this page and play test it. My guess is you uploaded the wrong version. Everything your talking about is no where to be seen on the map.

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