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Thorvik's Journey

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Not sure if I was ever going to be able to finish the campagn so decided release the first level, my first ever released game. Heres a little rundown of the story...

The Capital of the Empire has been ransacked by a terrible and ruthless barbarian, known as The Ravager. The King dies in the siege, leaving the throne without an Heir. Luckily one of his bodyguards knows of his illegitmate son. Thorvik, the Captain of the Guard takes on the responsibilty to find the Heir and restore him to the throne. Accompienied by the bodyguard, Eric, they go off. Thorvik and Eric face many challenges as they make there way to the small rural village. Fight off the Ravager's patrols and ambushes.

This game has some roleplaying and fixed forced elements.

The game is meant to be played more than once, maybe two or three times. It has some strategic choices in how you go about getting to the Kings son. Also has some hidden elements, bonus soldiers and even a character named after me makes a cameo. He's another hero, and is very strong, BUT he's not easy to find. Its possible to get to him, but takes a little thought.

Map design is good in my opoinion...but it is MY game lol.

Please download and review. Thanks for trying it out.

IMPORTANT: Not following the games pacing will break the story. It is possible to not do most of the things the game says, BUT it really ruins the playing expeirance. SO just don't try and break the game on purpose.
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Leif Ericson
Map Design3.0
Thorvik's journey is a Fixed Force scenario where the kingdom of Maido is under attack by a former general now known as the Ravagar.

The scenario starts with an attack on the capital of Maido's kingdom, the Ravagar's first attempt to finally seize the capital. Thorvik, the captain of King Maido's guard, sends the king and his guards to the docks to flee while he can. After Thorvik defends the palace he must join up with the king at the dock, but he is in time to witness the king being killed by a catapult.

Thorvik, and only one of the king's guards, Eric, survives and they go on a quest looking for the king's son Johnathan so that he may take the kingdom back from the Ravagar.

The scenario is the first scenario of an unfinished campaign. I would encourage the designer to finish this campaign if he is interested, though plenty of work should be spent on it.

Playability: 3

For the players:
The scenario is relatively fun, but it is quite easy and some parts may be confusing. It only takes about 20 minutes to beat. Add some more side plots. For example, add more obstacles/missions you have to get past to get to Johnathan.

For the designer:
The scenario plot is straightforward, but there are times when I felt a bit confused about what to do next. I wasn't sure where I was supposed to go.

Some of the triggers are inefficient. For example, you have to practically get next to a unit before it will talk to you. Increase the area so that the trigger will work better and not confuse the player. Also, some of the triggers don't seem to fire when intended.

After the transport drops off Thorvik and Eric the game will turn off sometimes. Often it would happen when I first played it, but when I restart it the scenario will work again. Check your triggers. Fortunately, it only takes me about 5 or 10 minutes to get to that point.

Also, the scenario has lag in it, which can get annoying after a while.

I think the scenario would be much more fun if it was longer and you knew what you were doing.

Balance: 3
The balance is okay, but there is hardly any challenge. Although difficulty dynamics are not necessary, I would add some to make it harder for experienced players. It's easier than the campaigns that come with the game.

Add some more enemy soldiers, but don't just place big mobs of them. Force the player to use some strategy to get past them.

I found the Thorax unit. He would have been a great unit if the game wasn't so easy already. It isn't worth it to spend that much time looking for him. And don't recommend the player to delete him after all the time the player spent looking for him.

Creativity: 4
The plot/story is what shines in this scenario, which makes the scenario somewhat unique. There are enough events in the story to keep a player interested. However, implementing the story into the scenario could have been made more realistic and intense.

Map Design: 3

For the player:
The map design is good enough to give you a sense of the setting. However, nothing about the map design is outstanding enough to catch the interest of many players.

For the designer:
The map design is fair, but there is hardly any terrain mixing. It mostly uses just forests, grass1, and blocks of road. Look at the Continuous Screenshot Competition to see good examples of terrain mixing. The best place is the swamp, where some eye candy actually exists. Also, don't place those muddy paths unless you want the place to seem muddy, and vary the types you use.

Story/Instructions: 3
Story is great, and the instructions are okay, though a bit undetailed. However, the messages displayed during the game need a bit of work. All of the messages are displayed at once, instead of being delayed. It is hard to read them all at once, especially when a new one comes on and the other messages are still displayed. There are a couple of spelling mistakes, but nothing major.

Additional Comments:
Play through some of the campaigns in the Blacksmith, like Ulio, that are well known. This will help you with map design and ideas for your campaigns. Also, it may help you convey a more epic feel, which I feel this scenario lacks. Also, add some difficulty dynamics to make the scenario more challenging.

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Map Design3.0
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