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Aethelfirth: A Viking Saga

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Version: Age of Kings
Number of scenarios: 17
This campaign is about a Viking leader named Aethelfirth, who sets out with a group of warriors to establish the greatest empire ever, if he can overcome his enemies (which are quite numerous).

This campaign contains 17 (I know, HOLY CR*P!) well-made
scenarios, with tricky objectives and lots of triggers
on top of that. A good mix of easy, to average, to hard
missions to pass, and also a mix of building and thinking.
This is my first campaign that I have given to any
AOK site.

I did use some cool new units that I downloaded from another
site. E-mail me if you want to know where I got them. (If you don't already know!)


Comments are appreciated, good or bad. E-mail me at if you have any suggestions or
problems with my campaign, or for any other question you
might have.
"I never forget a face, but in your case I'll make an
exception." Groucho Marx
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Duke Crispian this scenario may be long, but is definitely awesome. I've been playing it a few days now, and am thoroughly impressed. The text is a little too nice to be Viking talk, and the resources are pretty high in the easy missions, but I must commend the author on his success. Send this to Microsoft and see if you can get a job doing this for a living.
Sun Tsu Talk about good. I almost forget that it isn't Microsoft that did this Campaign. It's realy fun. Or is it just because I'm from Scandinavia?
Anyway, when I'm not restarting after losing 50 of my units, it must be fun.
TNT This was an excellent campaign. I like campaigns which
include a lot of scenarios. When I started to play it at the first time, I couldn't stop until 3AM. Keep up the good
work and send in more of your work. I am looking forward
to them.
DSC wow! :), this was fun :)

i'm only about 1/2 way thru but it's really fun :)

i'm on the british isle.... the trick to beating this campaign is to hold off the enemy (cause they normally arn't smart enough to avoid your shoreline castles!)
then gather tons of resources... when i started my attack on green in this scenario, i had like 15k wood and food, 12k gold, and like 8k stone...

i brought over a nice sized force and 1 villager... i put up a TC, then a castle, then a castle, then a castle, then 1 barracks, 3 stables, and 1 archery range.....

then i kept building like mad and had fully queued buildings... i kept building and building TCs and castles (the TCs to produce villies and the castles to shoot) all over...

by the end, i had less then 10k food, 2k gold, and 2k stone... i still had over 16k wood! and during the attack, i had all my villagers in my home base mining, chopping, farming, etc...

war is expensive... now i'm looting what's left of green's town to prepare for the seige on red! :):):):)
AlenStrasni I really have enjoyed playing this campaign. It's very, very good.

Most of all, I like scenarios with paesants...

waiting foe another campaign ...
B.C. Milligan As a person who has been in the game biz since Grandma was a girl, I have to say that the author's characterization of his campaign as "well-made" is modesty indeed! This is a great campaign.
Alasdair Henderson This is the most awesome campaign! It is extremely professionally done and almost seems as well-finished as the default Saladin, Ghenghis Khan, Joan of Arc etc. ones that come with the game! I would strongly recommend this to anyone as a first download. Either this or Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Well done Everest!
Phalanx134 I love this campaign!!! I still didnt finish it! I still don't beleive that microsoft didn't make this. Are you sure that you don't work for microsoft and ensemble! This campaign is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Aethelfirth: A Viking Saga contains 17 scenarios and is the longest campaign of its time. The Viking Saga is mainly a B&D; few scenarios have RPS or FF elements. The story is fiction and you follow the Viking leader Aethelfirth on his conquest to establish the Viking empire, starting in Scandinavia. Accompany Aethelfirth to England, Ireland, France, Greenland, The New World, Russia and Constantinople.

PLAYABILITY: This campaign will keep you busy for some evenings, it was fun and I finished the 17 scenarios. The playability was average and above, except for scenarios 12 to 15. In 12, the hints tell you to be aware of boat attacks, but the author did his map from scratch, none of the enemies builds boats and the AI considers the map as a land map. In 13, you should attack Paris from both sides with your land forces, but win easy sailing on the Seine. In 14, you need some minutes to destroy a wonder with canon boats and 15 is no fun with only 5 villagers to gather resources. This leaves twelve scenarios with a better playability. 3+

BALANCE: The campaign played on hard, except for scenario 15, where the setting was moderate. As the author states on his description page, it was a mix of easy, moderate and hard scenarios and the overall balance was average. 3

CREATIVITY: No tricks but some good map configurations helped playability and balance. Two scenarios had elevated shores and I especially liked the walk able cliffs in scenario nine for tactical options, as well as the beta units in the last scenario. 3

MAP DESIGN: All maps done from scratch but apart from doing 17 different maps, effort was missing. No terrain mix, not detailed and mostly grass one. 3

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: You get clear instructions, good hints and small stories with the scenarios but they were not connected, the story did not develop. 4-

OVERALL: Aethelfirth: A Viking Saga is a long campaign with its vicissitudes.

OBSERVATIONS: I rated the scenarios according to the standards of the time and then averaged and rounded the scores.

IN CLOSING: Download if you like the Vikings, long campaigns and original AoK.

[Edited on 03/17/05 @ 06:35 PM]

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