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defend the village {revisited}

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
i made this map from the comments of my 1st defend the village maps

it has been improved .

i personaly think its harder

story:the local tribal lord has recently been over thrown.

now rebels and bandits regualy attack villages

now it is your turn
a rebel army called the vegalagu's is about to attack your village.

please comment as i will make plently more
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Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
'Defend the Village' is a defend the spot scenario embroiling around the tale of a small force of men forced to defend a village against a large, superior force of rebels.

This review is my refinement for the updated version of this scenario.

PLAYABILITY: I quite enjoyed this little scenario. It was fairly enjoyable to defend against a larger force with superior firepower and a greater arsenal of weapons, to hold out to the last against its unrelenting attacks. However with the newer, updated version of this file I felt the gameplay was too detracted from than its previous experience. There was, in particular, fewer inner-dialogue and map design, in particular the village, which now more or less resembles a small fort. The attacks made by the enemy, though fairly enjoyable to reduce to nothing more than a sprinkle of dirt left much to be desired. There were no more warnings of the enemy's attacks on a particular part of the fort and the enemy, which seemed to just bear down with its numbers, was easy to wipe out with my sometimes larger, more focused force. In addition there were sounds included with the overall file, however the Final Fantasy-esque music wasn't necessarily to my taste, seemingly odd and too generic. There was a minor bug at the ending whereby I did not immediately win the game after defeating the enemy because of a scouting enemy unit, which causes the player to go searching needlessly. 2.0+

BALANCE: I played on moderate and later hard, and though I lost a fair amount of men in either play, the difficulty was still simply too easy to be considered anything of a challenge. Battles resolved around cutting down the sometimes-predictable attacks made by the enemy, baring down upon them with a larger, more focused force, quickly maneuvering my large amount of troops to either side of the village being attacked. This was also made possible because not at any time did the enemy bother to actually attempt to breach the village itself, sitting outside the walls as though waiting for me to come to them. The brunt of the mass enemy attacks also makes it easy to wipe out large numbers of troops without sustaining too many casualties at any one time. 2.0

CREATIVITY: The scenario has creative elements with a large force surrounding a village defence, feeling for the flanks, attacking en masse through a series of waves, sending everything from riflemen and scorpions against the defenders lines. The village had creative elements with palisade walls, towers, yurts and a town centre. However the village probably more resembles a fort with few inner buildings, which is misleading. In addition the objective to defend, a general who must not die together with plentiful unit tasking, music and a minor storyline to further playability was also creative. 2.0+

MAP DESIGN: With the update, the centre village probably looks more like a fort now, but it is still too bare for my taste. There are now fewer buildings, however more elevation and eye candy, in particular the moat surrounding the village and cracks and craters to give the impression of war, which is appreciated. In addition, use of elevation, trees and a village with palisade walls, towers and living quarters add to the design. 3.0-

STORY/ INSTRUCTIONS: There was a small description detailing a rebel army and its use of force against other villages and in game text, which I guess constitutes a story. There were hints, a history and even a victory and loss condition, but bad grammar with no capitals in either the text or unit renaming and some poor spelling is more or less annoying and unpleasing on the eyes. 3.0

CONCLUSION: 'Defend the Village' is an interesting little scenario that although lacks in some detail, is nonetheless good for a first upload and provides a few minutes of fun, even if difficulty is provided only in the minutest of forms.

SUGGESTIONS: With the update, my comments of improvement still remain. The design still needs more eye candy placed into the map design. As the design is set in winter, it would be wise to include rocks, craters, stone and trees of either snow pine or leafless oaks, ice in areas where water may have been, and bushes, conveyed by the jungle tree. Written aspects of the game can also be typed into word document to check for spelling and clarity so that the scenario is not awash with sometimes near-unreadable text. In addition, prevent the scouting computer player by including an Immobile Units AI which can be found searching the Blacksmith. You are onto a fair start here, and with a few more refinements to your work, you'll be set for a higher rating.

In a word - Enjoyable.

In closing - Recommended for fans of DTS scenarios.

[Edited on 09/30/16 @ 08:08 AM]

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Map Design3.0
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