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Chrombasia - The Two Relics

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
“After the death of the great king, power was handed to his last, fat-bellied son Rodwig. Rodwig was derisively known as the pious because he was unable to govern the country. First, he handed power to his three sons, but after just one year he changed his mind, deciding that his new-born son from his recent marriage should also be considered. This caused conflict, plotting and civil war against the father and also among the brothers. The vast realm created by the great king disintegrated ...

Meanwhile, things were also stirring in the north. The people of the North Sea attacked the coast with their fast ships, plundering cities and settlements. Since nobody could stand in their way, they finally settled the land themselves.

Among these people were the Jarags, who were led by the guards of a cult of monks. Nobody knows now where they came from or when they came. On the North Sea coast they built an enormous castle on a hill of rock and named it Bailthor.

Whenever their fires could be seen on the horizon, people would flee so that they did not end up in the flames. Fear and terror spread.

Those who were in the fight and escaped with their lives were never the same again. It was told that warriors jumped out of the fire, to make the guards, who neither experienced pain nor hesitated to strike with their weapons so many of their opponents were shocked and knocked to the ground before they could react.

They did not see to be from this world. Human blood did not flow in their veins. Rumours spread that the powers possessed by the guards made them men and master over fire and flames.

In order to escape their anger, the ruling families and kings nearby submitted to the Jarags and made large tributes to them. A new cult spread seemingly inexorably...

In order not to lose their position of religious power in the world, it was one of the Order of Knights who felt a strong power in him. But it was not religion alone, even if it was a good pretext, which induced the grand master of the order to explore the guards’ secret powers over fire and flames.

Since the kings and the Jarag’s ruling families were not against each other, it made little sense to ask them for support, particularly since it was also not necessary. The Order of Knights ranked among the wealthiest secret organisations of their time. As soon as the grand master of the order called for a campaign, many followed him. Thus one of the largest professional armies in history was formed against opponents, opponents who one didn’t exactly know and actually also didn’t know how to fight against ...”

This campaign was originally submitted to the German website AgeArena. It was translated into English by Stephen Richards (the German voiceovers remain) so any textual errors, omissions or incomprehensible instructions are due solely to him. He chose to translate it because:

"Chrombasia is a riproaring game, up there with the best. It's crammed with varied gameplay, superbly worked-out challenges, creativity, and all on a map design as good as any I've seen, and with a remarkable story to boot. I think it deserves to be opened up to a bigger audience and I'm sure once you've played it you'll agree."

Stephen would like to thank Andreas for letting him loose on his masterful design, DiGiT's Trigger Studio, various online translaters and dictionaries, his rusty school-level German, and his mother with her rather-better German.

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Hatsen Can't wait to play it! :)
Stephen Richards
Official Reviewer
I meant to add a tip, based on my experience - I learnt this the hard way. When you have to go the temple at Jarraconda only take the 3 required units to the monk, and leave the rest outside so as not to block the way.
Official Reviewer
I'm only about a half hour in this, but already I am immensely impressed. The map design is so well designed that one can literally drool over it for hours on end. In addition the creativity and gameplay have already intrigued me greatly, it will not let go. This is designing at its best, folks. A must download.
File Author
Hi Stephen ..., thanx for translation and for upload here. I hope somebody have fun for my fantastical story in the world for Chrombasia.

Greetings aMa
Jas the Mace1 I've only played through the first part but wow!
Great Scn. all the way around!
Thanks for translating it Stephen.
Guenter Hi Stephen,

so wonderful to hear from you in this good news.

And many thanx again for the work, and the translation of aMa's last (but I hope not least) great campaign "Chrombasia".

I know it in the german version of the AgeArena - and you can believe me: it is GREAT.

Greetings from Germany,
RS Greo0
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
The game is pure awesomness, its easy to understand great cutscenes everything we like.
Its a great game and easy to catch on to. Note that the first just scene stuffed up a bit.

Balance: 5
Very challenging it took me 6 times to beat the port. The monk-samurai trick was very cool and hard to beat with all those archers I had.

Creativity: 5
Very creative and enjoyable, some of those tricks done in side were really good. The german voices where funny.

Map Design: 5
The map was pure awesomness,as mashek said much to drool over. It was great.

Story/Instructions: 5
Best part of it all very thourgh instructions and a story that was well thought up.

Additional Comments:
Nice job translating this, Keep it up.

[Edited on 01/12/08 @ 12:45 PM]

Courtjester1 This is a very good campaign. I'm not quite done yet, but what I've seen is very impressive.
ForGreat_Justice This is a great campaign... very well done. you can see that aMa has spent lots of time in an effort to make this good... and it worked.
Chrombasia - The Two Relics is a campaign that i recomend for EVERYONE.
go ahead and click to download

congratulations aMa for this masterpiece and thanks for translating it for us Stephan.
Stephen Richards
Official Reviewer
Mashek, Jas, Günter, Courtjester1, ForGreat_Justice: thanks for your comments

aMa: my pleasure
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Map Design5.0
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