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DtS07 Barbarians at the Gate

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
France ,as always is in war with British. John Fastolf and his men try to hold off the invasion
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Official Reviewer
This was quite fun to play for the hour or so of gameplay, but overall it was too easy. I'm not too sure what you could do, but I would recommend giving the computer more resources so that it can build more soldiers and send them the player's way. Also, the British army (red) sent more naval units against me than the British navy (purple) who sent nothing but the knights it began with.
John Mendl Quite good scenario. But it was too easy to defend the land attacks. Naval attacks however were a bit challenging. I went up to the Imperial Age and made a few minor attacks. Later, I built up lots of paladins and 4 trebuchets to attack the enemy. At this moment, my computer restarted (not related to this scenario). I hadn't saved the game even once. So I will have to restart the scenario. I will do that later. You have great potential to improve in future and this is a good scenario for a beginner-designer.
Official Reviewer
It's too easy the enemy hardly attacks at all.
John Mendl
Map Design3.0
'Barbarians at the gate' is a B&D scenario with a cutscene at the start. A few lines of dialogue tells about Sir John Fastolf who is fighting the British.

Playability: 3
This scenario is moderately enjoyable. But the 'defeat the enemy' objective wasn't much interesting. It is good that the enemy has some economy to build up forces. But the computer needs some more economy. I kept creating a few knights and navy in the start. I went up to the imperial age and flooded the western castle area with paladins and some trebuchets and researched heresy so that those red monks do not get my paladins. I kept flooding paladins and some trebuchets continuously and finally defeated both the enemies and won.

Balance: 4+
As the designer hinted, I played hardest and won the scenario. It took for me little more than 3 hours to complete this scenario. It is a good challenge, provided you play hardest. Moderate was too easy and since there is no difficulty regulation done for hard, hardest is the only challenge. On hardest, I could somewhat easily defend from the enemy at the start because I had ample resources to build some castles and a good military force (Since all computer players receive extra resources on hardest, the yellow recieved its part which it tributed to me). Soon, I trained a good army of knights. The Red and Purple attacked providing some challenge but was not enough. I went to the Imperial Age and kept training knights and improving them, also build a good navy. I built 2-3 trebuchets and destroyed an outside castle of the red and moved on, destroying the Western Castle of the Red (where the starting cutscene shows the final part of a battle). The red put forward a good defencive challenge with lots of swordsmen, pikemen, monks and some warships. After clearing a good portion of their army and navy, I built up an offensive castle there, which greatly aided my attacks. The Red didn't stand much long to my army of trebuchets and paladins. But some time after red's fall, purple began attacking with a lot of navy which posed a great trouble. I had to fight strategically, using monks to convert the ships to withstand the enemy navy. Purple stayed on for two more hours. I built up lots of paladins and trebuchets again and attacked, finally defeating them and won. The enemy suffers in economy on moderate and hard, but on hardest, it is better due to regular supply of resources.

Creativity: 3
This scenario isn't much creative due to lack of detail. The objective is to defeat the enemy which is not much interesting. There were not much of Defend the Spot aspects for the game since the enemy attacks weren't much of a trouble. However, there were some things which I liked. The design of the land and water body provides a strategic defensive position for the red player who is located on a western edge of the water-land meeting place. Add more detail to the scenario to make it better.

Map Design: 3
The quality of map design is average. As I told, a strategical aspect of the map design shape provided a quite good gameplay. But there are many places which are undetailed. More detail to the map design and usage of more map to provide better gameplay would improve the map design. Perhaps, place another computer opponent - there is ample space for it. Also, I found that the walls of the western castle area of red has a gap that allowed me to slip through the shoreline. Place the walls at the end of the shore to fix that problem. I appreciate the designer for his effort, but the map needs more detail.

Story/Instructions: 3
A fictional story is conveyed through a few lines of dialogue at the start which tells about Sir John Fastolf and his fight against the British, but it was too undetailed. There are proper instructions that tell the player what to do. I advice to include a history section and use it to write the story briefly. Also add more dialogue in between the game to improve the conveying of the story.

Additional Comments: This scenario is moderately enjoyable and is a good start for a beginner-designer. I advice the designer to make the scenario more detailed, including that of map design. Perhaps, use more map and add enjoyable gameplay. That would greatly improve your scenarios.

[Edited on 01/14/08 @ 10:45 PM]

File Author
I thought that it was Challenging. But you would'nt defeat any of the enemy if you had selected Hardest Game Play !! Belive me ,There are few more triggers for Moderate, Hard and the Chaos level (Hardest)

(Actually, I had Deleted it after Submission)
Official Reviewer
@Madhu, you are right to complain that the reviewer gave his Balance rating based on playing moderate. If a scenario is too easy one should play hard or hardest, the standard AI is quite different on these levels. I sent an email to John Mendl for an edit. I hope the contest judges take the five difficulty levels into account. However, there is not a single trigger for moderate, hard or hardest. You triggered easiest only, trigger ‘stuff for easiest’ and give the technologies ‘Guard Tower’ and ‘Shinkichon’ the Unique Technology of the Koreans to player 1 the Franks.

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Map Design3.0
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