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Ulio v3.0

Author File Description
Ingo van Thiel
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Number of scenarios: 6

In this campaign you will step into a dead man's shoes.

You will be part of a mad hermit's tale. A tale of hatred and vendetta, of schemes and noble motives... and of guilt.

Not only will your battle skills be challenged. You will be challenged to follow Ulio on his way into his downfall, and to only leave him behind at the very end. You'll be the actor, you'll be the spectator. And you'll be the judge.

No radiant victory waits at the end... only clarity about Ulio's fate.


Important: Sound files are a must for this campaign, unless you want to miss a lot of the experience. They are divided into zips of roughly 1,3 MB each, so that each of them fits on one floppy disk. You can get the music files here:

Sound File 1
Sound File 2
Sound File 3
Sound File 4
Sound File 5

Ulio 3.0 also has new sound files for the 3rd person narrator. Those files are optional:

The other sound files (1-5) have not changed. If you already downloaded them earlier, you don't need to download them again. If you wonder whether to download the voice files or not, the Ulio 3.0 zip contains one voice sample, which plays after the first battle in the Foundling.

The campaign also plays the Attack on Murron soundfile that comes along with Mark Stoker's classic "Tamerlane, Prince of Destruction" campaign. If you haven't got that campaign yet, I can heartily recommend it. Thanks to Mark for allowing me to use that file!

The campaign contains two cutscene scenarios and four playable scenarios. Style: "Storyteller campaign". A mix of Cutscene/Fixed Force/Role Playing. B&D elements are minimal, you won't build a single building - only train units at existing ones.

The playable scenarios are difficulty-level-dynamic. You should have at least some gaming experience even if you play on Standard. If you are quite familiar with the game and experienced at battle tactics and micromanagement, Moderate will offer you a good challenge. If you like to test your gaming skills to the maximum, check out the Hard level.


Unzip the campaign file and all soundfiles into your Age of Empires II folder. They should go into the right directories.


- Sound files for narrator are included as extra zips (see above).
- New soundfiles for the dream in the Lion & Cat scenario are in the Ulio 3.0 zip file.
- Some typos have been fixed.
- Foundling: The "Barracks with Child inside" gets renamed again after the battle.
- Lion & Cat: Punishment for Ulio if he walks away from the village (-10 hp).
- Triangle: Fast players who went North could still end up with the general circling in the arena. Fixed.
- Epilogue: Younger and elder traveler got mixed up at the beginning. Fixed.


Here are some things which were new to me when I made them: Probably the first movie-like scrolling text on the screen; a developed version of the Pyromaniac's rain trick; thunder & lightning and other effects with light and shadow; a well; some slightly altered town centers; a touchy general; armies moving, stopping and moving again in formations; an armed villager (static); impaled people; sneaking up upon a guard; a stampede; sea gates and sea towers on solid ground; alert watchtowers with fast-footed watchmen; a slippery hill; a nightmare sequence with burning ghosts and lost souls; entering an enemy castle, and a couple more.

This campaign has been tested by many people, so most bugs should have been found and fixed. However, if you do encounter any more bugs, please email me at, so that I can look into them.

Thanks again to everyone who playtested the campaign for me! The names of the playtesters are listed in the Aftermath message of the Epilogue scenario.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Tonto_DaVe Just downloaded and played through the campaign again for the first time in about 9 years... just as good as the first run through. Having been so long, there were a lot of plot twists I had completely forgotten. And much like what panel said: the way the map, scenarios, and story intertwine one another in a perfect example of synergy is beautiful.

[Edited on 02/06/12 @ 05:58 AM]

hamzaachraf123 we miss you men
Raptor II this was the best campaign i have ever played
bcks Just perfect! I dare to say, the best campaign out there. The plot was well-made, dramatic and interesting without bugs, making the game flow gracefully. Well done to the author for his designing abilities and the time spent on this scenario.
ijayakumar I am completely stuck in battlefield after the dream.. I am able to listen the Stable mad talk and win against Paladin... but I am not able to come out of the fence though hints says that... Please help me!
Kataphraktoi [SPOILER] After killing the paladin(dark rider?) either choice should result in a trigger removing a piece of palisade near the stable boy(bottom right of arena) depending on your choice, you might need to ride near it to update the fog of war(appears to be a palisade when there isnt) Hope you get unstuck :)
tryotryotryo I have to say, before I played this game, I didn't know that the sound track is such an important part to make a scenario much better. I really learn a lot form this campaign!

[Edited on 09/04/13 @ 12:28 AM]

ibrahimanator HELP PLZ!!!!
Dribble I wonder if you're still alive out there Ingo.

I've gone through the comments and tried to find a solution, but also thought of posting this.

After the battle in scenario 2, after being knocked unconscious and taken to prison, and after the dream, the joust begins yet I have no unit to control.

The triggers trigger with the princess and joust master pitying my ''death'' although it's ironic because I never fought.

Lovely campaign work though mate.
Ingo van Thiel
File Author
Hey Dribble, I'm sorry to hear about your problem. Normally, you would get control over Ulio, and only get a loss message if you lose him in the tourney. If this did not happen, it sounds like one of those annoying "random bugs" where a trigger simply does not fire when it should. These are rare, but unpredictable hiccups of the game.

The strange death message is likely a consequence of the first bug. I don't recall which trigger I used but likely the game thinks "the player does not have a paladin, Ulio must have died, so let's give out a death message..."

I'm afraid all you can do is restart from a saved game, if that doesn't help restart the whole scenario. If you don't feel like playing it all over again, you can still skip it with "i r winner".

[Edited on 07/14/14 @ 05:19 AM]

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