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Siege of Avalon-Sha'ahoul Version

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 1
This is still a work in progress (obviously). Also my first time I've tried uploading something, first scenario, etc. Been working on this for several years now, off and on, and I think I might be getting close to the end.
Eventually this will have...I think five or six chapters, currently I'm working on chapter four.
Okay so to sum up, this is a one-scenario campaign based off of the computer game Siege of Avalon. I always enjoyed the game but found the 'enemies', the Sha'ahoul, to be far more interesting than the stock Avalonians. So I've been working on this scenario, which takes that story and tells it from the opposite side of the game; that is, this is the Sha'ahoul version.
I believe most of the backstory/infodumping necessary is already in the campaign, but the VERY short version is this:
The Sha'ahoul are a race of nomads that for some reason, believe modifying the earth (ie farming, mining, etc) is a mortal sin. They discover the cultures of the Seven Kingdoms on their western borders and deem them heretics. Mass invasion ensues, finally drawing to a stalemate at the fortress of Avalon (no relation to King Arthur). The siege has been going on for six months when the scenario begins.
Anything else, mention and I'll try to add it here. Basically I'm asking people to take a look at this, play through it (as far as they can) and give some feedback. Other than that, enjoy.
Sorry for anyone who tried it and was confused; I left one of my 'test' triggers turned on. Should be fixed now.
Another update (12/16): In redoing a certain trigger, it turns out I accidentally deleted an effect activating the next objective. This should be fixed as well now.
Update (12/17): Playing through again I discovered another bug, the bane of my existence, wherein I failed to select an object for Task Object (at least, I think that's what causes it), which then makes every unit of that type and player move to the location. This resulted in about half the defenders of Avalon wandering mindlessly into your camp, and being slaughtered. I've fixed this many times, and I believe it's solved once again. Also, a few dialogue tweaks and other general problem solving.
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Official Reviewer
Thanks for your update, now it starts with the imprisonment of Atrek but after the Gar’kula Chief promises to fight for the Mithras I receive no further objective, tried Sha’Mithras and the Scoutmaster.
File Author
Hmmm, I believe you're meant to report back to the Scoutmaster, I must have forgotten to make it an objective. I shall go fix that.
warlord002 Siege of Avalon! I didn't think anyone else had ever played that game!

EDIT: Wow, you did a great job portraying the game from the Sha'ahoul side, as far as I could tell though, I had to leave in the middle of playing it. Did you put the main character from the game in here?

EDIT 2: So that means in your scenario the Ahoul win? Heh, that would be a fine twist. I take it you won Siege of Avalon then?

I love the fight between Mithras and Sir Roth, but Sir Roth died. :( Can't not love a game that you can edit so easily. I changed the way all the characters in the game look, added a new story/plot and changed the dialogue. Too bad I couldn't change the pictures of anything. Woops, off-topic.

[Edited on 12/23/07 @ 01:17 PM]

File Author
Yep! -evil smile- On of Atrek's definitive career moves is whether or not he manages to kill Corvus' Brother (he never does get a name...maybe later) as he's sneaking around causing mischief in the Sha'ahoul camp. Given, he has a magical mask, and you have the Lord and Lady helping you, so it kind of balances a little bit.
The failure to kill him path is not even roughly implemented yet, as it's going to be a pain and a half to do. I've already discovered the headaches of interlocking dialogue loops. Given, now that I've discovered Trigger Studio I'm a much happier person (everything up to this point has been done via meticulous copy-pasting by hand), so maybe it won't be as much a pain in my bum as it has heretofore been.
In any case, back on topic, yes, Corvus' Brother is in it. He has no dialogue as yet (except as Va'Sonlis), but he will eventually. I hope.
EDIT: Months later, yes, I did beat the game, as a Warrior. And yes, eventually the Sha'ahoul will win.

[Edited on 04/17/08 @ 05:42 PM]

coolykcir how do i install this ?
TheLaughingMule Unzip the .scx file into your game folder:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\Scenario

If you are new to playing custom scenarios and campaigns - I would suggest starting at the AoKH Forum thread Scenario Design FAQ,,0,20&st=420

It can answer most of your questions.

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