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Downloads Home » Best Files » A New Hero Rises In The Three Kingdoms

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A New Hero Rises In The Three Kingdoms

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 3
Well, First of all, I posted this up at 9/1 and it still didn't show up in the campaigns section and I just receive a e-mail that said someting about errors (maybe its because the first time i upload it and in the middle of uploading I got disconnected from the net)so I'll post this again.

This campaign is a fiction story take place in the downfall of Han. I really can't tell much about this campaign because I'm not good at describing things :D. In this campaign, You will get exp and raise the level of the hero. Also There will be watersupplies instead of food supplies and you will lose if you ran out of water. Ummmm... Don't know what to say now, anyway,just enjoy the campaign. There will also be a bonus scenario in it, it is the ending of Warrior's Legend. Also plz excuse the spelling and gammar mistake in this campaign. English is not my first language.
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zyxomma100 Erm... Just because you submit a file doesn't mean it will show up right away. Sometimes you need to wait up to 5-6 days for a file to show up.
File Author
Yea, i know, i submited it again cuz i receive some errors e-mail from AokH, so I submited it again. Are there any ways to delete the other one?
File Author
ahhhh,I know there are alot of bugs in this map,so plz don't download it for now, I'm gona fix the bugs and update the campaign soon. About 2 days I hope cuz school is really killing me....
File Author
WEll, i fix most of the bugs, and the balance too. The hero can now heal 2 hp per 7-8 second. Also The water system is fixed. I think I could release it tommorow, if no one send me e-mail about bugs that is. Plz E-mail me if you found some new bugs or else I'll release the update tommorow
Thank You
File Author
The update version is uploaded. Enjoy :)
Also plz e-mail me if you find any one in this version(big ones)
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
-A New Hero Rises in the Three Kingdoms
-by TheIceTiger

This campaign is about two heroes who must travel the lands trying to do what they can against an invasion of China by a bloodthirsty band of raiders called the Yellow Scarves.
Playability: The playability was good, the scenario kept me entertained. There was one major bug though. After the first village on the road, you can dodge past the knight and jaguar warriors guarding the path, avoiding that battle, and all the rest of the scenario's battles, too. Other than that I found no bugs and enjoyed the scenario.
My Suggestions: Fix the bug by extending the area in the trigger.
Balance: The balance was great. I had to reload in several places, and there were many hidden areas that held help and danger. One of the most difficult scenarios I've played (especially before the update), but not impossible. Great job on the balance.
My Suggestions: You could make it a little easier, it was very hard for me.
Creativity: This scenario contained two very creative elements, an experience system and a water system. You gained experience (and gold) with every kill you got, and you drank some of your water supply at different times, adding to the challenge. There were many smaller creative elements scattered throughout the scenario also. Very creative.
My Suggestions: I really can't think of any way to make it more creative.
Map Design: A beautiful map, a good deal of time was clearly spend on it. The terrain varied from area to area, and the author did a good job of blending them realistically. Terrain mixing was also used a lot.
My Suggestions: The map had a couple ugly areas, such as the first village you reach, which was mostly grass 1. Make these areas nicer and you'll have a near-perfect map.
Story/Instructions: The story was great, but the instructions were not good. They were so loaded with spelling and grammar errors that some of the time I had no idea what was going on, especially in the prologue. Having people test for spelling/grammar is a good idea.
My Suggestions: Fix the errors somehow, they really effect gameplay.
In Conclusion: If the instructions are fixed up and the big bug is removed, this will be a 5.0 quality scenario. Download this now, especially if you like RPG's.

Good Points:
  • Great map

  • Two very creative systems

  • Challenging

Bad Points:
  • Many spelling and grammar errors

  • One major bug
    File Author
    Well, I just receive a mail from someone that a small but effective bug was found. I will fix it and update it as soon as possible. Then I'm really going to leave :D
    File Author
    Well,The bug is fix, and this is the final version. I can't go back and fix it if there still are more bugs.I gota go now, Peace :D
    HawkeyeL781 Ummm...the talking was pretty bad. I could only understand like half of it. Was it meant to be that way?
    Hero Alan Good!But too difflcuit!If you can make it easily!i will love your camapign more!can you make more three heroes of the three kingdom's camapign!!!!!
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    Map Design4.5
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    Size:1.63 MB