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DtS07 ~The Outer Rim~

Author File Description
Dantares IV
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
~The Outer Rim~


It did not seem possible that any army could ever suceed in marching an army of thousands across a barren desert hundreds of miles long and wide and with only a handful of springs in the entire desert. A natual cliff formation with one of the few springs in the entire desert seem to be a perfect place for a small outpost to guard against raiders or even watch out for sandstorms. A Garrison of about 110 men were assigned to guard this little cliff formation. None of these men could of ever dreamed that they would soon make history...


6:00 AM

A watchman is patroling on top of one of the natural battlements of the cliff face. He sees a large cloud of dust out on the horizon. He guesses it to be a large sandstorm. He continued to watch the 'storm' get closer, until he suddenly saw metal glistening in the cloud. He rubbed his eyes and looked again. He swore a few times as he ran to the Lieutenant to tell him of this crisis. The groggy Lieutenant got up and, half asleep, walked, or more like tripped toward the cliff face. His sleepy feeling left him in a moment. His mouth dropped open and he shouted, "Alarm! Alarm! Everyone to your stations! Move! Move! Move!" The army was assembled in a moment. They expected to see a small band of raiders, but nothing could have prepared them for the truth. No one had a clue of what army this was. Their nation had many enemies, though none of the men could think of one clever enough to cross a huge barren desert. The army still had a long way to go before it got to them. As the men had breakfast, the Lieutenant was trying to think about what to tell his men as a morale booster...


The enemy is in formation. It is only a matter of time before they charge. The defenders are as ready as they would ever be. Most of those men had taken the job of guarding this cliff fortress because they had been told it would not be a dangerous job, since no extremely large army could EVER cross the desert. The men, however, were still soldiers, and that was an honorable title and would grant them lands an titles when they retired. They never would have dreamed that they would soon be involved in one of the greatest battles their nation had ever had. If any survived, they would rightfully EARN the right to be called, a 'Soldier', but even further than they had ever dreamed, Heros!


This fortress was stationed perfectly to the rear of their nation. They were practically the 'back door'. So, they were simply a relay station and a base to ward off bandits and raiders. However, it would soon become a national landmark...


Thank you for downloading this game. As it is that this is for a competion, it does have a few minor bugs. All of which are mentioned in the 'Scouts' section of the game.

This game was made for Jatayu's (Sword_of_Storm's) Defend The Spot Competition.

I am positive you will like this game, and I have included this list of stuff to expect from the game:

~The game lasts an estimated thirty minutes.

~Contains about 333 Effects

~A desert that looks so real, you can 'feel' the heat coming off it, and upon seeing the small pools of water, 'feel' relief for the 'heat'. To me at least.

~Great archer battles, close call sword fights, and great slaughters.

~Exciting cut-scenes showing the 'emotional' feelings of both commanders, and discussing their plans of defence and attack.

~Great sound effects.

~During the final battle, you will hear some of the most epic sounding music. Fitting the scenes perfectly.

~Finally, A final collision of nearly four hundred units in an open desert. Watch the chaos unfold as you struggle to decimate the enemy and defend your newly arrived ally.

~OH, and as usual, very well written instructions, hints, loss, and victory.


Before I finish, I must tell you: before you rate me, or for the judges that will judge the game, judge it, be sure to play the game over at least two or three times. The first armies are controlled by Agressive AI. The enemy has a mind if it's own. It is not controlled by triggers who will tell it what to do and what to attack every bloody time you play the game. It may do an all out assault on the entrance, spread out it's forces and try to walk over the cliffs, or put all the archers together and try to whipe all your archers off the wall. I have now tested the game close to a hundred times, and am still finding out new tactics that the enemy will sometimes do. Playing it once is not fair to me, or you. Sometimes you might slaughter more of the enemy and thus have an easier game. But if you played it again, you would of seen it to be a close call. The possibilites are endless!

Thank you for downloading and reading all this writing,

and now enjoy, ~The Outer Rim~

by Dantares IV

You need Renaissance installed to play this file.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Dantares IV
File Author
"A map that most would enjoy but a possible morale system or something other neat of the likeness would have made it much more interesting."

Is something like that really worth deducting a whole point for? I mean, I don't see why a Morale system is so important that it allows you to deduct.

"The fort itself dosent really look like a fort mostly just a rock structure."

It is a rock structure! It wasn't "built" by human hands. It's a NATURAL cliff formation. It's not a man made fort.

"what would be so important about a small fort?"

It's the back door to their nation. If the fort falls, Zimros can march his army right into the nation without being detected.

Well, thanks for the review, and I'm glad you liked the game. An update is on the way too. ;)
John Mendl I won on moderate with just over 40 soldiers standing, will play on hard later. I enjoyed playing this scenario, one of the few DTS scenarios that I liked (Haven't played many). The story was very good with a clear and interesting history section and in-game dialogues moved the story very well. I also liked your design of cliff fortress which was very strategic with cliffs and elevations. However, the map design outside the fort needs improvement. Especially, the area from where the 'another army' starts off. That area was almost flat dirt 1. Mix dirt 1 with desert in a ratio that suits you. How about adding a very few palm trees. Granted that this is a desert, but very few palm trees wouldn't hurt. I did see one or two trees in the main camp. Also, when I play on hard, should I avoid using pause, as to make the game harder? I will do what you tell. On moderate I used a lot of pause to micromanage.
Dantares IV
File Author
"However, the map design outside the fort needs improvement. Especially, the area from where the 'another army' starts off. That area was almost flat dirt 1."

Yes, I agree with you. I plan on fixing that.

"How about adding a very few palm trees. Granted that this is a desert, but very few palm trees wouldn't hurt. I did see one or two trees in the main camp."

I wanted to use them sparingly, and I didn't want them to block any enemy advances. So I doubt it.

"Also, when I play on hard, should I avoid using pause, as to make the game harder? I will do what you tell. On moderate I used a lot of pause to micromanage."

I don't see a problem with hitting pause. I never usind it too much, but you can if you want. But if you want a real challenge, you could try doing without the Pause button. It makes no difference to me though. Glad you enjoyed the game, and thanks for the compliments.
hailstorm65 Minor editing done to review after playing it again.
Dantares IV
File Author
Read the review, and didn't see what you updated, but thanks anyways. I hope to have an updated version out soon.
hailstorm65 Then again, if it is so important why is it with only such a light garrison?

Dantares IV
File Author
Ok, listen carefully. This cliff face is the only rear entrance to their nation. However, becasue of the lack of water throughout the desert, it is believed that it is impossible to get a large army across the desert. Only small raiding forces consisting of a few men, could cross it becasue there are not as many mouths that need the water. For this reason, the nation thinks it more likely that an assult will come elsewhere. Thus stationing a minor force to just stop any raiders, or illegal immigrants. Zimron is somehow able to march legions across the deserrt. Most likely by making hundreds of carts, filling hundreds of casks of water and putting them on the carts and having slaves or peasents or horses pull them. And of couse refilling at any water holes found. However, in order to suprise the enemy nation, Zimron must first defeat this outer defence guard. I trust you can understand the rest from there on out. ;)
Mr Polska I'm thinking of making my own, set in a winter environment. I have it pictured in my head: the barren landscape, the ice-bound castle, the hapless and freezing garrison, all ready. Just need to put it in a scenario. You can call me whatever you want, as long as it includes Polski or Polska.
Dantares IV
File Author
Interesting idea. I don't have a problem with that at all, Mr. Polska. :)
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