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Obsidian Warriors

Author File Description
Al_Kharn the Great
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 6
"Weep, my people:
know that with these disasters
we have lost the Mexican nation.
The water has turned bitter,
our food is bitter!
These are the acts of the Giver of Life" - Aztec song circa 1530

The proud Aztec civilization has fallen. The Spanish rule the city of Tenochtitlan and have reduced the valiant eagle and jaguar warriors to slaves in mines and plantations. The first Spanish colonists are arriving from Cuba, settling in former Aztec lands. Times are changing rapidly and the Aztecs, beaten, enslaved, and diseased, are being wiped out...

A small group of men, however, can not let this change happen. Armed with obsidan blades, they fight a last ditch battle with the invaders, struggling to survive. They know they will not be able to win but they just do not want to lose... at least not yet...

I hope you enjoy this campaign. I have been designing for nearly four years now, since the days of AoE but this will probably be my last campaign with this series. I hope it is enjoyed by many people.

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Ghost Dad Hey, this was a pretty fun campaign, but the game crashes after the first stage...
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
From what can be played Obsidian Warriors is an Rpg/FF scenario depending on how you look at it.

The Aztec civilization has fallen, the Aztec people, beaten, enslaved and diseased are being wiped out. Obsidian Warriors is the story of a small group of men fighting to keep the Aztec civilization alive. Follow Luc, Tenoch, and Huemac in there fight to keep their heritage.

Playability: Sadly, this campaign wasn’t very fun to play and seemed to drag on through the long uneventful conversations. In the single playable scenario there really isn’t much to do. You are told to travel to a village where you are given your objective but the village can easily be bypassed leading the player straight into the main part of the map, which should not be accessible until later on in the game. The conversations were very well written but after two to three minutes of dull dialogue this becomes very boring to the player without anything taking place. A cut-scene would have proven much more entertaining. The player is also given full control of the characters while the conversations carry on enabling the player to take the characters elsewhere on the map. Additionally I was forced to occupy myself be killing animals in the forest to make up for the lack of combat. The second scenario crashes ruining any hope for a higher rating in this category. 2

Balance: There is really only one minor instance that you engage in battle so this category will be rated only on that instance. The battle, which lasted no more than a minute or two had below average balance. As the battle begins you gain control of the twenty female villagers that you are supposed to be rescuing, these alone can be used to defeat your Spanish foes. Unfortunately, the first time I played I lost one of my heroes and was forced to load my saved game. 2

Creativity: I kept trying to find something creative in this scenario but sadly all I could come up with was the story and the unique objective of saving the female Aztecs from the Spanish invaders. 2

Map Design: The map design in Obsidian Warriors is average, nothing more, nothing less. Elevation as well as gaia objects used in an amount well suited for this type style of map setting. However the map lacks much needed terrain mixing and the destroyed village seemed much more like a few houses placed in a peaceful grassy meadow. 3

Story/ Instructions: Pages upon pages of well written and meaningful dialogue unfold in this campaign. The History and Victory screens are literally filled to the top with this amazingly well written story. The author truly has thought this campaign out very nicely and entwined history and fiction into one great story. The instructions were clear and well written giving the objective as well as the location you were to pursue, understandable for even the most easily confused.
Chris_novais I didn't liked your campaign and I don't recommend the visitors to download it, sorry !

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Map Design3.0
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