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Alexander VI the Great

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Number of scenarios: 4
This is a story of a British king called Alexander VI.His kingdom gets conquered by the France.So he ask the help of the Scotland king who is an enemy of France.The Scotland king said that he will help Alexander if Alexander help the Celt king.
Celt King tell that he will help but Alexander should win the war that going on between France and Scotland and get out of Scotland.
Alexander do as per the Celt king said and Celt king done as per he committed.
And the war begun,Alexander won the war,but the Celt king cheated him.He kept Alexander in prison.

Two days later,on the day of execution the Celt commander came help Alexander to escape,but he asked as return the Celt King's life.Alexander killed the Celt king as the commander said.But Alexander was not knowing that it was because that the commander want to become the king.

Alexander didn't allowed it.He killed the commander for the people's sake.
The French were waiting for a chance.They suddenly attacked Scotland.The people were not having another way.They asked the help of Alexander.Alexander helped him saved Scotland.
But he couldn't live for a long time.He was killed by the people of Scotland itself for assassination of their king.

As a result,he became one of the king who died for his own people.
The Briton selected another leader but all their mind were the thoughts of Alexander's return.

This is the story.I have told the story in an easy way.I think it is not so bad.You play it and see how it is.If you liked it please rate it and if there is any mistakes in the campaign please tell me.Because I'm not very well skilled in the subject.So please.

I have not included any music files in this campaign.There are two AI files.There are 4 scenarios in the campaign.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Godentine Its not challenging at all, as of mission V, you either have an overwhelming advantage in unit buffs (HP and attack) or an advantage in numbers. It was like I was being assigned 1000 addition problems for homework in Algebra II. It doesn't challenge me, its just time consuming.

I've finished 3 scenarios in the campaign.

I : Your hero is buffed so heavily he can take anything in the level (including an enemy ARMY) and rip it apart, even though you're supposed to 'hide' from frankish forces.

II : Your units are heavily buffed. I destroyed the French army and then over ran France with 20 of about 60 or so units given.

III : You have a number advantage, though there are no buffs. I just took units and chucked em at the enemy. It worked.

Genearlly, the scenarios (at least the first 3) had buildings, trees, units, no eyecandy to speak of and lots of Grass 1. The buildings were also poorly placed and had no roads connecting them, so it looked like a bunch of buildings in the middle of no where, surrounded by bunches of other buildings in the middle of no where.

There was notably slight terrain mixing in scenario two between Grass 1 and Dirt 1.

The story was poor with large amounts of grammar and spelling errors. I lost track after you are imprisoned by the Celtic King, let go by his commander, then attacked by the king.
As for instructions, I ask what instructions?

The beginning of IV (Which I haven't finished) consist all of the objective 'Alexander Must Survive'.

Meanwhile you're under attack by the King's men in a story you're not quite sure of after being let free by the King's general, to talk to the king, who issues you a death threat. Except its much lamer in the actual game with its limited vocabulary and grammar...

[Edited on 05/17/08 @ 10:48 AM]

UnnamedPlayer You might want to make the land more beautiful and maybe have more of it explored. Grass everywhere is not fun.

Alexander has too much attack and hit points, so at the beginning fighting all the enemies is not fun or challenging.
laz123 Nice games. Thanks. BTW you might want to review your difficulty settings; the 1st game I played on hard, the rest on Std as they were too hard.

[Edited on 01/24/08 @ 06:21 AM]

Godentine I finished and here are my impressions/comments :

Over powered : My Hero defeated the entire French army, though he needed healing.

Playability : Things you're supposed to do like hit and run or using stealth can be forgone for rambo tactics - which work brilliantly.

Map Design : It makes random maps look good!

Creativity : Nothing of note. At all.

Story : The story ends in a climax of grammatical and spelling errors, as you are betrayed twice for no real reason. The instructions were vague and undetailed and what story there is, is nigh impossible to follow with choppy story telling, no character development and no motivations for the actions taken in game.

[Edited on 01/24/08 @ 04:46 PM]

maccomo Your map is plain grass. I would recommend working on that.
And i'ts far to easy. I won even when i didn't play.
File Author
I have updated it and I think it have been become better.

[Edited on 02/10/08 @ 01:07 AM]

File Author
Someone please post a comment/review, I really would like some feedback.
Dantares IV I found this game to be too easy. The beginning was odd. A fortress surrounded by a huge impassable forest, which had gates leading into the impassable forest. It just looked wierd. The wolves were more annoying than anything else. I never stopped at any of the villages. I just when down the roads, destroyed the small army at the crossroads, and won. The forest was not layed out well. Too many of the same types of trees. The next level where I controlled the king's armies and fought another large army, was simple. I grouped my arbolasts together and destroyed 3/4s of the army, and then used my cavalry archers on the rest. Wiped the base out with trebs and later won. Next level was tough at first. When the two armies met, the first of my forces were beaten. One flank was weak and breaking, and the other was bearly attack. I love flanking armies with cavalry, and that's what I did, and broke their backs. I won. It was fun at first though. I actually re-played just for fun. Then the last level. I was nervous at first trying to keep up with the commander while fighting off enemies. But then came time to kill the king. Unable to locate the blacksmith, at first, I walked up to the gate, and the king came foward to fight me. I killed him. Then the commander turned on me. I really hated the idea of needing to kill him. I liked him. But I killed him. Both these guys were easy to kill by the way. I just tasked Alexander, and watched the enemy's health die out. Then the purple turned on me. For the first time I had a real challenge. I had my civilians, and built a Monastery, and started making monks. Then the Purple came. Alexander tried to stop them, but soon had to retreat to the castle. The cavalry destroyed my monk, villagers, Town Center, and Monastery. They then attacked the rest of the city. I was inside the castle, but unforutunately, I had found the blacksmith, and now there was a hole in the wall. The enemy seized the opportunity. They poured in. I tried to stop them with Alexander, but was soon forced to retreat. However, the castle beat off the first wave. Finally the enemy did an all out assult. Pouring in, it seemed as though all was lost, but I brought Alexander to the hole in the wall and he held back the assult, but the archers poured arrows, so I soon had to retreat again. If the enemy had Trebuchets, I would have lost, but since it was just Cavalry, my castle stood firm. It was severely damaged though. Ever once in a while I brought Alex out to kill a few guys, and then retreat. I won. Close, but I won. But only the battle. I sat around waiting for somwthing to happen. I figured I had to kill the last of the red who were now my allies. I changed dip, and slaughtered them. Still nothing. Then a message saying come to the castle. So I went to the castle. Nothing happened. I quit the game, and read the triggers. What a sad ending.

Your map design was a little above a random map. I liked your cities. If you want, I can go into more detail on map design if you want.

Your story was good. So that would be average.

I see room for improvement, but for what I believe is your first scenario, it was good.

Good luck with your future campaigns. :)

I'm sorry for any spelling errors. I'll check it over later.
File Author
Thank You Dantares,thank you for giving a nice comment.I have updated my campaign and I have fixed the problems that you said.I have no problem if you change the map style in my file.If you have better ideas please don't forget to tell me.Once again thank you.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Alexander VI is a four scenario campaign, depicting the story of King Alexander VI of England and his fight against the French.

I can't say I enjoyed this all too much. From the very beginning I was confused with where I was and why, and especially what to do and how. I was told to go to a village, but I had no idea of where this village was or what way to take. I ended up running around like crazy in the gigantic town I started in, finding gates leading straight into thick layers of trees, being attacked by loads of French soldiers and running a bit more. When I finally found the path to take I was greeted by a huge pack of wolves, slowing down my speed even more. The fights againts the wolves were just tedious. I was never in danger but the fi8ghts still took long to win, making it plain boring to watch. This continued for most of scenario 1. A bug I found here was that the reinforcements I got in the small town never stopped coming, as well as that I had to move the units manually to make the next one spawn.
The second scenario wasn't much better. I first talked to a Scottish commander, then the king, and then suddenyl ended up on a battlefield. After defeating the French army, my forces were outnumbered by large numbers, and now I was told to destroy the French Town Center, located in the middle of a heavily defended town. I managed, but it took time.
In scenario 3, which consists of a big battle, I just had to task my troops a few times to win, I never felt challenged. This brings the score down further as it was no challenge to win, plus the fact that most of the battle caused lag.
The last scenario began in a prison. I was released by the Scottish commander and told to assassinate the king. After doing that, the commander tried to kill me, being the only hard part of the campaign to win. After this, I was given villagers to prevent the French from destroying the city, and with my 99999 of all recourses, I managed quite well.
Overall, I didn't find this campaign very funny to play. Some parts were good but most of it was tedious and at times plain boring to play, sadly.

I only recall feeling threatened once in the entire campaign, in the fight against the Scottish Commander. Here, my hero Alexander VI was gravely wounded while the commander has 1100 HP. I had to run in circles while regenerating and being healed by a monk, strike, continue running etc. It was the only time in the campaign that I was about to lose. I never had to restart as my simple tactics worked well to kill off the commander.
In pretty much every other part of the campaign, I never was threatened. The big battle in scenario 2 required some strategic thinking, but most work was easily done by using the up-hill advantages I had. The destroying of the town center on the same scenario wasn't very challenging, as my remaining soldiers could shoot down any Frenchmen trying to destroy my siege weapons. It took time, but it never was very challenging.
Some basic things to improve would be to reduce Alexander's hitpoints and attack points, make the enemy smarter and give the player less resources. This would make the campaign overall much more challenging.

There were some creative aspects of this campaign, although not many and no overwhelming points. Things to be mentioned would be some muddy terrain, which looked quite good at times, and the use of eye candy. The eye candy could become a pain to watch when you packed it too much, but at certain spots it looked quite good. Other than this, I didn't find the campaign very creative. It's a regular Fixed Force and Build & destroy campaign, with a few elements of RPS, without many surprises. Not worthy of a bottom score in creativity, but not creative enough to get a high score.

The map design, as well as the choise of units in the scenarios, could become quite frustrating. What are jaguars and jungle trees doing in the middle of Britain? And since when did the French and Scottish use camels and samurais during the war? Some parts of the map had very packed eye candy, making it look simply awful, while other had a more balanced ammount of eye candy, giving quite a good atmosphere. The first city was simply packed with weird trees and flowers, making it look very peculiar. For example, a square block of trees almost blocking the gateway to the outer road looked quite misplaced.
Overall, the map design wasn't that bad. It wasn't anything wonderful, and it certainly had some big flaws, but it was not bad. All the maps had been created from scratch, no random maps used as bases, and the level of design would be about average, the same score as for a random map. The often peculiar ammounts of eye candy gives the minus sign after the 3.

The starting score for any scenario/campaign with an understandable story is 4, also the rating given here. I must point out that the story could be quite hard to follow, thanks to a great deal of spelling and grammar mistakes. The instructions and dialogue were also written very short and only gave a brief image of what was going on. I was able to understand most of the story, although some parts I had to build up myself in my head, but it certainly could've been better executed with more elaborated descriptions and instructions.
I was often confused about what to do, expecially in the first scenario. I had hints saying I should go to Village 1, but not a word of where this village was situated. Things like this made it quite confusing to play at times, but at most times I was able to understand what to do easily.
As a whole, the story is quite shallow and hard to understand at times, and the instructions could need some serious changes. As the starting score is four, I can only bring this down one point as the story/instructions aren't worth such alow score as a 2.

OVERALL: Another FF/B&D campaign

IN CLOSING: Could need some serious work to make this better. There is big room for improvement, improvement I believe could bring the score up an entire point, or more.
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Map Design3.0
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