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Gael the Strong

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 5
A very straight forward campaign. Simple triggers. It's basically a story that your participating in from beginning to end.

Gael and his troop are patrolling the snow-covered roads in the forest. They meet one of their recently deployed spies. The spy refuses to share any info with Gael before they reach safely home to the village.

After defending his hometown from the French knight, Gael decided to strike back at France where it hurts... Paris. In this Scenario Gael meets friends, foes, and people who where thrown out of France.

After killing the French king Pepe le Pu, Gael finds out that there's actually an Italian King known as Vincenzo Vittorio behind the attacks. He also finds out that Vittorio owns part of Spain and spends most of his time in a palace there.

When Vittorio found out Gael had destroyed his palace, Vittorio became enraged and set out a force to kill Gael. Gael flees to the docks and there a force of ships has come to assist him. But alas, the Spanish have already deployed their giant fleet

The Turks arm Gael and his troops with new and better armour. They give him nearly two hundred men and prepare him for war. The Turkish leader known as Ali Rama Alhala, offered friendship, hospitality and trust to Vincenzo but he took advantage of it and stole their entire gold stockpile.

Thanks for checking out my campaign. I hope everyone will have as much fun playing it, as I had making it (even though there were some painful ups and downs along the way, but hey, that's part of the job). Please report any bugs or problems that you may encounter. Criticism is welcomed and even incouraged, but please make sure it's constructive criticism and that it helps me fix the problem instead of tearing me down.
Cheers everybody :)
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Hambone2010 Thanks for the description (sounds fun) so many people just post scenarios with no description.

[Edited on 01/31/08 @ 10:08 PM]

laz123 Excellent games. Thanks.

[Edited on 10/03/08 @ 04:13 PM]

John Mendl I played the first scenario till I reached my hometown and saved the game. Its an ok scenario as far as I have seen - a good first try. You can improve to a better level. For this, try to learn more about scenario design from the Ensemble Studios Campaigns like Joan of Arc, Attila the Hun etc.

EDIT: Don't worry, I will finish it. Right now I am busy with studies. I will play it to the end later and give you more feedback.

- John Mendl

[Edited on 01/20/08 @ 07:06 AM]

File Author
Thanks John.
I just wanted to ask you if you were going to play it to the end? I would appreciate it so that you can give me further advice. I was relieved when I saw the positive feedback you gave me. I was frightened when I opened up my campaign to check out your comment, because I was afraid to get my head torn off. I've seen it on AoKH before, you see.

Cheers everyone :)

EDIT: I don't know if there is some sort of special section in AoH where you can post your campaigns/scenarios just for some reviews. If there isn't, then I would appreciate it if someone would give me an honest review.
Thanks for the re-assurance, John.

In other matters, my newest work is just on the edge of completion. I am just doing some fine-tuning on it. Just a little hint ;)

EDIT: My newest work called, "Hargah and the invasion of the Targulians" is near completion, and I just wanted to say that I am very excited about the map design. When it comes to Balance, Creativity, Story/instructions and Playability... I guess I'll just have to see.
BTW, I don't know if there's a part of the webside specially made to post reviews on peoples works, but if not... Review? :)

EDIT: Thanks for considering a download. I'm glad you enjoyed my description. Too many post without adding a description to their work. Speaking of work, good luck with yours. :)


[Edited on 06/11/10 @ 10:05 AM]

Official Reviewer
Our visitors can review files in all sections, for a review request go to this thread,36175,0,30 in the SD forum.

When will you update “Hargah and the invasion of the Targulians" and did you receive my e-mail about your review?

[Edited on 04/19/08 @ 06:06 PM]

File Author
Hi guys! I'm back. After a long battle with my computer, I have traced the problem back to the graphics card. So SORRY for not checking in so often.

@ Tanneur
Tanneur, I have some really bad news. The computer I am currently using is utterly f'ed up. It BSOD's and crashes ALL the time. It dates back to 99/00, so I guess it's not a complete shock. I am expecting a state of the art Acer computer quite soon now, but I am uncertain of when I will have it installed.

Reguarding the e-mail you sent me. I have about 175 unread mail messages in my account. The reason for this is that whenever I attempt to open my e-mail, on the screen appears in large, capitol letters, "Service Unavailable - DNS failure", and it has been like that for over a month. Unfortunately, I have not adressed this problem thoroughly yet, but I will ASAP.

Being that this CPU isn't working properly, I have not been able to continue my work on new scenarios for you guys. I'm new here, and not a very experienced designer, so I don't think you exactly missed my work and I doubt you even noticed my disappearance, but I still wish to apologize. I don't just make scenarios for work and training, I do it mostly because I think it's entertaining and fun. Making scenarios is deeply engaging, and the feeling of self-fulfillment after completing a work you have spent alot of time on is incrediblely satisfying (I'm sure most of you know that:P), but regretabley, I haven't been able to do or feel that for awhile.

P.S. Tanneur, my E-mail is... gone. Send the message regarding Hargah and the Invasion of the Targulians to this address in the old ones place: Thanks

Thanks for the link, Tanneur.

See you all soon, I hope ;)

[Edited on 04/16/08 @ 03:36 AM]

Official Reviewer
I will send the e-mail for the review again and leave a comment for Hargah and the Invasion of the Targulians so the player can fix himself until your CPU works.
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Gael the strong is a set of fixed-force scenarios based around a fictional Celtic hero (Gael). You follow his exploits, both at home and abroad, in his campaign against the forces invading his homeland.

Playability: 4
The games are styled on the successful mould of the ES campaigns: player starts with small force or village, player must gather strength, player must destroy the enemy.
Gael the Strong is a well formed, but not polished, example of this. The missions have a tendency to be repetitive, however the game is a great challeng and makes the player fight for every inch of ground.

Balance: 4
The first scenario is excellently balanced, while the fixed force rapidly depletes, the player must build up his base (slowly) and eliminate enemy soldiers, one by one.
However, after this the scenarios are less of a challenge. Simply put, all the units on the map you can find will be victorious, any less and you will lose.
The assualt on paris is particularly annoying, requiring the scouting of all the hidden paths.

Creativity: 3
The game is, essentially, a repetition of previous work. However, some of the scenarios are entertaining and very well thought out, such as the first, and the "escape".
The latter involves using your fleet wisely to ensure your transports survive. As a marco polo will reveal, it is pot luck if you manage to pull it off, however, as the enemy has far great numbers.

Map Design: 3
The first map is intelligent, but not excellent. While I appreciate the limitations of the snow tileset, there wasn't enough variation to interest me. The other scenarios were similar, one or two terrains were used in large blocks. None of the maps were randomly generated, all had been made by the authour. However, I would suggest that he invest more time into his maps.

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions given were good, however the story left much to the imagination and didn't go into enough depth to interest me.

Additional Comments:
This map shows a good deal of promise, however more testing and work on the terrain would improve it drastically.

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Map Design3.0
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