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Version: The Conquerors

If you like to play on Arabia you'ld like this map too.
It's a snowy version of this map with enough ressources to make good times.
Some people would see it as a mix between Dark Forest and Arabia.

Hope you enjoy this map and i'd rather like to get any comments or ratings for this one.
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Official Reviewer
I moved the file from AI Files.

-Blacksmith Administrator
Visual Appeal3.0
Theme: 3

Map : Snow on Arabia? lol great! this is a nice theme, however, not really historical, and I can't really think about a good story for this... That's why a 3... If you made something in snow with some historical background, I'd like to give a 4
It's original
You made the idea of snow and Arabia map work
And you made it possible to add enough new stuff without losing the Theme...
Good job! However Not one of the best ^^

Visual Appeal: 3

Not good, not bad

Design :
You used 1 type of forest... Snow pine forests... okey, it's a snowy land... But what if you also use some places with some grass and normal pine forests on them? Also, you used snow, snow grass, and snow dirt... snow road maybe? or grass -> normal pine on them
Also, I didn't see any height level difference... All level 2... Maybe you could make some hills or 'craters'?
Still, nice job

Resource :
Too less gold... I had to sell a lot of wood to get more gold

Eye candy :
You could've used more... If you use some grass spots, like I said before, you could add some stuff like flower beds or something
Using the Elevation levels could be useful/beautiful also here...


Matches Eachother... All snowy... But I'd like to see some grass also... Even if it are just some small spots...

Place for buildings :

Way to much... You can fix all these empty places with some more resources/forest, small water spots, just like the real Arabia map...
However, If you like to build a lot of buildings, this map is perfect...

Playability: 3

Okay, It's not that kinda great...

First of all, I didn't had that much fun... Some reasons you can read above... Less Elevation (extually, none...), no water, you could use some small water spots like Arabia, I had too much space for my walls... I always like to put them between forests, or cliffs or water or something...
Maybe you can work this out just a bit?

Good job! Keep working on it!

[Edited on 03/21/08 @ 04:23 PM]

hunnic paladin Ew! You like to put your walls through forests!? But what if your villagers come and chop through the forests!? Thats why I just go around them.

[Edited on 03/18/08 @ 08:55 PM]

Guthan I always keep an eye out for the spots where my walls hits the forests... As soon as there appears a hole, I build walls... Otherwise I lose to much stone for a giant wall you can barely defend...

I say, everyone has his own tactic, and mine works good...

allison05 hello :) i have a question.
i downloaded aok and i downloaded your map. i'm just not sure how to use your map for my game. will you tell me? thank you:)

[Edited on 04/11/09 @ 12:17 PM]

Official Reviewer
Random Maps do not play with original AoK you need The Conquerors Expansion. To buy TCE you can start at and click "HG Product Lists" and the following links to view all our recommended products. Eventually you will find the games or go directly to
Once you purchased the game unzip to /Microsoft Games/Age of Empires II/Random and play from Single Player - Standard Game - Random Map - Custom.

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Visual Appeal3.0
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