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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » LotR Birth Of The Uruk-Hai - 2475

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LotR Birth Of The Uruk-Hai - 2475

Author File Description
morgoth bauglir
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
2475 - Birth of the Uruk-Hai

This is my best-to-date project, based on the Middle-Earth realm, which we all know and love. It let's you control the newlymade legions of almighty Uruk-Hai and their leader Khamul, plus loads of other units. You will kill men, many of them, and test the capabilities of this new breed of orc. Your objective is to sack the city of Osgiliath, and establish fear in the hearts of men before these great fighters.

You will experience:

-Detailed map design, portraying the dense forests of Ithilien, the city of Osgiliath, dark tower of Minas Morgul and the mountains of Ephel Duath.
-Voice-acting and music.
-Realistic enemy battle tactics, such as ambushes and counter-attacks.
-An Easter Egg
-Extensive help document.
-Accurate story based on the literature of J.R.R Tolkien.

The file is 11 MB large.

I'd like to thank the people of AoKH for helping me with this project, some names are also mentioned in the readme, but noone cares about them anyway, eh?

UPDATE: Fixed a bug in which Khamul was unable to destroy the gates, thanks to Jatayu.

Please post your experience here, maybe even as a review. Inform me of any possible bugs etc. It'll help me make the game better.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
RS Greo0
Map Design5.0
I must say, I hate B&D maps but this, this was something different. I enjoyed it. Exept for the fact it took me 3 hours to find Herim. Anyhow I say this was fun and enjoyable.

I wasnt exactly happy with the balance, I found Kamul a bit overpowered, and the Harad camp was inpenertable, in the whole scenario I never lost a single Uruk, Harad or Hero. (Althrough I took moderate Ork losses as well.) which proves the scenario was a easy.

The creativity was something else however. I personally have never seen Jungle/Palm trees mixed with Pine or sea rocks in a forest, nor have I ever seen a LoTR scn that doesnt revolve around Helm's Deep or Minas Trinth which is good to see.

I was overwhelmed while galloping through the trees with unstoppable Kamul and his Dog Of OwNaGe. As i said earlier I have never seen Jungle/Palm trees mixed with Pine, Forest and Bamboo but it is a fantasy world and created an awesome effect. Most definetly the best part of my reveiw.

The story wasnt exactly yours but you did a great creation of it so I dont really care. Its just good to see something other LoTR thats NOT Helm's Deep ;)

And to conclude my epic reveiw, I must say three things:
1.This is a must download.
2.Lost review ive ever done, but its worth it though.
3.Get a life Morgoth! Jokes, Jokes..

[Edited on 02/21/08 @ 06:36 PM]

Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Birth of the Uruk Hai is a single scenario campaign, based on the tales of Middle Earth by J.R.R. Tolkien. It retells the story of the Uruk Hai and the destruction of Osgiliath in, what I believe is, the best scenario yet made by the authour. Here is my review of the scenario.

It took me about two and a half hours to complete the scenario and I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t any more scenarios. I didn’t read much about the scenario on forehand and I didnt know what to expect, but Birth of the Uruk Hai definately gave me a great experiense. It was challenging to play the scenario and it gave a great enjoyment and several hours of great gameplay. The music and soundeffects playing in the background gave a great atmosphere to the story and action and I really could visualize in my head the battlefields and evil forces pouring into Osgiliath. The entire map was packed with enemy soldiers and it took a long time before I had it cleaned out and could attack the main city. The twitching paths and good use of elevation and cliffs created a great enviroment for tactical movement and narrow fighting, even if I dont believe the enemy handled the situations very well. The only minus point I can find is that the enemy isn’t all to hard to defeat and that it hurts playability a bit, even though it was an overall wonderful experiense.

As much as I enjoyed playing this, I never really felt threatened (this being on the moderate diffulty level). I accidently clicked Khamul before the timer had gone out – in fact I had him selected when that trigger was activated – but I still managed to quite easily knock out the defenders. The rangers only got close to my base once, and even if I didnt have any soldiers there I still easily survived. The narrow paths and roads were great for tactical movement – for me. The enemy was easily stopped and fooled and I had most of my beginning units alive when I reached the siege. Recourses came in from everywhere and I didnt have to use them at all before the siege, with an exception for researching Blacksmith upgrades. The siege gave much more of a challenge, though I never had to reload the game. I had to send reinforcements four times before the castles were destroyed and I could finish the game, but just as before I never really felt threatened. The Osgiliath guards never left the city unless I tricked them to and their tactics were very passive, allowing me to regroup and trick them as I wanted. This is, I believe, the main minus of the scenario. 3+

This scenario didn’t have an immense ammount of tricks or stuff, on the contrary, it was a simply constructed game with simple effects and triggers, giving a great experiense to the player. There were many creative aspects, such as the use of voices for the characters, the wonderful music, a great strategic design of the map and more, but it never struck me as a scenario sparkling with creativity, it was more of hidden, simple tricks used in ways to smoothly move the story forward and make the scenario interested throughout the gametime. I found this scenario a great relief, being the first scenario I’ve played about a month, as it didnt require any special changes to the game, it was just a simple, classical scenario with a great ammount of good tricks and design, more than enough to enjoy the player. There wasn’t anything over the top, apart for the music and sound effects, but more like a well balanced, simple scenario with advanced strategic design. Far above average, not enough for a full score, a strong four.

I have split comments about the map. As mentioned earlier it was a superb strateig design with narrow paths and roads, scattered open fields and with elevations and cliffs used to create even more strategic positions. From a perspective of strategics, I’d say this is a top class map in most areas. The problem is the realism. I might not be well educated in the look of Middle Earth, all I know comes from the films, but mixing palm trees and pines doesn’t look good in my eyes unless you have a good excuse to use it (like Tolkien saying that this was the actual look of Ithilien). A few other negative points is the eye candy in some areas, such as clumped flowers and carpets in the middle of nowhere, ice beneath plants and bamboo in the forests. The mix of trees often seemed badly thought through as there were a lot of places were oaks, pines, bamboo and palms were mixed together.
Some areas, such as the open fields, were good though, and especially the strategic aspect of the map is marvelous, as well as the design of the cities and outlay of buildings and ruins in the forest.

Even if there was a rich history and scouts section to the scenario, I never felt that the story was much deeper than a war story. No emotions whatsoever, with an exception for some clearly evil intentions from the Uruk Hais, and mostly, in game, not very detailed explanations or instructions. The story is quite shallow, emtionally speaking, but pleasing in matters of descriptions, history and atmosphere. Not top notch quality, but by far good enough. The voices also gave a great addition to the gameplay, although whent he music played it was hard to hear them. The music itself also brought a great atmosphere and enstrengthened the darkness of the story and the war.
The instructions were good and mostly true, with the exception – to me at least – with the walls of Osgiliath supposed to be unbreakable, which they weren’t, and the part telling that the siege would be overly hard, but possible to complete. The bitmap looked okay and the ReadMe files were detailed.
Overall I give this a four. The plus comes from the music and voiceacting, adding a great lot to the overall experiense.

OVERALL: Readers, dont be discouraged by the “low” rating – only 4.4+ seem to be high ratings nowadays. This is definately worth the while it takes to download and the hours you spend playing, whether you’re a Tolkien-fan or not (As you probably can tell, I’m not).

IN CLOSING: This is a rough diamond. If you make it more of a challenge and make the map a bit more realistic, but still keep the simplicity and style, I believe this could become almost perfect.


[Edited on 02/21/08 @ 07:42 PM]

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Map Design4.5
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