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Blood Of Gods (Demo 1.0)

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Number of scenarios: 1
In this scenario you control Paul Willkinson in his first stop, the village of Forestriver.
He is looking for a companion that will surely help him find his lost brother, his old friend, Sir Neville(More of that in History section).

The victory conditions consist of one main objective and 2 optional ones.
The two optional ones make your life easier, but you can choose to ignore them (though they are not hard to complete).

For AoE experts, Hard and Hardest difficulty levels give some enemy units better attack points.

I did my best considering its my first scenario.

Right now im working on the following parts of the plot.
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Leif Ericson
Map Design3.0
Blood of Gods is a B&D-style scenario and it was the first scenario of an intended campaign. In the scenario Paul Wilkinson is looking for his lost brother Frank, who was sent to Japan on a mission by the king and hasn't heard from him since. To help him, Paul must find Sir Neville. Once you do so, you must defeat the bandits around Sir Neville's town, who swarm in large numbers.

Playability: 3
For the player:

This scenario is somewhat fun and has some good design elements behind it. Optional objectives exist, though they don't often work in the scenario. Mildly entertaining for about 30 minutes.

For the designer:
The scenario is playable, but there are some malfunctioning triggers and objectives that do not work.

The mission to get Paul onto the island with the men-at-arms is impossible because the player cannot build transport ships.

The other optional objective is hardly ever completed because sometimes you capture one of the horses but then the gunners kill it, making the objective impossible. I suggest placing a few extra horses and scattering them instead of putting 7 of them in one place.

Some triggers do not work or do not exist. You can let Sir Neville die at the beginning and you don't lose. You can even let Paul die and you don't lose. Also, when you destroy the blacksmiths and barracks you don't win. Instead you have to kill all the bandits to win. Check these triggers to make sure the declare victory is working for one of the players instead of gaia.

Balance: 3+
For the player:

Overall, the scenario is pretty easy, though there is some challenge. You start out in the Imperial Age while the bandits are in the Dark Age. You could probably only use your starting resources to make enough soldiers to win the game.

Experienced players will find this way too easy, and newer players won't find too much trouble beating it. It is impossible for the player to lose, even if Paul dies. However, there are some good combat elements, and the gunners with their 132 attack pose somewhat of a challenge.

For the designer:
I think it would have been better if the bandits could attack your town. You could do this with triggers or an AI.

Creativity: 3
The game is not unique. You find Sir Neville about 30 seconds into the game, go to his town, and make soldiers to kill off all the bandits and their camps. However, the game comes with a storyline which may have been promising if the designer continued these scenarios.

Map Design: 3
The map design is basic, almost all grass1 except when broken up by the many patches of forest or hills of elevation. Eye candy exists, as well as elevation. However, the scenario needs some terrain mixing. Some dirt2, dirt3, grass3, leaves, or grass2 would have been good.

Story/Instructions: 4
The scenario is a B%D so there isn't that many objectives or dialogue. The designer provides the player with the story, explains the objectives well, and provides an adequate Hints and Scouts section. However, they are rather brief and contain some spelling and grammatical errors.

Additional Comments:
Pretty good except for the objective and trigger bugs, map design, and balance. PhuQ, try ironing these out and update your scenario. It will shine after this.

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Map Design3.0
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