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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Hargah and the Invasion of the Targulians

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Hargah and the Invasion of the Targulians

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
The main character of this scenario is known as Hargah. A great leader who sets out on a raid. He returns home because of recomendation from his best friend Remi. What they find is that their village isn't exactly in tip-top shape since they left it. The wall they thought was strong enough to hold everything, the men they thought were brave enough to fight anything... fell. The main army fled. We meat aztec cliff dwellers, persians and disiples of evil in this scenario.

If you find any bugs then please report to me. Anything you think I should put in or take out? I'll gladly accept all of your advice -and criticism.

(UPDATE1) I have fixed a very serious problem ingame. As the scenario starts, you may recall a small dialog between Hargah and Remi. No, in the midst of that there was an army of "El Cids" in the middle of the korean camp. I can assure you, they were not supposed to be there. It was porbably a bug check I did, and then I forgot to remove the items I used from the map. The problem has been fixed, and now you can defeat the general on your own ;)
(UPDATE2) As you proceed to the cliff dwellers, you probably weren't able to get inside without breaking down the gate. That was a minor misclick from me, as I set the trigger to unlock the first gate, instead of the second. The first gate BTW wasn't even locked in the first place. But, no matter, problem solved.

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Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
This scenario was mildly entertaining. Since it was a flat out B&D, it consisted mainly in building up your forces and slaughtering enemies. You start out with a small army, searching for you base, which you find largely in ruins. Still, the forces that are alive in the town, and a camp to the far south, totally provide you with an army of over 200 men. With this army I could easily and quickly wipe out the eastern Targul base. After clearing out the Targul’s supposed allies and surrounding the northern fort with forward military bases and towers, and having spend an awful long time collecting recourses to support the attack, I blasted through the weak spot in the four layer wall and crushed the defenses with cannons and onagers. The Targul forces fell as skittles struck by a bowling ball, or, more precisely, hundreds of cannon balls and onager ammo. It’s not as fun as it may sound, actually. Collecting recourses took a very long time, in which nothing really happened. All enemy forces were running around like madmen as they lacked an Ai, and they were all walled in behind layers of either fortified walls or palisades. I could easily have gone away to read a book while my workers were working. The battles weren’t all that hard either, mainly since the computer players lacked intelligence. Putting 10 siege onagers in the tight space at the northern fort’s weak point helped me to kill off half their army before going in with any infantry or cavalry. It wasn’t all that exciting, or challenging for that matter, but, as a B&D, it wasn’t too bad. Add an Ai and let loose the Targul forces, and I’m sure this would be much more interesting to play.

I never once felt threatened. Since the Targul forces and their allies were all walled in, I could control the battles completely, preparing my army until it was perfect for the assault at hand. The battles required some thinking, like not rushing to attack a four layer wall with spearmen, but otherwise there was little challenge.

This was a very basic B&D, using very few trigger tricks, little dialogue and basic designing. There were a few creative things like the design of the river and its crossings and surroundings, but nothing that stood out. The story is very basic too, the classic “Red called you a monkey, go destroy his town” kind of story. It was executed fairly well, with a few ES-like style missions and dialogue, but otherwise there’s nothing that shines through.

The map was very basic, using pretty much only the terrain types desert, dirt 1 and palm trees. Now, I know deserts aren’t very easy to design in a good fashion; they are very monotone in real life as well. But adding elevation, perhaps more and more realistic roads, mixing the some parts of the dirt with dirt 2 and 3; all this would’ve spiced up the map quite a lot. 2 is the score applied for a pure random map, generated through the editor without any work from the designer’s side except clicking the “Generate Random Map” button. Even if this scenario’s map design was lower than average, it had been made from scratch, and it had a quite good looking river. Therefore I give it a low 3.

The hints, scouts and objectives are quite easy to understand. The hints are very basic and don’t tell anything of much use to experienced players, but I suppose they can be of use for newer players. The main problem here is the objectives. There are two main objectives and about eight optional ones. Unfortunately, the main ones are at the bottom, and thus harder to find. Putting them in the top of the list would make much more sense and remove potential confusion from the player’s side. The story isn’t very deep or broad, it’s in fact very cliché, but it was executed fairly well and worked well to prepare for the scenario to come. It could’ve been done in more interesting ways though, for example telling more about who Hargah actually was, what evil the Targul did except invading Hargah’s country, and so forth.

ALL IN ALL: A classic B&D scenario for control freaks. A good scenario to be one of the designer’s first ones (or, at least, one of the first he has released).

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Map Design3.0
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