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Downloads Home » Campaigns » LotR The Fellowship of the Ring

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LotR The Fellowship of the Ring

Author File Description
Trip Tucker
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 4
Please note that this is not based on the books, and losely based on the movies.

You start by seeing a cut scence, showing Saurons defeat. Then you play at the Shire, going to Bree. Then you start out near Weathertop, and finally after treking though Moria come out near Lothlorien. Then the last level, shows some of Lothlorien. Follow the river, and make your stand at amon hen, where Boromir dies.
There are some parts that are kinda cheesy, like the Balrog scence in Moria... so your warned.

Please comment, and review =)
(PRT)PredTech Corporation
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Guthan Hey,

one question : did you used that great LoTR mod pack?

Edit: I played this, and must say it isn't really good...
1. You should've used Middle- Earth total Conversion - if not, make sure the game looks good/great with out
2. I don't really think you tested your own creations... If you did, you'll see that you made some mistakes and that the very first cutscene is way to short!
3. This is not a review
4. Update it

[Edited on 02/07/08 @ 10:42 PM]

Trip Tucker
File Author
i did not use the total coversion mod, i dont like using mods, and the metc is very well done, and i like it but i just dont like using it...
this is not my best attempt at a scenriao, its nothing fancy and i dont want it to be... yes i did test it.
Dantares IV "this is not my best attempt at a scenriao, its nothing fancy and i dont want it to be"

If you continue to think and act that way, you will not suceed here. Do your best, and keep working on it. ;)

[Edited on 02/16/08 @ 04:54 PM]

Trip Tucker
File Author
First let me say, this is not a angry reply to the review im not a angry person =)
Thank you very much for reviewing my well um... campagin. Thanks for all the good stuff ya said, and the bad stuff. Now i know what i did wrong, and how to make my next work of art (=D) better.
oh and the way to win at amon hen is to use one of your heros and move them on the spawn point, or just retreat all the way back to the shore, kill the ones that follow, and wait.
i should have said this before, but this is only by second campaign.. the first one i've done im not finished with and is better then this... i hope.
About the grammer, im not a very good speller... so forgive me, spelling will always haunt my dreams. Next time, i will take the dictorany and spell check each and every word.
Once agian thanks for reviewing and downloading. Sorry it wasnt that great.
Guthan Never mind... good attempt for a second try then :D
I'm not a pro also, but the Projects I'm working on will be great...

Some hints for your next campaign/project :

- put realistic parts in it
- good story
- ability to choose
- more then one way to play the game
- short cutscene's during the game
- ...

Got it?
Good luck!

Trip Tucker
File Author
Thanks for the postive support Guthan!

I don't know what my next project is. I don't want to screw up any more lort...

ovoon7 odd...i posted a review a week ago and the admin never put it up.
Guthan @ Ovoon : check your mails
probably the review wasn't good

@ Trip Tucker : No problem, I guess I was a bit too hard in my first post...
Btw, its LoTR, not lort :D
Some ideas for Projects :
RPG's, Cutscene's, Campaign's... Those are popular...

If you want, You can add me @ msn if you'd like hints/tips with Triggers, game use, and more.
My dream is to be a writer, and I'm pretty good in making story's...
So... If you are interested?

Greetings and good luck to all of you!
Trip Tucker
File Author
Thanks guthan, i would love your help. I do know the trigger system so im not a complelty noob =P.
I just don't know it very well.

I dont have MSN, i only have yahoo.. so could we work something out that way?

Oh, and im a writer too! I have my little short story on my myspace page, and a forum. Its called Dragons vs Gods. (its avp)

Well i got a few ideas like:
Homesteading (the first americans in the west)
A AvP campaign based on my book (i like this idea)
Something Naruto relaited (im a fan, ashamed of it to)
I scracthed my TO regin in hell, because i need to learn more triggers, and fancier effects.
Guthan Hey,
Too bad that you don't have msn... Anyway, you can mail me if you need information then...

Avp... What does that means? :D
PvP is player vs Player, but Avp? :D

Well, I've got lots of idea's, but I simply won't have time to make all of these ideas working :D

So, you can mail me for more information or other things ^^

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