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LotR The Fellowship of the Ring

Author File Description
Trip Tucker
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 4
Please note that this is not based on the books, and losely based on the movies.

You start by seeing a cut scence, showing Saurons defeat. Then you play at the Shire, going to Bree. Then you start out near Weathertop, and finally after treking though Moria come out near Lothlorien. Then the last level, shows some of Lothlorien. Follow the river, and make your stand at amon hen, where Boromir dies.
There are some parts that are kinda cheesy, like the Balrog scence in Moria... so your warned.

Please comment, and review =)
(PRT)PredTech Corporation
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Map Design4.0
Species' campaign "The Lord of the Rings-Fellowship of the Ring" details the journey of the Fellowship of the Ring from the Shire via Bree, Weathertop, Rivendell, Moria and Lothlorien to Amon Hen, where the Fellowship is broken by marauding Orcs. It is based on the movie of the same name, which is in turn based on the novel by John Ronald Reuel (J.R.R.) Tolkien.

Playability: 3+. I had a lot of fun playing the second of the three playable scenarios, and less fun during the first and third. However, I did not feel that the scenario had much in the way of replay value. I had to play the cutscene a few times because Sauron killed Isildur (an AoK bug; sometimes units don't start attacking for a few seconds). I'm not sure whether anybody else had this problem, but it could be avoided by giving Isildur a lot more HP. The first scenario only had a bit of action: killing a wolf, running from a Nazgûl and fighting a band of Evil Men. However, I realize that this chapter of LotR was not a battling part. The second scenario was a lot of fun, though the Weathertop part did not completely satisfy me. I enjoyed Moria, though. The third scenario is what brought your score down from a 4: it's a bit sad and short, and omits the main battle with the Orcs in which Aragorn kills Lurtz.

Balance: 3-. It wasn't all that challenging, to be honest. I only died a couple of times; once because I ran the wrong way with the Nazgûl, a couple of times in the second scenario because Orcs ganged up on Legolas (and once because the Monster shot me :p), and once in the third when Aragorn was swamped by the Jag Warriors. Otherwise, my warriors sliced through the pitiful, though numerous, Orcs without a second thought. Hard provided a bit of a challenge, though it really didn't change much.

Creativity: 3+. Choosing LotR is not the most creative idea in the Blacksmith, though this isn't why I marked you down. It's your third map that lost you the day. Really, sailing down a perfectly straight river with forest on both sides isn't all that interesting. I had expected a bit more eye candy; those huge statues! The Emyn Muil! Again, Weathertop slightly disappointed me, all I had to do was let Frodo be killed by the Witch-King; Aragorn's fight didn't factor in at all. However, I was suitably impressed by Moria; the Watcher in the Water scene, the Dwarrowdelf battle with the Cave-troll, as well as the Balrog scene, all were done with flawless triggering and no bugs.

Map Design: 4-. Your first map was all right, your second map was very good, but your third map was a bit slap-dash and full of Grassland 1. As mentioned above, I liked Moria most of all in this scenario. It was well-designed with rocks and pitfalls, as well as the old columns of Dwarrowdelf. Weathertop was all right, design-wise, although I didn't have a lot of time to look at it because of the brusqueness of its supporting scene. Your city design was quite good; Bree, Rivendell and even Lothlorien in map 3 were tastefully designed with plenty of eye candy (especially Rivendell). However, the Emyn Muil was a huge disappointment. What happened to the waterfall, those big cliffs, the huge lake and that ruin Aragorn fought on? You gave us a little cliffy hill and some elevation, but that clearly isn't enough to pull your score up. This was one of your strongest points, though. Keep it up!

Oh, I forgot to mention your cutscene map. This really was worse than the third scenario. They "fought on the slopes of Mount Doom", as your History section tells us. But, there's not a slope to be seen. In fact, with the surrounding cliff, it looks more like a fight in a big pit than anything else.

Story and Instructions: 4+. The instructions were perfectly clear in the entire campaign, and the story was adequately told through your cutscene and scenarios. However, there were a few (minor) spelling mistakes, the most blatant of which was changing "lotr" (Lord of the Rings) into "lort" (Lord of Rings The?). Plus, I thought you could have elaborated a little more with the story in places; the Caradhras blocking was done in an instant, the Council of Rivendell was over before it had begun. Otherwise, everything was immaculate. Great job!

Additional Comments: This is certainly one of the better LotR campaigns/scenarios the Blacksmith has to offer (and it offers plenty). It's definitely worth a download for those who like kicking some Orc hiney (you kill 105 in the Moria scenario!), as well as for a great Moria map design. Well done, Species!

In (Very) Short: A successful attempt at recreating LotR.


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Map Design4.0
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