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Tito's Partisans - A Passage to Zelengora

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
The battle you're about to fight was actually fought from June 5th to June 9th 1943 as an episode in the Axis offensive against Tito's Partisans, also known as the Sutjeska offensive.

In it, the 2nd Dalmatian Assault Bgde of the 2nd Proletarian Division was engaged against the German 118th Division, strengthened by the Brandenburg Regiment. The 2nd Dalmatian Bgde was a young Partisan outfit, formed in the autumn of 1942. from Croat and Serb volunteers mainly from Dalmatia. Although courageous and motivated, they lacked skill and experience of the German soldiers.

The heroism of its struggle and the greatness of its losses helped saving the Partisan main force from destruction. It must be noted, however, that the sacrifice would have been in vain if the other Partisan units - Montenegro, Serbia, Banija, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Dalmatia brigades failed - for they all fought valiantly on Sutjeska.

In the battle of Sutjeska - Partisan victory was out of the question, but defeat meant certain death.
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Official Reviewer
I believe Directive n. 25, the April War, Invasion of Yugoslavia started April 6 1941 not April 9. I could be wrong though.
File Author
You are right, of course, Tanneur99: I mistyped the number. Thank you very much, you are very informed, and thorough as usual. I'll correct the date in the next update. Such things happen when one tests scenarios by himself - he fails to notice slips like that. Let's hope I haven't missed any major bugs. I'll appreciate further tips.

25.02.2008. Corrected that and some minor details and reuploaded.

[Edited on 02/25/08 @ 06:38 AM]

AOKwarrior Fun but no so difficult (played on moderate n hard). Didnt lose a single unit on moderate.
Detailed map =P
File Author
@AOKwarrior, I'm puzzled. You say you've managed to survive hundreds of enemy units, shells and bombs and all, without casualties? If so, I conclude that either you are a strategic genius, or something went completely wrong with the triggers, and the latter, I think, is not the case. Could you please be more specific? My guess is that you played up to the moment you've taken the enemy fortification - but that's just the start - you have to defend the area until the end. Have you received the "You are victorious" message? I would appreciate comments and ratings? Anybody?

[Edited on 03/11/08 @ 05:12 PM]

AOKwarrior I did. I wont refer to myself as good, but, I didnt lose a single unit. I just put the njured out of harms way, they endured quite much.

Btw, I replayed it and must say due to your map design I would like to work together with you sometimes :p
contact me here and/or mail to
File Author
Been busy for a while - that's the reason for my absence.

@AOKwarrior, thanks for your helpful tips. I never intended to make the scenario too easy - in fact, you managed to find a few bugs. I'm posting the new (corrected) update - hoping you'll find it more challenging (but still in a balanced manner).

Scenario and soundfiles updated on 04/11/08.
File Author
Finally took some time to polish things up, updated 10/25/08. Now I'm quite satisfied with the scenario. But what about you, folks? With 250+ downloads, I hoped for more comments.

[Edited on 10/26/08 @ 04:57 PM]

sissi Hi Gaston
You did a good job and deserve comments, compliments, and feedback.
So I 'll have a go at this,even if that kind of game is not my favourite : I'm a numbskull when it comes to strategy, and with so many units, my computers lags to death...
And it's too hard for me even at standard level...Never mind.

- First, it's got a good historical accuracy.People don't know much about that war, maybe due to the fact that Jugoslavia is the only country in Europe to have driven the fascists out without the allies... As they did for stalinism in 1948. Your explanations are very interesting.
- The map design is rather good too, Bosnia was (is) a barren land with forests and marshes (the reason for typhoid ). But you could work a bit more on it. (The forage bushes and stone mines are a tad too numerous..)The landscape is gorgeous in Bosnia !
- The sounds are also very appropriate,and the song... breathtaking !

But perhaps you should consider this :that war was Guerrilla-like,before 1944 (then only there was a field army of Partizans) using that possibility to ambush the Nazis into the forest and moutains..There is no wide and flat space for a Napoleon-like strategy. So why not design more forests you can hide in, and more elevations, with only narrow paths and canyons as it is - geographically speaking.And you're talking of paths, so show them more ! A mix of cliffs and rocks should do the trick.
Also, since anyway it's impossible to show all the units involved in that battle,you could try to show several skirmishes simultaneously.So with much less units,you could create an impressive fighting, sth like "le maquis", in France. With ambushes,sabotage and stuff.( "side war-quests" if you want.)The one with the british airplanes sending amunition is already very good BTW, and historically true.Also you could leave it to the player to find out the best spots to defend,instead of showing them (a bit too obviously in my opinion) with flags.
The objectives are not always very clear :is it defend the spot ? or attack ?

Also, but it's a detail,your bmp is beautiful, but a map would be a better help for that game. Especially since the name of the places are hard to remember for non-slav people...Therefore your instructions are sometimes hard to understand and follow.

Hope that can be of some help, anyway thanks for that scenario, and take care of yourself.
Zdravo !
File Author
Hello, Sissi - thank you very much for your comment.

I must say I agree with you about the map: the landscape in Bosnia/Eastern Herzegovina where the battle took place is far too beautiful for me to capture on the map. Also, I'm very sorry about the lags.

But there are also a few historical points I feel I must explain.

1. You are correct about the character of partisan warfare 1941 - 1944, but the battle of Gornje and Donje Bare was nothing like that. The 2nd Dalmatian Bgde of about 700 partisans was given the task of defending 6 km long line against the well equipped enemy, supplied with cannons, fire throwers and aviation. Unfortunately for the brigade, it was the frontal fight, for which it was neither trained, nor armed. That's the reason the scenario's not very easy, even on moderate. (I deliberately omitted the fact that a partisan rifleman started the battle with an average of 30 - 35 cartridges.)

2. The airplanes sending supplies were not British - due to the heavy terrain, Germans were dropping supplies to their own units, and the partisans managed to capture some of them (historical fact).

3. The objectives are also sometimes hard to follow, you're right, but in my opinion that only adds to the reality of the scenario. Consider this: the brigade was given orders to advance and secure the passage to Zelengora, but instead, faced with overwhelming enemy forces, had to dig in and defend, amounting losses and improvising on the spot. I also hated the idea of placing little flags for landmarks, but I felt the players needed some help in locating the strategic points of defense. These points need not be optimal: you can still experiment and find the better ones.

4. I agree with you that a more interested player would find additional maps helpful. I was lucky to find some material on the internet I hope you could use – it’s in Croatian – Serbian – Bosnian – Montenegrin, or whatever the damn language is called today in your parts. The people that don’t understand can at least take a look at the pictures and maps.

5. As for me, my principal reference was the book “Dalmatinski proleteri” – by Ljubo Vuckovic, the first Commander of the brigade, and the photos you received with the scenario were taken from it.

6. I borrowed the picture above from the Axis History Forum pages,

They inscripted it like this: 'Here is one of the most known pictures from Sutjeska battle, it was taken during the afternoon of 08. june 1943. near Gornje Bare. Picture shows meeting of partisans from Majevica Brigade with their wounded comrades from 2nd Dalmatian Brigade. These partisans were wounded during the succesful defence of strategicaly important plateau of Donje and Gornje Bare on Tovarnica mountain. The position was important because with possesion of D. and G. Bare German troops from suthern direction (738 regiment, strong parts of Brandenburg regiment and 14 SS regiment) could cut off only partisan escape route across Zelengora mountain.

Defence lasted from 05. to 09.06.1943. when partisans retreated. Both sides suffered heavy casualties (2nd Dalmatian Brigade lost 2/3 of its men). On 08.06.1943 around 200 partisans from Majevica Brigade were sent to reinforce partisan lines.

Member of the polit-detachment of Majevica Brigade, Desa Kostan from Sibenik greets her wounded friend Biserka Bukic of 2nd Dalm. Brigade, also from Sibenik. Desa Kostan survived the war and became minister in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Secretary for Informations). Biserka Bukic was not so lucky, as almost all of partisan wounded during the Sutjeska battle, she died in last phase of battle.'

Zdravo to you, too.

[Edited on 11/05/08 @ 12:36 PM]

sissi Thanks for explaining things,very interesting btw. You know,I'm not very good in History, I'm rather a mathematician,(sorry for that..)so do pardon my blunders.All I knew about it was what my grandma told me about it. So I had a look at the Vuckovic book,
(BTW,I think the language is nowadays called Srpsko-Hrvatski in Serbija and of course Hrvato-srpski in Croatia ...)it looks very interesting too.Did you read Paul Garde 'Vie et mort de la Yougoslavie'?, it's in french but I guess by your name that you understand it.Rather accurate and not biased analysis of the problems in that area.
Also don't worry for the lag, I've got a professional laptop, that certainly not the best stuff for games,and other people may not encounter the problem.But I had difficulties moving units the way I wanted them to, so it was even harder than probably meant.

PS: I tried again another way, and there's something weird I've found out : if I play your scenario directly, that is just edit then test, it doesn't lag that much. First time I edited it into a campaign, in order to have the messages and bmp before playing, and because I noticed that when you test several times a scenario it may mess up the triggers (that's why I always put my scenarii into the default cpx before testing them).Here it works the other way... So you certainly had a good reason not to do it into a cpx. But I had no clue it could change the game that way. So certainly one more mistake of mine, I'm awfully sorry.Anyway thanks again for that very interesting campaign and good luck.

Yours, sissi.

[Edited on 11/08/08 @ 05:00 PM]

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