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World Simulation

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
This is a simulation of the world I made. I know it's not completely geographically accurate, but I dit what I could.

Also, the teams are not as even as they could be. The persians and Vikings tend to win most of the time. You can edit the scenario if you want to fix that.

But, it's fun.

The resources may overcrowd you a bit.

It contains all seven continents, eight players, placed on the map according to civilization. The scenario instructions will tell you the advantages of each civilization.
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ovoon7 excellent idea! i must say its innacurate some some cooler things couldve been added...but it feels like a Risk kind of thing...meh he im setting up a base in antartica because nobody wants it! you should fix it up (especcialy north america) make it bigger (huge size) and add nice things like the great barrier reef...but otherwise...well done!
i wanna see this beast on multiplayer!
bigfatlizard1312 Haha! I set up about 18 farms on the south pole! HAHA! It was awsome! At one point I had 80,000 food!

I think I will try making on of these of the US, and seperate the states. If not then I might try making one of the world also.

I took some screen shots of my game, and I would have posted them in the review I just sent in, but I played it on my laptop, and now I cant get internet acces on my laptop cause I just broke my receiver.
hunnic paladin OK, sorry about this. The comment and review are both from bigfatlizard1312, but that was my old username. Im Hunnic Paladin, and Bigfatlizard1312 is me. I just had the username saved to stay logged in on another computer, and though I was logged in as HP. Sorry.


Alright! I have the images!!!

Do you mind if I share a map shot to show off your map? If not just tell me and Ill take it down.


Map Shot:
Can you see all my farms at the south pole?


Random Screen Shots:

my farms at the south pole!


My results:

[Edited on 05/13/08 @ 06:32 PM]

hunnic paladin
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
(OK, so this game gets a 5 in playability because I have to say, it is the most fun AoE game I have EVER played! I love playing on real-world maps in my games, but now there is an even more fun one, THE WHOLE WORLD! I wish I could give it a 6!)

Balance: 4
(Well, I want to give it a five, but I cant. I won the game the first time I played and I never had to retreat from a battle. I was rarely attacked too. 4.)

Creativity: 5
(Now, making a map of the world is not creative, but he certainly uses creativity in the units and buildings he chooses to start each player off with. All the civilizations are in coordination with their rightful place on the map for the proper age that AoK is based in.)

Map Design: 4
(Map design is one area that this map lacks. There are very few elevations. Also, the north pole has to many holes in it. Even though it is not used much, it isused some. Also, the Atlantic ocean is all three types of water, but there is no mixing of water. There are no spots of different types anywhere. It is all just shallow water, then medium, then deep. Not shallow medium, spots of deep, deep, etc. The thing that keeps his rating up is his accuracy in the terrains he picks for the different locations. He even puts the pyramids in Egypt, I thought that deserved and extra half point.)

Story/Instructions: 3
(I would love to give this an overall 5, but I can't because he does not give a story behind why he did this. But he does give very detailed descriptions of every player, their advantages, and disadvantages, all at the beginning of the game. This brings it up to a 3 because of its detail.)

Additional Comments:

--- My Extra Rating ---

Geological Accuracy: 4.5
(He is very accurate on hiis map other than the Mediterranean sea. There is just a small river, and unfortunatly, the only reason it is just like a river is because the map is too small. Therefore, I don't bring it down that much. Comething that brings it up is that he even got the little specs for Japan.)

This is the best game I have ever played of all AoE games. Download now!

[Edited on 04/04/08 @ 05:58 AM]

kapuk99 Wow! This is great.

I got a long way to go on my AORISK, Risk for Age 2. I still haven't planned out the triggers, any help please? :D

Still. Awesome map, compared to mine. :)
hunnic paladin Your doing one too?! So am I! :)
Cilibinarii Lol, everyone is busy with Risk maps but no one finishes :) I've got a spare one with story included somewhere ^^
supertuties help!!!
In which directory should i paste this file?
Official Reviewer
Microsoft Games/Age of Empires II/Scenario

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Map Design4.0
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