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Downloads Home » Recorded Games » John Mendl vs 2 Saiyans Hard (No Pause)

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John Mendl vs 2 Saiyans Hard (No Pause)

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John Mendl
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Since some problems prevent me from playing online, I decided to post an offline recorded game WITHOUT using pause key (Note: I paused to eat dinner but unpaused right-away after that). This rec, shows me beating 2 Saiyan AIs on Hard without using pause. Please watch this, and tell me both negative and positive points. What should I improve on? Everyone calls me 'NEWBIE'.
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Official Reviewer
Ok, I had a look at it. Here's my comments:

Initial build up:

-You should put all your villies on the first house so as to avoid being housed even for a few seconds
-Putting more than 6 villies on a sheep is wasteful. Even worse, you gather from 2 sheep at a time, which wastes a lot of food.
-Your scouting is terrible! You don't do sheep scouting, ( though that is acceptable) but you don't even explore your base properly and don't scout enemy lumber camps, mills etc.
-You don't hunt boar! Boar give you lots of food. You should research loom at about 11-12 villies and then lure the boar. You do hunt the boar, but going out and getting it is wasteful. You should lure it back.

Feudal age:

-You advance to feudal somewhat late
-Using Men-at-arms is not good. You shouldn't even think of the sword line till TwoHS/champ. Your feudal army should be skirms and spears.
-You are permanently on the defensive, no aggressive scout/skirm raiding
-Again, your scouting is terrible and you allow enemies to build forward bases.


-You don't boom! For booming you need to build 2-3 extra TC's right away and start producing villies from them all. In fact you need to aggressively take over the map by building TC's , at the end of the game you should have 10-12 TCs. Instead you have 2.
-Knight raiding is too late and hopelessly mismanaged. The knights attack the TC's and castles instead of villagers. Good knight raids are at 18-20 min, not at 50!
-You build monks, but don't get relics? The only use of monks is to get relics, and you don't need more than 1-2 monks


-You keep using only cavalry for attacking. This is wasteful and can be easily countered.
-You don't forward build, or take over the map
-You don't spam cheap units such as halbs and champs from 10-12 barracks.
-You don't use trebs or siege weapons until a lot later
-Your choice of units is pathetic. TK's and monks are useless, and you don't build barracks units.

Overall, it is a very newbie game. In fact Saiyan AI isn't all that good that's probably why you could beat it. Play AllianceThundaEmpire instead. Your strategy is to identify weaknesses in the AI and exploit them, this will fail miserably against a human. The best remedy is to play multiplayer on the net, you can't really get very good if you keep playing AI.

[Edited on 03/01/08 @ 06:30 PM]

hunnic paladin (Its fun to watch. He is new at it, just like me, so it was fun to watch for me. My games look much like this one. There are lots of things different that I do than him, and they are in the additional comments.)

Here are some notes I took throughout the game:

dont spend so much time spreading out villies over trees, forage bushes, mines, etc. Conquerors automatically makes them go around to another tree, forage bush, mine, etc.

lots of houses at begining, thats my strategy when im not the huns.

what was the garrison farmers for in the middle of the dark age?

in the dark age you find 2 sheep far away. you should either bring them home for meat or scout with them.

dont make military units in dark age

you have to much food in the begining of the fuedal age. use it.

good work on farms though.

the first attack came from both ai teams when you were in the fuedal age. you had to many resources you could have used. get your villies into it! you can use your villies to build towers!!! then garrison your villies in them or use them to attack enemies. hehe. BUT! only use the idle villies! There were tons of them throughout your game.

in the middle of this attack, a red woman starts building a watch tower. You attack the tower, but not the woman. if you attack the person who is building the building, then they will run away and the building will be destroyed. you cant win against a builder unless you attack the builder.

i try to have 3 idle villies right before I castle so i can build the new buildings.

you never build watch towers! those need to go all over your town!

town centers are way way way to close together.

you only use paladins and a few tuetonic knights. but, i love paladins! haha!

you barely use siege weapons!!

[Edited on 04/04/08 @ 06:17 AM]

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