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Hunnic Paladin's Mystery Maze!

Author File Description
hunnic paladin
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Puzzle
Number of scenarios: 2

Mystery Maze is a combination of riddles and a maze. In the beginning of the game, you have to pass a 10 question test to get through to Mystery Maze. The questions all have to do with how much you know about Age of Empires 2.

When you have passed the test you are finally worthy to enter Mystery Maze, where you will find challenges all throughout the map.

Mystery Maze was made nothing like any regular AoK game is. I did not strive for eye candy or good map design. I did not purposefully try to get a story behind it either because it is a maze. This is nothing like RPGs or B&Ds, this is a puzzle game. Please keep that in mind of you rate this.

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AGeOfHaLBeRdiErs I've encountered a bug. In the second scenario, in the desert sector after you go to the tower of flies you are given 2 throwing axemen and asked to find a wonder. When you find it, you are supposed to get a fifth "friend" but you don't. So when you get to the mosque nothing happens.

EDIT: Thanks, hunnic paladin, I've got it fixed!Great scenario! The ten questions were a creative idea. Second scenario, I agree with Tanneur, not as good as the first one. If you ever update this, just make riding through the 3 sectors more interesting. Other than that, good work!

[Edited on 03/19/08 @ 02:21 AM]

Guthan Looks fantastic!

[Edited on 03/18/08 @ 08:51 PM]

hunnic paladin
File Author
Yes, that is a bug I forgot to mention. I could not find a way to fix that. After you find the tower of flies, you MUST make sure that you come to the wonder from the South East or the North West. The North East side is blocked. If you come at it from the South West side and march up to the door, you will not get the fifth unit, an Elite War Wagon.

The reason behind this is because the trigger is as the following:

...Trigger 1
Condition 1
Objects in area
4 Player 1 units
Display Instructions
Create Object
Elite War Wagon
Activate Trigger...

The second effect tells the game to place the Elite War Wagon on the South West side of the wonder, rite at the door. If you are standing there, the effect is cancelled.

Thank you for bringing this up, I forgot to mention that. I tried fixing it, but I never did get around to it. I will try to fix it.


What do you think about the rules? I think they are hilarious, especially cleaning up after your horse! HAHA!
Official Reviewer
First, a wall blocks the north side; the elite war wagon spawns at the south door. You describe the cardinal points as if the top corner of the mini map would be north that is the northwest. The map edge going from the top corner to the right is north and the corner on the right is northeast. Just look at the mini map as if someone turned it clockwise.

You could create the elite war wagon outside the area of Condition 1. If the elite war wagon has to spawn at the south door, have two triggers, one with the area of the west side of the wonder, the other for the east side, both a last effect to deactivate the other trigger.

How it plays, great first scenario, lost with two questions. The second was disappointing. It starts with a 7:28 minutes uneventful cut-scene. I tasked my unit to the revealed area in the northwest corner and watched it riding through without touching the mouse. After 7:28 minutes I received, 'this is your first hint in the desert'. My Paladin triggered that effect while watching.

[Edited on 03/19/08 @ 08:19 PM]

Guthan Well, I was not really that impressed...

Anyway, it's creative, and not that bad...

But I couldn't finish it...

When I found the men on the water, he said, find a rock surrounded by 6 hills, with all your men you accumulate, along with this one...

Which one?

I didn't received any new unit when I brought all my units to the men on the water...

Any idea?
Fabio A The man in the water gives you a Woad Raider, maybe you were standing your units where it would appear.

Anyway, this mystery maze is cool, I'll be waiting for Mystery Maze II!
Guthan Fabio A, can u tell me the exact spot where the woad raider should be created?

The ... tile left, right, up, down, ...
hunnic paladin
File Author
Crap! I was writing this long message and then I accidently hit a button and went to a different page! That makes me furious!

Ill just sum it up. I read all the comments and the problem is that you stand in the area wheere the unit is supposed to be created. The Woad Raider on the water gives you another Woad Raider that is, starting from the tile that the man on water is standing from, 6 tiles down-left(south-west) from the man. That includes the tile the man is standing on.

Overall, I think that I will add some eye candy, Tanneur: dont cheat by right clicking the top, Fabio: be patient for II, Guthan: should I add eye candy? All: What does everyone think of the Mystery Maze Official Rules in the hints section? HaHa!

One last thing:

Please comment with good and bad! Also, please feel free to review!

[Edited on 03/23/08 @ 02:10 PM]

Guthan Hey,

well, thanks for the explanation, I guess one of my units was standing on that part :)

The eye-candy part :

Eyecandy might give you a higher rating on the visual appeal or whatever it is when someone reviews this :)

I'm not going to review it (yet) since you said you might update it :)

Anyway, If I would review it, I would give these hints :

This is kinda boring... Nothing hard, nothing thinking, nothing that changes from time to time, nothing that appears, disappears,...

Also, and this is just personally, I would like to see some opponents in this game... Just walking is the hint... just walking :)
So, if you are planning to update it, thing about my words :)

hunnic paladin
File Author
Just walking? What do you mean? I have lots of people already in the maze runnin' around. Do you want fighting? Thats not what its made for.
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