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Downloads Home » Projects » Visions of the Past: BETA Test

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Visions of the Past: BETA Test

Author File Description
Josh Williams
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 1
You are private Gymor of the Fyrnville army. You are manning an outpost to the east of the city of Fyrnville. You wake up sharply to find your head captain rambling something about dark soldiers, next thing you know, you are riding through the forest carrying...a child.

This is simply a BETA test, please do not rate or anything. If you wish to tell me about bugs, or give me tips, E-mail me at
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Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
“Visions of the Past” is a campaign based around three mysterious and powerful orbs, and who controls them. You take control of Gymor, who is minder of a child Rolin. In this campaign you take Rolin to Fyrnville after an attack at your military outpost by dark warriors, under the command of Yyorn.

Playability: - The playability of visions of the past is above average. You have to run from dark warriors on horseback to reach Fyrnville which, is a fair challenge. As well as this there is an interesting in game story, provided with miniature in game cut-scenes, which further the story and gameplay. Fighting in the forest while King Hrothgar is on patrol is very tough, and also poses the question of what is a King doing by partaking in border patrols.

Balance: - Visions of the Past’s difficulty average level is good and is achievable, with a certain amount of concentration and without the player moving too slowly. Visions of the Past also has its very difficult parts however, at the end where King Hrothgar must lead a small party of warriors on patrol through a forest, this part was too difficult to the point where, I could not complete in on multiple occasions. I suggest to the author, that he maintain the balance he has in this campaign so far, maybe adding more threats inside the city of Fyreville itself and to tone down the number of opposition forces in the forest.

Creativity: - The creativity of this work is above average. The author builds upon previous ideas and tricks to help polish his work. The longbowman shooting at the archery range itself was good, as was the conversation between the drunkards at the pub. Gaining a pass from a Commander to gain access to the King and speak with him also was creative. I hope in a furthered version, the creator continues to craft creative features and bright sparks of imagination into his work.

Map Design: - Generally speaking, the map design was good. However, these following things were irritating. The overuse of haystacks on route to Fyreville, and the overuse of flowers in Fyreville and outside in the winter. Otherwise, the map design was interesting, with changing features and a realistic view. The author could improve the map design by adding ice patches, when appropriate from Angel Rasher'’ “MAP OBJECTS!” template and removing some of the flowers and haystacks. Having to travel a long way from the gate to the Commander wasn’t particularly well taken and could also do with being closer to the gate in which, you wish to pass through to reach King Hrothgar.

Story/Instructions: - With an impressive overall bitmap, but no Instructions via the History or Instructions or Hints sections, I as a player was slightly baffled. However, as this work is currently only in beta stages I can pass contribute it due to this reason. The story in game is good, the tale of three orbs and a magician, gone bad in the form of Yyorn is interesting and makes for an interesting plot line. The miniature cut-scenes were also put to good use in this work. Hopefully, the author continues to work on this project, as the story is well defined currently, and with more work can become very good.

Overall: - Visions of the Past, is a good working beta of a potentially Best of work, with a couple of bugs, such as the ability to skip past the Dark Warriors mounted to Fyreville without changing diplomacy with them and not losing when King Hrothgar dies whilst on border patrol. Given more time I am anxious to review a furthered work, with a more detailed instruction screen and a longer and more polished game.

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Map Design3.0
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