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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Spanish Invasion of South-America on a 10 x 10

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Spanish Invasion of South-America on a 10 x 10

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
''Spanish Invasion of South-America''

is just a fancy name for this minigame. You play as 3 Mayan warriors: Ithacan, Chuetenac and Myrata. You have to hold off the Spanish attack for some time. This level is difficulty level-dynamic: It works with standard, moderate and hard.

More information is included in the thing itself, aswell as a homemade bitmap.
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File Author
Dantares, I forgot to mention your name for your useful mini,mega maps utility! Thank you VERY very much for making that one :)

[Edited on 04/04/08 @ 06:26 AM]

Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Spanish Invasion of South America is a short mini-scenario, based on a fictious event. You play as three Mayan soldiers making their stand against Cortéz' Spanish troops, consisting of Twohanded Sworsmen, Halberiders and Hand Cannoners. It is an enjoyable, short game, yet frustrating at times. This is my review of it.

I had quite fun playing this scenario, although it was nothing outstanding about it. The game begins with s ashort cut-scene showing a conversation between your heroes and a Spanish commander. Then the commander leaves to ready his troops and you get to prepare yourself, then the battle begins. The battle is seemingly easy at the start, but as the enemy soldiers flood in you have less time to kill every unit, and in the end it becomes very difficult, most likely impossible without the few extra upgrades you can find on the map.
I first played on the Hard difficulty, but after ten restarts in five minutes I jumped down to the standard level, where I ultimately won. After five or so restarts things got very frustrating. I wasn't able to survive for two minutes in order to win! This was probably the only real bad side of the game, the frustration of loads of reloads. Other than this, the game is quite fun, giving a medium score.
Also to add, there was no lag or bugs that I could spot, thus the game ran smoothly without interuption.

The Hard level was, to me, impossible to win, and even the standard level was very challenging. It felt as if the authour had messed up the order of the levels, as Standard felt as hard as Moderate should've been, and even on standard I had to restart a lot of times, making it slightly annoying to play. On hard this was simply frustrating.
I have a suggestion that could fix the balance, read this in the suggestions part, after the review.

I found this map a bit creative, but nothing overwhelming. I've seen a few mini scenarios with pretty much the same gameplay as this one, except it's in a different enviroment. The setting is new for mini scenarios of this style, to my knowledge at least, and brings the score up a bit. There are also a few extra upgrades to be found on the map that helps a lot while playing. The outlay of the map is also good, with strategic points for up-hill advantage and narrow parts good to have as defending spots. The map does though never bring anything specifically creative that draws attention, so I believe the average score is well suiting in this cathegory.

Mini scenarios can be hard to design as you have to push very much into a tiny space, which I know by experiense. The authour has succeeded in creating a strategically good map, although it might not be the most appealing to the eye. The design is overall better than a random map, thus deserving a higher score than 3, and as it's good for strategic gameplay it goes up to a four. What the auythour could improve would be to have more terrain mixing and also make better transitions from land to water, some srt of sand of different terrain to make it blend in as one piece all in all.

The instructions were all clear and enough to understand what was going on and what to do. The few hints included were more than enough to help the player. The bitmap included might not be overly awesome but it adds a bit to the score. The story was quite shallow and nothing special. It rather brings some sort of meaning to why you're fighting than goes in depth, which works quite well at times like this. The story suits the scenario well and I see no reason to bring the scores down.

OVERALL: A decent mini scenario, good as it's the authour's first release.

IN CLOSING: As this is the authour's first scenario, this is definately nothing bad, on the contrary. This is very good for being a first scenario (first release anyhow). There are certainly things needing fixing and thinsg that could've been done better, but overall this is quite a good scenario.

SUGGESTION: My suggestion for the balance issue would be to change the way the difficulties vary. Instead of having different lengths of the period you need to survive, have the Spanish spawn more soldiers the harder level you pick, and maybe make the upgrades even better on the standard level. Remember, this is a suggestion, not part of the review, and thus I don't bring the score down for you using the system you chose.

File Author
Don't forget to comment :P
offwo200 Playability: 4
Fun and better than anything I could make.

Balance: 4
Found a bit hard, but I am a bit of a noob, even with the bonuses and keeping on the hill I was beaten by the hand cannoers. A good idea that instead of the arrow attack bonus giving +2 attack, +1 attack could be given and fleching reasearch to make the hand canneors a bit easier to beat.

Creativity: 4
First game played from here, probably original but I have no idea.

Map Design: 5
Great 10 vs 10, very detailed map and I like how objects on the map related to the bonuses

Story/Instructions: 5
Great cutscene at the start.

Additional Comments: Recognise my username anywhere? Also, batalspips could have made this level better.

[Edited on 11/16/10 @ 07:36 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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