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Saladin Climatic

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
You play as Saladin, and try to hold off the overpowered waves of Crusaders. Every so many seconds you get additional soldiers. The enemy also gets soldiers; however, they are weaker, but come faster.
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Official Reviewer
I sent you four e-mails for your comments and one for your submission of Saladin Climatic. Unfortunately, you seem not to receive them therefore, I comment here. You submitted Saladin Climatic four times.

ID 9016 "Saladin Climatic"
ID 9019 Saladin Climatic
ID 9074 "Saladin Climatic"
ID 9075 ''Saladin Climatic''

The first two were empty .zip files and I mailed you a link for an update and added, "We check all submissions before approval. There will be a delay until your file shows to the public. Please avoid uploading duplicate files, if you want to update before your file shows at the Blacksmith, under 'submit file', click 'contact us' and we will send you the link for your update." Nevertheless, you did two new submissions. Your descriptions of ID 9074 and 9075 read "No Description Available" and you did not select Style and Version. I updated this file with an excerpt of one of your earlier descriptions, selected Conquerors and Other. Feel free to edit it further.

It is a challenging and entertaining scenario, good job.
File Author
Indeed, Tanneur, I didnt receive the emails. Maybe you've got the wrong email? Mine is I'm glad you called it a fun scenario, it's the first real one I made.

Comments are most welcome :P

[Edited on 04/08/08 @ 06:11 AM]

Official Reviewer
That is the e-mail address I sent to, it is also the address in your profile.

It seems that you received one mail for a review of yours as you edited using a link included in my e-mail. I write tonight, acknowledge when you received it. Moderation mails start with Comment, Review or Blacksmith in the header.

[Edited on 05/05/08 @ 07:43 PM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
'Saladin Climatic' is a battle scenario in which you play as the Saracens and fight against crusaders. It is not really historical though.

Playability: 4

The game was quite interesting at first and it didn't pretend to be some kind of epic scenario with a big story and stuff. You just had to fight loads of troops with loads of troops. That was fun for a while but later quite boring. Also the only method of winning ( at least to me ) was to get 30 mamelukes and 20 cataphracts, sneak around to Barbarossa's place using the 'secret path' and finish him off. It was impossible to kill the spawning enemies in the narrow cliffs.

Balance: 3

As mentioned earlier there is only one way of winning still it is quite challenging, indeed even frustrating. I could not win on hard. Managing the troops on two sides and then pulling off an assassination attempt was difficult and I enjoyed the game.

Creativity: 3

It's not really too creative and doesn't pretend to be. There is no real story just some historical figures in a battle. There was also fantasy elements like explosions and water demons which made it a little different. I liked the drunk Templars and the background music but there wasn't really much else.

Map Design: 3-

The map design is good in parts but very peculiar. Particularly the roads, too much forest and water made it seem most unlike a desert. Terrain blending and elevation was done in some places and it looked good. However there are weird things like ice near pavilions and the 'secret path' and how a monkey and water demon got there I don't know.

Story/Instructions: 3

The instructions are good enough and there are some hints. There is no real story, it is just mentioned that Saladin, Richard the Lionharted and Barbarossa are fighting it out in some kind of desert. There are also a lot of unhistorical stuff like magic explosions and a monkey and a demon. Oh and by the way, the Byzantine cataphracts fought on the crusaders side ( not Saladin's ) and the Hun Tarkans were nowhere in the picture.

Additional Comments:

Interesting first scenario - certainly worth playing once or twice. Keep up the good work :)
File Author
Hmmm.. 111 Downloads and no comments? Feedback would be welcome...

EDIT: @Tanneur
I have indeed received various emails for bad reviews etc. (I hope I get better with reviewing, but you have to start somewhere)
@Anyone not commenting
PLEASE post a comment, will ya? :P

[Edited on 05/29/08 @ 09:32 PM]

Teotl Cilibinarii, this scenario is very funny, i laughed much! You commented my scenario, so I will do the same. It's so annoying when no one comment a scenario...

Keep up the splendid work, Your scenarios are very good! ;)

Again, keep up the good work!
Guthan Hey,

I'm downloading this right now, because you made a second one, which I already played (hard men! Still have to beat it :P) so I was wondering what the first scenario would be like.

I might review both of your scenario's, since I like the second one :)

Good work, it's very nice :)


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Map Design3.0
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