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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Vengeance - A Tale of Two DEMO v1.1

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Vengeance - A Tale of Two DEMO v1.1

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c

Vengeance - A Tale
of Two DEMO

By Darkmaster


This campaign has been discontinued and has not been edited since June

If you plan to add to this campaign, please include my name, and the
credits that are included.


  • This campaign includes one scenario.

  • The campaign originally intended to allow the user to control two
    different main characters, with different stories, but you can only control
    one character in this DEMO.

  • There are a few secrets in this DEMO.

  • The Boarded Palisade Walls Modpack by IrishStag is recommended for this

  • Again, this campaign has been discontinued.

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
File Author
If you've tried this demo(or are going to try it), comments would be appreciated, since this is my first campaign submission.
Richard Walls As much as I played it, it was a great campaign. The only problem I saw was poor map design(exluding the little eye-candies) which I think you could easily improve on. Also, you have a nice story.
File Author
I think the map wasn't that special, either. I worked on the triggers first, and the "beautification" was to come next, but I discontinued the scenario, before I could reach that level. You can add to it if you wish (use the campaign to scenario utility, found here at the blacksmith, but mention my name and the credits).
Dark_Aro It is sad you are not going to continue such a great campaign :-). It was a really great campaign, reminding me of Wolfcastle. Anyways, if this campaign was finished, I would give it a 5.0. (Unfortunatly, I suck at reviewing and choose to not review anymore) GREAT SCENARIO, Darkmaster!
Map Design5.0
Vengeance- A Tale of Two Story: These stories take place in our future. It is the 37th century, and the technology of man had been destroyed by aliens. The geniuses were brainswashed or captured. When the aliens had left, they left no one harmed. They had restarted history, and had started another Dark Age.
You play two people of different pasts; both have their own reason, but both have the same goal.
In this scenario, you only get to play Nicholas Coopernick on his goal to help save Calahad. So far, I have only seen two playable characters-- Nicholas Coopernick and a monk.

Minus Side--- There were many bugs in this scenario, unfortunatly. If you miss a certain part, you can never go back and get what you missed. The hints were hard to understand and gave little help on some of the specific parts. Getting the cart was something I did not figure out, but I managed to get past that part (loophole... another thing that might hurt this score) and finish the game. Also lack of fighting might be a minus side, because there is little action. I was a little sad because of this, because I could not figure out the hard-to-read objectives and could not continue anyways... because I could not have much fun, I put that as a minus.
Plus Side+++ Ok, this is the one I liked. The beggining battle was fun and strategic (even though it was the hardest battle), and I enjoyed playing the game then. I guess I flip for gun games :p... it was annoying how my shots kept missing, though, but that is a part of the strategic process (and luck). If you figured out the objectives, you would actually enjoy them. It is too bad you do not make it to the King's palace, though. I am guessing that "might" be included if the Author plans to finish this great campaign.
Remember-- You can always find playtesters to work out some of the bugs in this scenario. Just a minor note.

Balance=4.0 Not much balance as well... it does not provide much of a challenge after the first battle. It is the first battle that I am scoring this up on. Since this campaign is short, I will have to grade it. About 40% of this scenario was actually fighting, and it is a small campaign, so I give this a 4.0. The objectives and some of the hints rose this score, as well as the beggining and near-end battles.
The Balance of this campaign is not challenging to a veteran player, yet might be good for a novice player. I had some trouble with the first battle, yet I consider myself an intermediate player. I never needed to restart the game because of those battles, so it was not that challenging.

Creativity=4.8 The year and the map design and the storyline... great, great, great. Even though Map Design and Storyline are different catagories, they should be included in Creativity, because that is what made this campaign creative. The armor and guns are what won me over with this catagory. A truly creative designer has those types of things... armor list, gun list, and even an item list.

Map Design=5.0 The map design is (as a fellow designer) beautiful and artistic. I applaude the author's skill and determination on this map, and it looks like they took their time in designing it. The rain fish trick (which reminds me of Ulio) was a great trick to use. Minor Note: "I suggest you use shallows for the "wet ground" effect. Just a suggestion :)." The murky ground and the ugly snow actually made me shiver... brrrrr... rain in the winter... the future must be really grim :p. The use of tree mixing and flowers on the ground... actually, I would say the author over-did it :). So, in honor of the great map design of this author, I reward them a 5.0 for "perfect".

Story/Instructions=5.0 The story is good, and continues on in the campaign. Because it has a cut-scene describing this story so well, and also in History, I give this a 5.0.
Quote from the guidelines:" If there is any story at all, the rating goes up to a 4 and if the story is really good, the rating can be a 5."
I consider the author's story really good. A truly good story makes you feel like you are actually inside of the campaign, and that you are the main character. You feel everything he feels... that is what I know is a good story.

Final Thoughts-- It will be sad if the author does not continue such a great campaign. This campaign has almost everything a good campaign needs, having -Story/Instructions--Creativity--Map Design- and lacking -Balance--Playability-.
Things-To-Help-Improve: Balance- Try to make it challenging for veterans "and" novices. Quote from the guidelines: A perfectly balanced scenario should provide a challenge for a veteran player. Most people who are downloading scenarios from the internet have at least played through the campaigns included with the game and have a good knowledge of the game.
Make it so they might have to restart the game a few times in order to get past a part... but make sure not to make it hard enough so that somebody cannot beat it. That is a balance problem.
Playability- Quote from the guidelines:" Trigger bugs, victory condition bugs and any other playability-destroying bugs obviously can ruin a scenario's playability."
Quote 2:" If a player is ever confused about the next goal to accomplish, that's a playability problem. If a player can complete an objective in a way that the author obviously did not intend to be possible (i.e. there's a hole in a wall that allows the player to skip half the scenario), that's a playability problem. Anything that adversely affects your enjoyment of a scenario can be deducted from the Playability score."
Following those, you should be on your way to a better "player friendly" campaign :).Finally, I would like to congradulate the author on a great campaign. Any questions/concerns can be directed to me:

DGDN Member & AoK Scenario Design Forumer

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Map Design5.0
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