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Ultra - Monks can walk on water, 1000 pop limit, etc

Author File Description
Keisari Tapsa
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Ultra Mod
for 1.0c version of The Conquerors



•Bombard Tower attack reverted from pierce to melee.
•Trebuchet attack changed from pierce to melee.
•Sea Tower/Wall/Gates placeable in the editor.

•Huns freepop (set) to 1000.
•Every civ now gets extra pop as follows:
+200poproom/+5freepop in Feudal Age
+300poproom/+10freepop in Castle and Imperial Age
for total poproom of 1000 and 25 freepop in Imperial Age.
•Houses have 10 poproom.
•Town Centers have 15 poproom.
•Castles have 75 poproom.
•Goth's pop limit bonus increased from 10 to 100.
•Castle gets +55 garrison cap in Imperial Age.
•Town Center gets +15 garrison cap in Castle Age.
•All Towers get +5 garrison cap in Castle Age.
•Chinese Town Center pop bonus increased from 5 to 10.
•Monastery can hold +10 relics in Imperial Age.

•More resources as follows:
400 food from Forage Bush
500 food from Wild Horse
300 wood from Trees, 200 from Bamboo
500 food from boars, 900 from Iron Boar
1200 gold from Gold Mines, 500 stone from Stone Mines
100 food from Jaguar
150 food from Deer
50 food from wolves
150 food from Sheep and Turkey
900 or 1000 food from fishes
2000 food from Great Marlin
•Infinite Farms and Fish Traps like in AoE III.
•Horse Collar Farm AND Fish Trap +200 food.
•Heavy Plow Farm AND Fish Trap +400 food.
•Crop Rotation Farm AND Fish Trap +500 food.
•+125 food to farms hidden automatic Dark Age tech.
•Horse Collar and Heavy Plow increase gathering speed by 1.1.
•Bow Saw increases lumberjack's carry capacity by 1.
•Chinese Team Bonus Farm AND Fish Trap +230 food.
•Careening gives more speed, capacity and working rate to fishing ships (x1.2 +10).
•Fish Trap building time reduced from 53 to 25 seconds.
•Caravan: You now get gold from markets/docks as if your trade units would move 2X faster which they don't actually do. I fixed this like it should be by the tech's description.
•Caravan tech also increases the relic generating amount by +15 (+50%).
•Resources don't need to be dropped anymore.

•Monks/Missionaries and Monks with Relic can walk on water like Jesus.
(To disable waterwalkability, edit "Terrain Restriction" of Monks from "0" back to "7" with Advanced Genie Editor)
•Block Printing affects monk's healing range too.
•Theocracy is automatic to all civs from Dark Age.
•Masonry and Architecture applies to walls too.

•Buildable Sea Tower and Wall from Villager.
•Buildable [ID 110] Trade Workshop (costs 150 wood).
•Trade Workshop requires Mill.
•Several 'Super' researches from Trade Workshop as follows:
Compass: Enables Super researches and enhances COBRA cheat car (to get it, type "how do you turn this on" in chat).
Super Saw: 1.2 times faster gathering, +3 carry cap.
Super Guilds: Reduces the commodity trading fee-% by 10.
Super Crops: +1000 food, 1.3 times faster gathering, +3 carry cap.
Super Mining: 1.3 times faster gathering, +4 carry cap.
Super Transport: Transport Ships carry +15 units.

•Map Revealer LOS doubled.
•Guard Tower fires two arrows simultaneously.
•Keep fires three arrows simultaneously.
•Bamboo placeable on shorelines.

No mod affects your already saved games, only new games.


1. Locate "*\Age Of Empires II\Data" folder.
2. Backup the original "empires2_x1_p1.dat" file by renaming it.
3. Copy the new "empires2_x1_p1_um2-10.dat" file into the Data folder.
4. Rename the new "empires2_x1_p1_um2-10.dat" file to "empires2_x1_p1.dat"
5. Backup your old "language_x1_p1.dll" file by renaming it.
6. Copy the new "language_x1_p1.dll" file to the main folder of the game.
7. Play.


You can easily switch between files by renaming them.
Check GenieWiki for unit attribute IDs and resource IDs, etc.
I want to play mods in multiplayer. If you are interested, let me know. (playing in GameRanger)

My other uploads.

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
I moved the file from Utilities.
Utilities are tools for scenario design; this is primarily a game modification.

Quote, “And use version 2.2. I give also version 2.1, becayse I haven't checked 2.2 yet.”

You should test your files before submitting. Version 2.2 works as described, what is the difference between the two versions?
hunnic paladin What you say you will do, and kind of what you are doing, is just like a non-cheating cheat.

You will make it too easy. 50 pop houses and 1000 pop limit together would be to easy, and farms would make it sooo easy. If you do that, you should raise the price of the house to 10 X the ammount it costs(300 wood) and the farm 5 X(300 wood). I like the idea of being able to build a trade workshop, and researching from it too. But overall, it is just a cheat.

[Edited on 04/08/08 @ 05:31 AM]

EmperorX I never tried to make something like this, (because I don't know how to).

My suggestion is, don't let all monks and missionaries walk through water, only 'monks with relic' could walk so (because they cant enter the transport ship and drop relic on a monastery). Just this addition will be great.

1000 pop will make most system slow down.

[Edited on 04/08/08 @ 05:29 AM]

Official Reviewer
The standard AI uses the monks well; I had an attack by five monks coming from the water.
Woad85 1000 Population Limit is makes the computer slow down. Even 64-Bit Computer (Windows VISTA) cannot hold such a big population!!
JCFoltz I like the 1000 population mod but make it so you can use it when you create your own senerio. Cause I don't really like useing the huns.
Guthan Hey,

I like your mod. Very handful to make massive sea-wars or a war on land with just a random map :)

Good job!

Z3ro I liked the mod. lol if ur computer cant handle 1000 pop then it sux my XP Pro can handle over 5000 pop :D lol
Keisari Tapsa
File Author
I noticed that the standard AI thinks that monks can walk over cliffs so many times I had enemy monks stumbled behind cliffs.

[Edited on 02/26/11 @ 02:25 PM]

Keisari Tapsa
File Author
Provide more information if you encounter any problems. Before complaining, be sure that you did as I instructed.

[Edited on 02/26/11 @ 02:29 PM]

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