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~Winter Assault~

Author File Description
Dantares IV
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
~Winter Assault~

Hi all, this was actually a screen-shot I made for a competition on Scenario Design. I saw a very useful storyline for the shot, and decided to make something of it, instead of throwing the scenario away. All in all, I made this game in two days.

This is a game designed to test your skills with attacking an enemy defense. What's so great about this? You have only one minor advantage. Speed. But you must decide how to use it to your advantage. You are attacking a heavily defended island, and the troops have dug in with, besides men, a couple of ships, artillary, and a tower. The main challenge of the attack, is the entrance. You must condense your troops in order to cross the bridge. This gives the enemy a huge advantage over you becasue they have archers, and you have none.

What can make this a help to all people is that there has been no name changes, Attack changes, or HP changes to either side. This is very close to just playing any ordinary random map you would play in multiplayer, or just by yourself. In a random map, there are no changes made to the units. Just the original status. Therefore, the strategies used here can be used in assulting other defences in a random game.

I think you'll like this game because it is very quick, and right to the point. It lasts about two minutes. I think you'll like the map design too which is far better than a random map.

You won't find much for walk through hints this time. A few hints in general, and then a small guide on which units are good against whom. Such as might be found on any strategy guide.

Lastly, if after you're done playing this game, you find it a little easy, I do know one other change I can add that makes the game SUPER hard. So tell me if you think I should add it.

Thanks for downloading,


P.S. I'm leaving today (Saturday) for Georgia, and I'll be back next Saturday, so I'll answer your questions then.

P.P.S. Watch out for my upcoming game ~Son Against Father~, coming early next month.

You need Renaissance installed to play this file.
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Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
'Winter Assault' is a single scenario file, with the purpose of showcasing a bridge assault. The design is only very small, and can be completed in just a few minutes.

PLAYABILITY: The game is not so much as fun as it is fast. I appreciated the idea but that's all this file is, lacking story, length and other elements of an action-fledged scenario. However, taking the author's intention into account, the bridge assault is pretty well managed, and players' can enjoy a few minutes with this testing their skills. Still, there is no reason why the author could not have had more story, interaction with triggers and progress made in-game, and other playability-enhancing features. 3.0-

BALANCE: The game play is difficult on moderate difficulty, and I lost on my first attempt at taking control of the bridge. Strategy will play some part here, and will force the player away from simply charging his men into the enemy's ranks and seeing things on from there. However, after a suitable strategy is employed, it's not all that hard to win every play from there on. Difficulty-dynamic triggers would be good here to keep the player on his feet for when trying different difficulty levels. 3.0

CREATIVITY: I applaud this category for its implementation of assaulting the bridge, but aside from this creativity is rather sparse. There was very little in-game text, trigger work and story; however the map design was fairly technical, with a bridge, enemy encampment and two shorelines, including an icy river running in between. 2.0

MAP DESIGN: The template of design covers only a very tiny part of the scenario, as such like a mini-game. However, what is seen is generally well-designed. The file adequately portrays a snowy landscape, complete with mud and ice, piles of stone and moderate terrain mixing, including a bridge and enemy encampment in the centre. 4.0-

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: A story is superficial here, but there are ample instructions so the player is never left in the dark. In fact, there were probably too many hints, and the author leaves nothing for the player to work out for himself. There were a few spelling mistakes. 3.0

CONCLUDING: The idea in this file shows plenty of potential; however as a tutorial of sorts it could have featured more to make assaulting a bridge a little more interesting, with further interaction between triggers and in-game progress, more strategy for realism sake - more than just charging across a bridge occurred in instances like this in history, and there were assassinations of guards, sabotage and much else before the main confrontation.

In a sentence - This is assaulting a bridge, and very little else.

In closing - If you enjoy bridge assaults, download this.

[Edited on 09/29/16 @ 04:36 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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