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The Adventures of Robin Hood

Author File Description
Tom Blum
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Only
You play as Robin Hood, king of theives. You must rescue Maid Marian from the clutches of the evil Sheriff of Nottingham, but in order to get to his castle you must gather a following, battle castle guards, hunt dear, and steal from the rich! Enjoy!
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Mickey Sommers
Map Design2.0
Playability(1): I'm afraid looking around a big forest searching and killing deer is not on my fun things to do list. The instructions in the scenario made little sense. My first thoughts were, "What gate?" and other stuff. Also, the author apparently thought it was funny when playing on standard, that you die 3 seconds into the scenario. The fighting when you get into Nottingham is very annoying, as Nottingham has the same color as you.
Suggestions: Make more quests and stuff. Change Nottingham's color.
Balance(2): It was easy, but pretty annoying. I felt like a football coach yelling at the two archers to stay in the pocket. The boss match was pretty easy if you have basic skills.
Suggestions: Make the first part harder.
Creativity(1): The only inventive thing on this scenario was the gate mechanisim, which was a fish trap, so you had to make water which made no sense, so no points here.
Map Design(2): It was okay, nothing thrilling.
Suggestions: Use some more elevation and terrain mixing.
Story/Instructions(1): The Robin Hood story was not original, nothing wrong with that. However it was presented in a dull, unexciting way. The instructions were not helpful and created more questions than they answered. The sequence of events made no sense. Reaching a certain spot in the map triggered Maid Marian's capture. Killing the rich guy opened the way to Nottingham. Huh? Also the unit representation was strange- I don't remember Little John being an archer, and if he was, he should have much more HP's than that as he was a big, strong guy. And the Sherrif of Nottingham is NOT a Berserk Viking. He is a Briton.

I cannot recommend downloading this campaign.
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
“The Adventures of Robin Hood” is a campaign based around the famous outlaw, Robin Hood. In this creation you take control of Robin Hood and Friar Tuck and must rescue Maid Marian from the Sheriff of Nottingham’s castle.

Playability: - The game lasted for ten seconds, you are automatically defeated after ten seconds with no explanation and no way to elude losing. This is particularly irritating for the player and thus, unfortunately the lowest score must be given here. Improvements to be made, stop the trigger causing your defeat after ten seconds.

Balance: - The balance was nigh impossible to judge in the space of ten seconds, due to very little being able to happen so quickly, and thus I have score The Adventures of Robin Hood a grade higher than the previous category of Playability.

Creativity: - The creativity didn’t have much of a chance to shine through, although an impressive bitmap was shown at the opening screen, the creativity went as far as two pieces of conversation in the actual game. The main problem as highlighted is the confusing element of being defeated automatically inside ten seconds, why?

Map Design: - The map design which, was seen was mediocre, containing a forest, hills, boar and the odd patch of flowerbeds. I had much hope for the map design, but what you see in the actual given time is very limited. This was the highest scoring category, maintaining a mediocre score for a fairly well made, if somewhat limited glimpse at a part of the map.

Story/Instructions: - The opening screen’s bitmap much helped build the player up, but the text at the opening screen was weak at the Hints section and the History section lacking anything at all. The Story/Instructions section was mediocre, however it failed to be very specific just outlining what you have to do and no in great detail.

Overall: - One major bug has crushed this work, with this fixed I’m sure almost all, if not all the categories above scoring would further improve. Until then, I have to recommend you to steer well clear of downloading “The Adventures of Robin Hood”.
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
The Adventures of Robin Hood is a single scenario campaign, a RPS. The theme of Robin Hood seems to be the HG favourite with over thirty scenarios and campaigns about the famous outlaw. The Anglo-Saxon versus the Norman cultural conflict was probably the reason that the historical Robin Hood became popular and a legend for the Anglo-Saxon population of England, which suffered under the Norman Aristocracy. The word Norman derives from Man of the North how the Vikings were originally called by their southern neighbours. Coming from Scandinavia they first settled in Northern France in a region still called today the Normandy from where they attacked England in 1066 to claim the throne for William I of Normandy, aka “The Bastard”, aka “The Conquerer”, a descendent of Robert Ragnvaldsson of Norway, aka Rollo, aka “The Dane”, aka “The Ganger”. Here you join the famous Yeoman, Little John and Friar Tuck in one of their adventures involving the beautiful Maid Marion, who got prisoner by the Normans.

PLAYABILITY: The first quest is exactly of a kind designers should avoid. You have to kill five deer which are spread out over forty percent of the map, which is annoying, boring, no fun at all and unchallenging due to a total lack of enemies. For the next objective your two longbow men and three swordsmen had to rob and kill a Rich Guy, a trade cart which had 5/70 HP. The rescue of Maid Marion and the escape made up for the earlier flaws. I did not encounter any bugs on medium or hard. 2

BALANCE: The scenario was played on hard and there was no challenge. The enemy was too weak and attacked in small groups. I had two reloads because I did not want to mourn Little John whose weakness added to the balance and I lost one merry man. 2

CREATIVITY: Small triggers like removing wall pieces, a creative gate opener I never saw before, the final chase and a part of the map were creative. I especially liked the trigger that made you loose after ten seconds playing standard difficulty. 3

MAP DESIGN: The map looks like a random map done from scratch. The little town of Nottingham with its castle, surrounded by a fosse for protection is appealing and shows good design with a mix of roads. What you see without cheating is a little better than random, but the terrain could use some more variations. 3+

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The calling card of the campaign is the great promising BMP, clear objectives and enough hints round the good impression. To score higher more of a story is needed and a history section would be appreciated. 3

OVERALL: A pleasant and creative scenario which is far too easy.

OBSERVATIONS: Probably the “bug” which makes you loose is intended and it is a good way to prevent people from playing your scenarios on a level you do not want them to play. The way Tom is solving that problem is more affective than asking for it in the introduction screen. I recently reviewed a scenario where the author asked to play medium difficulty because his taunts and triggers work best that way. Many designers ask in their works to play on hard difficulty as they balanced the scenario for that level, so here is a new solution.

SUGGESTIONS: Add some terrain mix and Gaia to your map; use a smaller size next time to avoid long walks, try a little story and make it more challenging.

IN CLOSING: The Adventures of Robin Hood is a download for the fans of the famous outlaw that look for an easy game.
dale_fan3 This is an ok scenario, but it is dragged down by to many flaws. Little John was a huge guy that attacked with a staff, not a bow. The Sheriff of Naughtingham was a champion/knight, not a berserk. The deer part was just plain annoying. You could tell you had to rescue Marian before she was captured, because of the objectives. Although the map was nice, there should have been more trees in the middle of the path, making the map more realistic. Also, not one of my people died due to the lack of enemies. Also, at the end it is way to easy to escape from the enemies. Not a very good scenario at all.

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