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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Alternate Earth - Oro Templi Orientis

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Alternate Earth - Oro Templi Orientis

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Mix

so you're bored with AOE/AOK/Rise/Conquerers too, huh?
yeah, it sucks when you've played the software until you reach its inevitable conclusion.
you feel, invigorated, like you've accomplished a real killer feat going all the way through it,
but then you get that deep sinking awareness that it's... it's... over.
and worse, there are no new chapters in the Ages world out there, years between releases.
kinda like your favorite band.

thank god, ensemble in their infinite wisdom included the scenario editor/creator.
thank god for Age of Kings Heaven, breathing new life into old software by providing a forum
for everyone who loves these turn based games and perceive their timelessness.

I've noticed many styles of authorship coming from this site. Great adaptations of history, insiteful
storytelling through mastery of triggering, personality brought out through adept AI scripting, rollicking
humor, tutorials... it's all here.

my friends and I do not play online. our pc's are a bit old, and either we can't afford or don't see
the point in buying a new one. None of us care for the fact that they can make a game that will install on a
PII pc, then the new release looks just like it, plays just like it, but SURPRISE, you can't buy it due to
it's prohibitively high use of clockspeed you don't have and see no point in. we don't like 3D intensive
first person perspective games, we like Civ/Populous/AOK turn based style instead of lara croft,

instead, we network and have a ball. the editor has given us the opportunity to author many killer games.
recently, AOK Heaven came to our attention, so, one by one we're putting some stuff up for distribution.

this one is my first.

!Alternate Earth- Strange Bedfellows

it follows the ancient Knights Templar saga outside of any crusades.
they follow quest and protection of Solomon's Temple Scrolls and the Ark of the Covenant, as well as
the tale of Prestor John and the Mythical Holy Grail, a fiction created by the Templars.

my particular group of friends are of the O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis), and so thought this type of
campaign would be immensely intresting due to the personal nature of the storylines and our relationship
with the tradition involved.

the campaign fictionalizes certain aspects of the story for the sake of entertainment value, hell...
IT'S A GAME... but also because we take sick delight in putting our spin on how how we wish things turned
out, rather than as they are.

consider it a miniturized version of our perverted western civ fantasies.

no sound files or bitmaps, avi's are included.
this is soley out of consideration for those who like smaller file sizes and download times.
we don't have DSL, think it's too goddamn pricey and quite a rip-off, so this is for those who feel the same.

more will follow as they are tested and reworked for AOK Heaven fans.

none of us are sophisticated trigger writers, and we just plain suck at AI scripting,
so unless you can help us out in this area, please keep in mind this a first public outing.
feel free to ad any AI or trigger you are abled to author that will contribute to the story
and it's enhanced playablity, but do not post it. put your name on it somewhere or in a text file to read,
then email me the modified campaign/scenario. we will test it, add your name to the authorship
and then we'll post it after we email you to say thanks for your expertise.

email address to freon inferno (me)... we share a mailbox.

mail is checked once a week.



the freon inferno.

if you don't know where to put the files, consult AOK Heaven's extensive and informative site.
you'll learn more than you'll probably care to know, but that's the fun of the site.

we noticed that some Conquerors campaign/scenario tutorial/walkthroughs are absent, so our
submissions will be in shortly at the Blacksmiths Shop.

completed 10.21.02
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Tom Edwards Wow, you don't do things by halves. That's probably the most text in a description ever. ;)

Downloading now...

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