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Modified Tech Tree - Updated

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
I have edited the tech tree in such a way that now most of the civs can play a Post Imperial Death Match much better than before. And it is not made for human but for AI v/s AI PIDM Games,but if your friend (rival) have no problem with this tech-tree you can play a with him -but your friend also need this file then .

All thanks to the Advaced Genie Data editor maker and his quick help.

These are the modifications I have made.

Civilition & The given Researches

Byzantines - Bloodlines, *Stonecutting, Logistica give +1 range for fireships(additional)

Britons - Stonecutting, Yeomen give +2 range

Chinese - Guilds, stonecutting

Japan - Guilds, stonecutting

Franks - Guilds. Bearder Axe gives +2 range

Mongols -Guilds, Stonecutting

Vikings - Guilds, stonecutting, Halberdier

Persians- Stonecutting.

Aztecs - Guilds, Halberdier, Garland wars gives +5 attack

Celts - Arbalest.

Teutons - Siegeram, TKt a bit mor faster Crenelation gives +3 range for skirmishers(additionaly)

Mayans - El-Dorado gives a +20 HP to Plumed Archers(additionaly)

Turks - Elite janisseris fire more accurate.

Koreans - War Wagon wood-cost decreased to 100, it moves faster

Saracens - Elite Mameluke range 4

Spanish- Elite conquistador range 7, Accuracy increased

Goths- nothing

Huns - nothing

(*Trademill Crane is very important in PIDMs)

Other Common Changes

hand-cannoneer - 24 sec creation(-10 sec), accuracy 85%(+20)

Yurt & Pavilion - 25 sec creation(-10 sec), Yurt 712's headroom 10(+5)

RelicMonk - walk on water

It also contains the language_x1.dll, language_X_p1.dll (not necessary to play)which contains the modified description of Mayans El Dorado and Byzantine Logistica. Backup old file before replacing!

I am uploading this file just to know how many of you interested in this tech tree. :P

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Keisari Tapsa You made every civs same. Something like that.
I do not wanna it. Differences between civilizations is need to keep game interesting.
File Author
I know its a crap :P

What I actually wanted was to give Trademill crane and Guilds to all civs. These two are the most important techs for an AI's post imperial death match. For example, Byzantines cant stand against Huns in a tiny map because they cant build faster. So I gave trademillcrane. I know, most of us cant accept this easily.

But, if Ensemble Studios make these changes, you will accept, right? (like bombard tower make skirmisher-damage to rams :P)


I have made some changes from the previous modification. Is it still a crap?

[Edited on 05/14/08 @ 04:11 AM]

Keisari Tapsa Now that I finally tested this again, for some reason all the texts got messed up. Then I replaced your language files with the originals and got it to work.

That relic carrying monks can walk on water, is a very cool thing.

I did some similar editing in the past. Making each civs special techs better makes the game more interesting as civs matter more.

And I swallowed that ES's Bombard Tower change only because of multiplayer where almost everybody has the official 1.0c patch. I don't play much against computer anymore.

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