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Hawaii Simulation V3.0

Author File Description
hunnic paladin
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
Hawaii Simulation

This is another Simulation, and it is one of the best maps I have made. I dont really have much info on it, just play it and you will find out. It is a game just like any other game. Just like if you were to play a random map. Standard Victory Conditions apply.

This map features many different sites that are realistic. It includes...

  • City of Hilo as a Computer Opponent
  • The main Hawaiin Island
  • Maui Island
  • Oahu Island
  • The Great Volcanoes of Hawaii
  • Kahoolawe Island
  • Lanai Island
  • Kawai Channel
  • Alenuihaha Channel

Please enjoy this map, all comments and ratings are more than welcome!!!

Updated! All bugs have been fixed! Please Enjoy now, and please leave any other comments about the game here! Added eye candy has been placed, volcanoes are still the same though. Still can't figure out how to work that one modpack. Other than that, everything is the same except for added eye candy, elevations, better opponents, and 2 more easter eggs! Enjoy!

Updated once again! ALL bugs fixed this time! V3.0 is now out! Please leave any ratings!

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Bishdariel Hello hunnic paladin,

i have downloaded your map Hawaii Simulation (and all the other simulations too) but at this one i have found an "error".
No one of my enemies (AI) build anything. You have given them a town center but no workers... perhaps that is the only problem.

It was a cheap win after 20 minutes of building etc. from my side. ;-) 11k points to 367 to 147 to 117 points.

Please check that out and up date your map. Then i will try it again. Thx.

hunnic paladin
File Author

I thought I gave all of them vills.

OK, Ill go fix it. Thanks for saying something!

Edit: Umm, I figured it out. All the enemy vills are getting killed by jaguars. HAHA!

I do not know how to fix it! How do I make it to where the villagers don't scout! The enemies aren't even making other vills! They dont build buildings, they dont create villagers, and they use their villagers to scout!

I tried giving them a scout, and that didnt work, I tried changing the AI a ton and it didnt work. What do I do? I cant believe I broke my own file! Haha!

Until I get it fixed, would no one rate this, please?

Thanks alot!


[Edited on 05/05/08 @ 12:33 PM]

LongBowHurtsBad This is a really good start.

I really recommend putting more eyecandy, such as making jungle parts of the map and downloading the volcanoe utility and putting it on your map.
hunnic paladin
File Author
Yes, I think I will, but what use is it if I cant get the vills to stop scouting?

I think I will try map copying the whole thing and pasting it on a new map, then re-placing all the enemies.

Ill go get the mod, thanks! I didnt think about that! Please, no-one rate yet! :)
Official Reviewer
Hey HP, to stop the villagers from scouting, select Standard under Personality for the enemy players. You have the Personality for player 2 to 4 to ‘None’, which is the build in immobile feature used by designers before Immobile Units and similar AI entered the blacksmith. AI ‘None’ does not build up, one unit always scouts, monks collect relics and trade carts stand still unless there is a market in the LoS.
hunnic paladin
File Author
Thanks Tannuer, I would have done that, but I didn't notice your comment until AFTER I re-did the map. :)

Ill update the file, Ive added alot of info, and so hopefully, there wont be anymore bugs. :)

Thanks for the info, I guess I just didnt think about that point you made.
Official Reviewer
Thanks for the credits. :)

The player does not receive Hawaii's prize. Two reasons, first, trigger 'Captured Pride', Condition 'Capture Object', 'Source' player 1, 'Set Object' a relic does not work. Granted, I also use the term that a player captured a relic but a relic does not change ownership always stays a Gaia object. When the monk picked it up, the monk became a player 1 'Monk with Relic' but the relic did not become a player 1 relic. To fix, change the condition to 'Object in Area', 'Source' player 1, Quantity 1, 'Object List' monk and 'Set Area' under the relic, small but large enough so that the effects fire regardless from which side the player approaches the relic. Second, Effect 1 does not work; player 5 has no gold to tribute, give him the amount of gold to tribute.
hunnic paladin
File Author
O yes!!!

I knew I was forgeting something!

Thanks again!

Completely updated! All reviews are welcome now! Thanks for your patience!

[Edited on 05/14/08 @ 05:02 AM]

champion999 hey i dont know how to download. please send an email how to do it to :

i got winzip and all but where do i extract the file?
Official Reviewer
Unzip the files to default/Microsoft Games/Age of Empire II/(insert from below)
.CPN and .CPX files to Campaign
.SCN and .SCX files to Scenario
.MGL, .MGX, .GAM and .GAX files to Save Game
.MP3 and .WAV files to Sound/Scenario
.RMS files to Random Map
AI and PER files to AI
.SLP file and MOD PACK STUDIO SCRIPT wherever, best to create a new folder named Mod Packs

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