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Mod Workshop

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c

Credits to Julius999 for the name

Modworkshop is a console program intended to provide an alternative to Mod Pack Studio for graphical modding. It also provides a few more useful features that MPS does not have.

This is an open source project, so anyone can contribute to it if they wish. It is licence under GPL.

Advantages over MPS

  • Does all that MPS can do and better.
  • Will work on all computers and operating systems. Since it is written in Java, you will need Java installed on your system. Will be platform independent and not need to have Aok installed.
  • Will not have any nasty bugs or crash every now and then.
  • Can work for any SLP based game, ie. Aok, SWGB, AoE
  • Can change frame numbers and create SLP's from scratch.
  • Provide a palette converter and a few other useful things.


  • Command Line interface. No fancy GUI.
  • No automatic installer. Will need to install using NSIS install script method. Since MPS installer sucks anyway I don't think this is a problem. However there is an install script generator.

    Version History

    1.5: Current version. Has the player colour bug fixed. MWS can now write SLPs of any size, but 100mb RAM is taken by slpwriter. Updated readme.

    1.4: Third version

    1.2: Second version. Has renaming, csv editor, install script generator and improved functionality

    1.0: First version

    Hope you can get it to work. You need to have java installed on your computer to run it. You can get it from Sun Java's website ( just google it ). I can't include the link because it is not allowed apparently.

    (Download JRE because that's a lot smaller download)


    I will be improving fixing this program for as long as I can, so please report bugs and errors if you find any :)
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    Official Reviewer
    Rating: 5
    When it comes to the utilities available to the modder, few have more uses and areas of influence than MWS. Until the creation of this utility, the modder had one choice, MPS, which while powerful has some flaws and more than a few limitations.

    MWS overcomes many of the bugs in MPS, most notably the "white boxes of doom", as they have been dubbed. Outside of just correcting bugs, it also has abilities that are new, such as a renaming program for frames, an ability to work more efficiently with palletes, etc. But the biggest ability is the ability to write SLP's. Previously, modders used MPS, attempted to find an slp with the right amount of frames, then changed the frames to their frames and exported the SLP. This work around only worked for exact frame number matches and was cumbersome anyway. MWS allows for writing an slp given the frames and anchors, saving time and hassle.

    There are many many more uses, but suffice to say that if you plan to do any serious modding you will want to add this program to your collection of utilities.

    One of the best things is it does away with the buggy modpack, replacing it with the more professional approach of the custom installer. The custom installer looks better, and does not run the threat of leaving you needing a reinstallation if the game crashes.

    The QUALITY of the utility is also very high, it is well layed out, the menus are clear, all is quite ordered. There is no flaws with the utility at all; it does have a few limitations for which MPS is still better. Anchors are one example of things easier to do with MPS.

    Additional Comments:
    While not a full replacement for MPS, this utility is at leas a supplement to MPS. Those who become more familiar with it may come in time to see MPS as the supplement to MWS.

    A wonderful utility. No reason for any deductions in the rating.
    It's a pain in the ass. I was using turtle pack, but I can not make transparencies work ok for the Interfaces, so, guided by other people wiht the same problem, I downloaded this program. But, sorry, it's really, REALLY non user-friendly. Unless you have advanced programming skills you can not understand relativelly simple things like (for example) how to load a bitmap to make a slp.
    The instructions are in a certain detailed way, but the same fact that does not even has an Install.exe and one have to learn to use multiple programs or abstract concepts (i didn't even know what a NSIS script is) is a headache. Sorry for the bad rat, but compared with the Turtle Pack its a harsh, crude, and somewhat lazy (both in making and learning to use) utility.

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