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Challenging AI - Limited Edition

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This AI can play any game except Wonder Race in 200 pop setting. Better you chose post imperial death matches. Can play regicide and others too. Can play nomad if he is lucky. Can be used to learn better better defense. :P

Feel free to rate this AI.

Updated (Jan 2009):
Now can play better on Islands. For PIDM Islands Spanish gives more challenge. Please don't kill his villagers when they visit your Island :P

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: 5

Well man I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this AI. This AI gives me a reason to play again the game against a computer player without terribly boring. All the other AIs are terribly poor! An old and experienced player knows that after surviving the first attacks and reaching the imperial age, the game is already over. But not with this AI!

This AI :
-Does massive attacks all the time (including siege equipment)
-Builds a huge base very fast with many castles and towers and many military buildings
-Expands its base fast and builds castles and towers inside the enemy base
-Cheats terribly, since never gathers any resource
-It never stops creating soldiers with massive rate

This AI is an absolute war machine, a perfect opponent for experts players! At last, yes, there is a challenge here!

I wish it could also build navy... But it seems to be a clearly land AI...
Man I give you my credits!! 5.0 and you deserve it!
Please make a naval AI too!!
Thank you again!

[Edited on 10/27/08 @ 06:07 PM]

Rating: 5
Just... absolutely brilliant.

Additional Comments:
I made this account purely for the purpose of commenting on this AI. This thing is freaking INSANE. I've been playing Age of Empires for about as long as it's been out now, and NOTHING makes me cheat anymore. Except for this. After I lost my main base, retreated to a corner and managed to rebuild, I watched the very expensive force of Paladins - that took me about an hour to earn the gold for - I had sent to attack the bot get decimated in about a minute, even with archer support. And then he moved to attack. With cheats I managed to survive, and a long familiarity with Black Forest maps got me on an even footing with him, and now we're at a pure stalemate. I've been at it for a few days now - about 6 hours of game time - and I can't get my foot in the door. I'll send in troops in lots of 120 or more, with all four points of the compass - cavalry, archer, infantry, and siege - represented, and no matter how far I get into their territory, one minute after I'm killed off it's like I was never there - that's how fast he rebuilds. He's made 20 castles over the course of this game; for every one I bring down, two more go up. I tremble to think of how potent the AIs this thing lost to are.
Rating: 2

this is good but what i really dislike about this download is the constant none stop spam from the computer units which is really impacting game play.

i tried ripping out the crap from with your file i downloaded but loads it, then ignores the rest of the rules which are in this AI file.

I hope next time you leave that crap out of the AI file when making a challenging AI script, its completely unnessisary.

Additional Comments:

A completely unnessisary script full of spam impacting play with this Script, if the script did not have this it would of been 5 star easily.

[Edited on 08/31/09 @ 06:13 PM]

Rating: 2
This AI doesn't really gather with villagers, it just cheats.
And it doesn't just cheat some resources, it will cheat itself endless resources. Literally endless resources, i checked it in the code.
This is probably one of the most lame AI's to play against. It just builds random buildings, trains random units and it won't be punished for that because it has endless resources and can just train new units.
Playing against this AI doesn't even feel like playing against someone, it just feels like playing an endless survival game against neverending waves of enemies which won't get stronger over time.
The only reason this AI gets 2 points by me is because it probably serves that purpose.
But the AI itself appears to be created without any thought, no need for that when you can cheat.

Additional Comments:

Personally i have absolutely no interest in playing against such bad, but hardcore cheating AI's.

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