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Saladin Climatic II

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force

Saladin Climatic II

Saladin Climatic II continues where Saladin Climatic (part one) ended. This part contains lots of better features, improved map design and other nifty stuff. Take a look at the features.

- Improved map design (better than previous part, way better)
- An "advanced" fighting system; it's not just "random" killing, you have to advance to survive.
- "better" bitmap, same BG music and MUCH more.

I hope you'll enjoy the game. Feel free to rate and/or comment the file.

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
First of all, this scenario is a real war scenario. If you can't handle the feeling of defeat, don't play this, because you'll start losing in the beginning, but you must recapture spots...

Playability: 5+
I had much fun playing this :) There was a lot of interactivity, the enemy just keeps coming, which gives you some sort of fun. Capture, lose it, recapture, etc etc. Kinda funny :) I lost the bridge about five times (on hard) before I could permanently recapture it and hold it :)

Anyway, it never got boring, though, it might be a little to long to play on hard :)

Balance: 5+
Perfect. This is what I would like to see in more scenario's :) On easy, you can unlock all the special forces you get. The Heavy Cav. Archers, the Huns, and the Turks... It's easy, and I could beat it in 45 min. while on moderate it took me about 80 min. On moderate you also don't receive the Heavy Cav. Archers. On hard, (I can't remember what you receive, nothing I thought?) I had to start over some times, but I managed to beat it in almost 2 hours!

So this is truly good Balance, easy means easy, moderate means moderate, and hard means really hard :)

Creativity: 5
Well, the drug-idea was really original and funny :) I never saw something like that before.
Also, I saw some aspects in scenario designing I never saw before. The cottage, it was nice done :) with Roads leading into the building. I know, it won't change the world, but these little stuff to make it more realistic, really makes me give a 5 :P

Saladin is known by people who study or like to read stuff about the crusades. But this one is amazing :) Big wars, without serious lags. No stupid pop. limit :) I had about 700 men and then I strike, after I put some defense on the bridge of course :)

Map Design: 5
I checked your first map, and yes, your skills in scenario designing seems to evolved :)
By making some things more realistic, the player would say 'Wow', and that's what you did here, with the effect that I'm writing this review right now :)

Good Design, balance between Palm Desert and the Desert was nice, water was also nicely done. so I can't give this anything lower but 5 :)

But some more stuff and more originals stuff or combo's might be more welcome :)

Story/Instructions: 5
Ingame instructions, that's a part I missed, but whatever. If you read everything before the games starts (history, hints, scout, and instructions) you can follow the game. After I played it also made me download your first scenario ;)

Next time, try to make sure that the player has some time before a giant war starts. Try to make some small cutscenes with some text, instructions, explanations or whatever before you're plunged into a time of war.

Additional Comments:

I loved it, continue this way, and you might make a scenario that would reach the top :)


[Edited on 08/13/08 @ 05:15 AM]

Map Design4.0
Saladin Climatic II is a scenario of constant fighting, but mixed with strategy and... humor.

The scenario is very fun to play, you gotta know where to put the troops and you have to repel the enemies. But the playability is not 5, because... LAG. I had to set the graphics details on low. That affects the rating.

The balance is great. Easy is easy
Standard is Standard
Hard is Hard

Some creatives aspects:
-Saladin Getting Stoned
-The new recruited troops
-The soundtrack
-The strategy
Just great.

The map desing is better than a random map. It has little green spaces like the lake in the mountain monastery. But the battlefield is very monotonous.

The Story is good, well redacted, same as the instructions and hints.

Very good scenario ;)
Recommended download: Yes.
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
"Saladin Climatic II" is similar to a defend the spot scenario.

Note:The scenario is completely unplayable on the Userpatch. The AI changes result in so many AI pathfinding\combat calculations my game was reduced to a turtle speed. Since the go-to argument to delegitimize such an argument is "get a better PC" i am running a quad core 3.3ghz with a gtx 1060 6gb. If you refer to AoCs minimum and recommended specs, this machine should do OK.

Playability 2

I think the reason this map is lagging is because the AI is being forced to traffic large amounts of units across vast distances and the combat takes place in choke points that are tough to navigate. Why in the world is this map so bloody massive? Units are being spawned in, are being given odd waypoints in some cases, and have to travel vast distances to join the fight.

Ultimately the entire gameplay revolves around hunting down units that have spawned on your side, and sending them to the bridge to do battle. Its literally what you do the entire time, and its quite tedious. Your at real risk of losing not because the AI outdid you, but because your men are just standing around miles from the front. You will have to make heavy use of the pause button to rally fresh troops around every 60 seconds to make sure you can keep up at the front. Your saladin character cannot even get past the bridge before he snorts hash and gets stoned back at the castle. (i am not making that up)

In the end i had setup a sustainable defense on the cliffs with mangonels, jannisaries and monks and dont really see a way to win the scenario in a humane way. The infinite streaming enemies attack anyone they see so i dont see a way to attack the production buildings without waiting ages for a massed infantry suicide attack. There was a transport you could use to get across the river but it held only 5 men at a time. I refused to play the game any longer, and saved 'n quit.

Balance 3

The main difficulty is rallying your troops together and finding some way to sneak kill the enemies production facilities. Both the players and enemies troops spawn infinitely, so after you form a sustainable defense line the scenario becomes much easier. There is a dynamic difficulty system which is good, i would recommend using easiest for the most potential at actually having fun. I dont find the challenge of facing endlessly streaming out enemies to be particularly interesting in this situation.

Creativity 3

There isnt much here that makes it stand out in any way from a blood scenario. There are "mercenaries" in the form of gaia units, and a difficulty scaling mechanism is present, but the game is little more than two endlessly streaming torrents of men slamming together on a bridge.

Map Design 3

The map is fairly well detailed and has decent eyecandy decoration. The hundreds of gaia mountains shoved together didnt look as terrible as you might expect, though they would benefit from having their edges covered up with detailing. The map leaves a decent aesthetic impression of a desert. Its appropriate for a defend the spot scenario, and didnt offend me despite numerous little mistakes like having exposed cliff diagonals. There is probably too many palm trees;you could make some more sparse areas relying on dirt1\desert+elevation mixing to keep it from being blank.

Story\Objectives 3

The author has fairly typed up a storm with a massive objectives, hints and scouts section. I found it a bit difficult to absorb however, as the text seemed messy and crammed together. There was a lack of integration of the story into the actual gameplay, so i would consider it on the whole rather basic.

Final thoughts: The author stated in the objectives that the map was made for those who like frustration so here you go, if you like that sort of thing this should be right up your alley.

[Edited on 03/14/17 @ 08:18 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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