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William Wallace

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Mix
You play as William Wallace.

You leave Scotland and go to a secret uncharted, remote island. You learn that the English have established a base there. Luckily, so have you.

You talk to your friend, Aethelfirth, who is in charge on the base. He gives you command and tells you Longshanks must be killed!

Also, help some captured Scottish slaves being forced to mine for the English!

*NOTE* - This is my first scenario with triggers and such. I'd really like some feedback/comments/ratings.

This scenario should be played on Moderate difficulty.
Just extract the file to your scenario folder and play!

Remember to leave comments/ratings! Thanks!

*Update* Added better AI files. And some minor fixes in the scenario. With triggers and such.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
William Wallace is a scenario when you have to kill the English king Longshanks.

Playability: 4-
The Playability was good, there was clearly challenge, you have to train many troops to defeat Longshank. The Slaves Master was good, but you should send some conversation. (With the trigger Display Instructions)

Balance: 4
The scenario is well balanced, but a bit too hard to beat a castle in the Feudal Age.

Creativity: 3
This sceanrio has something creative stuff like the Slaves Master and the secret path to the slaves, that makes the scenario funny.

Map Design: 3
The Map Desing is good, better than a random map, but not enough terrain mixing. Hint: Turn the scenario in dirt 1, and then go adding dirt 2, 3 and a little grass in it. With tiny, you will get a great mixing. That's what I'm doing with my next scenario. Wait a few days and you will see it!

Story/Instructions: 4
The Story is a little boring. The Instructions were clear, filled, and well redacted.

Additional Comments:
To be the first scenario with triggers, Erec, it's very good. I recommend the download for newcommers as a good model. Keep up the good work!

[Edited on 07/20/08 @ 05:00 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
I have spotted no lags or bugs in this game. There was enough action, so I never got bored.

Also, there were some though parts in this game, like the castle you had to destroy with only man-at-arms and other feudal military.


I also didn't find any very exciting stuff/parts in this game, so a 4 will do.

Balance: 5
I've spotted no big difference between the levels. Hard was though, as it should be (they keep attacking you) Hardest also, while easy and easiest the enemy didn't showed up (at least, for a while). So this is good, your Balance is good :)

Creativity: 3
I did not saw anything special in this scenario, so this will be 3-, just basics. But it was creative to make a map where you have to destroy a castle with just feudal army's...

Map Design: 4
First of all, the water... you might add water Medium and water deep in the future, just to make things more beautiful and realistic.
You used enough different stuff, but what if you would mix road broken and road fungus? This gives a nice effect I personally think. Also you should combine grass 3 or dirt 3 with normal grass 1/2, or try it find more combo's yourself :)

But overall, the map design and the feudal villages were really great, made me really feel like I was in the Medieval Ages :P

Work a bit more on it, not just plain stuff... Just keep mixing and adding, find some nice combo's yourself etc.

Story/Instructions: 4-

It's here that I spotted some less strong points.
You see, if you make a scenario with historical back-ground, you should write the story about William Wallace in a nice story before the game starts. Then search the end of the battle, and place it when you won. Then you get a real campaign like scenario, and it's more interesting. Also, you should use the effect 'Display Instructions' instead of 'Send Chat' This because you can specific colors but white/grey. Also, your text can be longer when you use 'Display Instructions'.

Some triggers were triggered twice. As soon as I landed in the Scottish campement, I got a lot of chats sended my way talking about a lot of stuff, also the text I had to receive when I reached Aethelfirth, but it also triggered when I reached him - Again-.

I'm sorry that I can't say what the problem with your trigges is now, because I simple didn't had a look at them, for now. If you want me to try to solve the problem, I'll do it.

also, give more time for the players to read your text, and make sure they are not triggered at the same time, because you can't see what's said first, but only what's said last. Or you could use 0 - 1 - 2, top, middle and bottom of your screen :)

Additional Comments:

All by all, a very good attempt to a first scenario-campaign :)
I would like to see more of you! :)

And also, download Renaissance :)

It's worth it :)


[Edited on 08/13/08 @ 05:19 AM]

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Map Design3.5
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