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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » MGC08 - Battle of Thermopylae - The 300

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MGC08 - Battle of Thermopylae - The 300

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
The Battle of Thermopylae

This map uses a somewhat of a wave system. Oh, and the more you kill, the more endurance your troops gain.

As a final note, you'll need the Vampire's slayer Mod to fix the Heavy Swordsman. Heavy Swordsman Fix

This is a Fixed Force scenario and also it uses a score system: At the end, you'll always win, but here's the catch: Can you beat your previous score?


1 - Mashek - 33538
2 - sSc_Cobra007 - 29689 POINTS


WARNING: Before posting your score, be sure to have downloaded the latest version.


1.1 UPDATE: 1-Fixed Mashek's Bottleneking effect. 2- You receive Higher scores for higher difficulties. 3- Rechecked the difficulty.

Have fun, and thanks for reading.

P.S. Remember to make a backup of your dat file.

If your experiencing pre-games crashes, try this (this also happens to all edited .dat files)...

1) Upon launching AoC, the first thing you should do is clicking the 'Create new scenario' button. The game will now load the modification.

2) Once you're inside the scenario editor, exit and return to the main menu again.

3) Now you can play SP games without experiencing pre-game crashes.
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Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
'MGC08 - Battle of Thermopylae - The 300' is a single scenario design entered into the Age of Kings Heaven Mini-game Competition of 2008, hosted by Epic Commander at the Scenario Design forum. The scenario portrays the historic Battle of Thermopylae, which occurred in 480 BC when King Xerxes of the Persian Empire invaded Greece. In order to delay the invaders, a small contingent of Greek warriors, including 300 Spartans led by King Leonidas, was sent to the narrow confines of Thermopylae where it was hoped they could hold out long enough until the rest of Southern Greece could organise a defence.

The story begins here...

PLAYABILITY: Players can expect a very '300'-inspired adaptation to this historical event, complete with music from the film's score, and a little neglect on historical accuracy as well. The style is fun and entertaining, and I enjoyed the scenario's unique approach to game play with arcade-style action, a score system and extended hit points and attack points for units to emphasise the need for strategy and importance leaders have on morale. The sound effects and music were implemented well, and the trigger work was impressive for the scenario designed on a 25x25-sized template, featuring good replayability and plenty of action. However, there were a few bugs/ issues that counted against this category in some way or another. Balance in particular fluctuated in areas, and I would have appreciated more difficulty here when some of the Persian commanders would simply charge straight into my lines and get killed, rather than hanging back a little while their men dealt much of the damage. Despite the author's update here, units still cross beyond the rock wall bordering the ocean, and could be easily bottlenecked further down the track along the shore and then killed. Although this seldom occurred, this is an easy fix. Still, I liked the opening cut-scene, which helped set the stage for the battle, and felt like I was involved with what was happening rather than simply being thrown straight into the action. 4.0

BALANCE: I started on moderated difficulty and for the first part of the game, the scenario was nicely challenging. I was forced to keep my units in tight formation to pull through a few of the waves, and use hit and run tactics for some, all the while continually pulling my men back to avoid encirclement and using micromanagement to better deal with exploits during battle. However, apart from this, most of the more important aspects of the scenario, such as the boss battles, were simple and I could easily deal with powerful commanders as they charged straight into my lines and were encircled and killed. This unfortunately left a lot to be desired, and there is very little difference even on hard difficulty. As such, apart from a few intense moments, a good player will stand very little chance of actually ever coming close to being defeated. 3.0

CREATIVITY: There are plenty of creative devices in this scenario to give this category a strong rating. I particularly enjoyed the whole concept of the game, whereby the enemy attacks in a series of waves, each wave stronger and more versatile than the last. The boss battle with the 'Abomination' was well thought of, if only very easy to win, and the morale system including the extended hit points and attack points of units was a nice feature. Having said all that, the scoring system toward the end of the file was excellent, allowing much replay value and the chance to compare scores to other players. 5.0

MAP DESIGN: The map is fairly well-designed, and gives a good impression of the dry, harsh location of Thermopylae. The design is realistic for the area, with cliffs on one side and an adjacent ocean on the other, forming the narrow confines of the valley, difficult for any army passing through. Despite being made on a 25x25 sized-map, the map design is nicely technical, with places ideal for defence during the battle, good terrain mixing, elevation and adequate eye candy, although if only that a few areas here and there did not look the part. 4.0

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: While there wasn't much of a story as such, the in-game text set the scenario up fairly well, however neglecting more important historical accuracies and instead opting for the popularised version of the battle with the film '300'. Having said that, instructions were adequate, if only that there was a slight negligence on spelling such as with the Persian "inmortals", which in reality should read as the 'immortals'. 3.0+

CONCLUDING: Players looking for a historical enactment here will be disappointed, as the file has been designed primarily for entertainment, as a mini-game in the traditional sense than a story-fledged design. This is still a very good mini-game, featuring plenty of fun tricks, good replay value and things to keep the player's interest. However, the file has its flaws and could certainly be further polished.

On another note, since this scenario features the heavy swordsmen units from Age of Empires, the file requires the mod by the Vampire Slayer, which fixes the unit disappearing bug involved here. This mod is a prerequisite to playing this game, which however is no problem as after just a few clicks the game can be played with no further hassle.

In a sentence - An arcade-style take on the Battle of Thermopylae.

In closing - A recommended download.

[Edited on 09/29/16 @ 04:49 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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