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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
*from dat file*

Blood_field by remato

Update (30/Aug/08):

-The final update- I will no longer make any further updates.
-War Wagons spum fire
-Pop reduction bug fixed
-Fortified walls are much more "fortified"

Update (15/Aug/08) includes:

-French paladin slp for french paladin
-Different civilizations receive different champion line according to region after m@a e.g. Asian-Middle Eastern receive Two handed Swordsmen while European civilzations receive Champion. Some civilizations don't receive them at all e.g. mongols but would still get up to m@a. M@a and militia stats boosted to balance things out.
-Huns no longer receive cavaliers nor paladins
-Tech tree balanced for most civilizations e.g. some only receive spearmen
-Tower damage on ships increased drastically

Update (29/Jul/08) includes

-Hero Balanced (sort of, hehe)
-Monks heal much faster.
-Each Monestary Upgrade makes monks heal a bit faster

Update (25/Jul/08) includes

-Sea units Balanced
-Chu Ko Nus and Tarkans no longer take 1/2 pop, but with better stats
-Camels are much stronger
-Castles have bonus vs Siege
-Faith upgrade makes monks heal faster
-Scorpions and onagers fire slower



1. Extract file from zip.

2. Make a backup copy of your empires2_x1_p1.dat file, located in the "Data" file

within your AOC folder, by copying and pasting it to a safe location.

3. put the empires2_x1_p1.dat file from the file you've just extracted in step 1 to the "Data"

file within your AOC folder.

4. Overwrite- yes

5. Done- play as usual. You won't be able to play in internet with this version, so if you want to

revert your dat file, overwrite the dat file with the one you've secured in step 2.


Overview: In this dat edited version, you gather resources quicker, build cities quicker,

and amass armies quicker, ultimately leading up to an inevitable continental conflict involving

virtually inextinguishable army supplies, ferocious cavalry assaults, pummeling barrages of batteries,

blood here and there and everywhere, and an insatiable cry for more.

Bottomline: you will receive both the pleasure obtained from playing a blood game, with

the degree of freedom offered in constructing and managing your own city according to your desires.



Resource gathering rate: Much, much, much, much, much, quicker. I fixed the farm problem back in Obliteration.

Unit cost: Most of them cost less, with a few exceptions.

Unit creation speed: Most of them are created much faster.

Upgrades: More resources required to age up. Some blacksmith upgrades cost more and takes more time to complete.

Naval units: Fire ships reign sea_to-sea warfare, while galleons and cannon galleons offer the

right combination for sea-to-land bombardment. Transport ships receive more space and punishment. To mention a few.

Civilization specifics: Surprise! (I cannot list them all because there are so many changes. For example, War Wagons are virtually tanks, Teutonic Knights are virtually immune to melee attack except for units that have bonus vs infantry or unique units. Longbowmen have much more range. Fully upgraded berserk heals 1hp per second.)

Please understand that I was unable to write down all the updates because I cannot cover them all. I tried very hard to balance civilizations out so that no specific one stood out.

If you have any suggestions for improvement, or bugs to report, please send me an e_mail (I do read them all, even if I am unable to reply, trust me).


Special thanks to:

Ykkrosh, scenario_t_c and qaz123tfg for teaching me the wonders of genied2.

AOK heavengames community for their support and feedback

All those of you who kindly sent me useful advice and support through e_mail

And everyone else not mentioned

and one more thing,

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Official Reviewer
I moved the file from Utilities.
Utilities are tools for scenario design; this is primarily a game modification for players.

-Blacksmith Administrator

Edit: It is a good and fun game modification.

[Edited on 07/02/08 @ 07:33 AM]

File Author
To Tanneur99: Thank you for your comment.

While I was testing the dat file after submitting it, I've noticed that some units exhibited peculiar behavior while they died. Although when they were created they took up population units, when they died, they did not remove population units accordingly.

Fortunately, a version that rectifies the problem is currently being tested for upload. So sit tight! :)
darklon7 This could be useful for large-scale battle scenarios.
File Author

- Dead unit taking up population unit issue fixed (at least for most units)

- Balance: lots of improvement here.

- Berserkergang makes E. Berserk heal one hitpoint per second

-Monks heal faster with fervor

-Siege weapons such as scorpions and onagers now inflict a small bonus vs buildings. Although it is small, in great numbers, it hurts.

- Corpses will disappear much quicker. Although doing so will drastically reduce the graphical impact and its concomitant morbid entertainment of each battle, it also drastically reduces lag. Since with this mod you inevitably end up with an exponential increase of corpses, I sincerely believe that this decision was necessary.
Free Scarler Remato: Looks like the "advanced genied 2 bug" did strike once again. To find out more about that one, you might want to read the "Age of Chivalry" thread at Scenario Design forum - it's a bug where Genied2 sets a flag for population taken up by a unit to 1 although it has to be a 2 because Genied2 only has a checkbox for that flag (not a number field), meaning it can only be a 0 or 1, and that's the cause for the mess up because it only works correctly if the flag is set to a 2. But unfortunately I cannot tell you what specific flag it is because I haven't had that bug happen to me yet (I'm using genied2 only for reference and am doing all my modding with genied1).

It's cool that you have made another mod, and I will probably play it if you manage to eliminate the population bug. :D

Edit: Typo corrected.

[Edited on 07/19/08 @ 02:39 PM]

File Author
Update: Monk heals faster. You won't encounter annoying situations where you wait for minutes simply waiting for your 200hp+ units to heal completely.

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