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Imperial City of Asgard

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
I completely revamped the Viking civilization. New units like Templar and Sword Saint. Also garrisonable barracks, archery range and pavilions. The map is beautfiul eye candy, every tree, rock, resource and so on was placed with heavy thought. Spend MANNNNY hours over several weeks putting this togther. All villagers are tasked to hunt, fish, farm, mine, forge, and so on. Trade carts, cogs, and fishing ships are also active. The best thing of all... NO RESOURCES EXAUST! Even the hunted game respawns shortly after being killed. No hostile units on the map, so exploration is unhindered. No quests or cut scenes, just a mighty awesome map to gawk at. The map itself is a huge Kingdom with surrounding villages and wilderness. Please comment and tell me what you think about this map. I worked very hard on it. I have never posted anything before, so I am really looking forward to comments/critisim/whatever. Feel free to edit, remake, use, etc these files however you like with or without credit to me. I just love making these maps.

There are three different files. You will want to make backups of yoru own file because my files will change some aspects of the game. Primarily making the Viking civilization over powered and totally awe inspiring. Also makes pine/palm trees, fish, and resources inexaustable. Also changes the names of many Viking units.
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auroturtle That is an amazing map, you can really see that you spent a lot of time on it. It's also amazing that you just made every little thing perfect, making the villagers do certain things, creating beautiful scenery, it was all just excellent!

Since i'm new to scenario design, i would like to ask you some questions, answers would be much appreciated =]
First off, how did you get that water in the city? It doesn't make a shore and it can go on elevation, I can map copy it and put it somewhere else and it works, but I want to know how you were able to get it in the first place.
Second, how did you make it possible to garrison units in barracks/archery range/tradeworkshop etc...
Also, how did you get those palisade walls to just end like that? Like if you make a regular wall, the two ends make a bigger thing, but yours just seems to cut off? I do it with triggers, but it does not seems you used triggers for that, how did you do it?
Lastly, HOW DID YOU GET INFINITE RESOURCES? LOL, that would be so useful in my scenarios.

Well thanks for the map, and if you decide to answer my questions, thank you also =D
File Author
Glad someone finally commented on the map. Very happy you enjoyed it. Would like to see your future creations as well.

Here are the answers to the questions you asked:

1. Water in the city: I actually do not know how this is done, I map copied it myself... wish I could tell you. I read how to do it, but it was complicated and just decided to map copy.

2. Palisade walls ending: This is a trick you can use with all walls. Just delete object the end piece and it will not create a new end piece with the remaining wall left. You can then place a siege tower there for a interesting effect.

3. Garrisonable buildings (not traditionally garrisonable): This requires a unit editor program that can be downloaded off this site. You have to work with the codes and change the building's code. You can also follow my format. I always have to refer back myself.

4. Infinite Resources: People like to trigger resources on top of each other which takes... forever. I again just used a unit editor and just changed the code so that certain resources simply never exaust.

*The unit editor can be used to do quite a bit and completely opens the game to your design control. I highly recommend getting it and learning how to use it. It took me a lot of fiddling around, but once I learned it I could almost do anything.

Hope this helped, let me know if you need more detail on anything.

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