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Glory to the Gods

Author File Description
Demon Raven
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Sorry about the previous mistake. This game is played on The Conquerors and not aok.Not modified at all. Just putting this one to prevent confusion.
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Amon The Great
Map Design3.0
Here goes your review.

Playability. Cool stuff. Played the game at first and found it hard(nearly impossible). But as i went through, found it great and original. I liked the idea of units who are lot more superior to others(kinda great warriors).
Balance. I think it is OK. Have powerful units but they could get trapped and useless.
Creativity. Great story. and when would you publish the book?
Map Design. good. needs a bit more of artistic touch.
Instruction. Yup! you,ve got everthing well explained. hope next time you will leave some mysteries to be solved by us.
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Glory to the Gods is a single scenario; a mix of B&D, RPG and FF. The story is fiction and you play Ra'anra, heir in a mysterious kingdom, who has to deal with curses and spells of wizards and a God, separating his kingdom from the former allies of his father. Accompany Ra'anra and his strong commander on their quest to reinstall the old connections, it's worth the effort and as a reward you could merry a lovely Princess.

PLAYABILITY: A good scenario, very enjoyable, entertaining, great story and all triggers and taunts run perfect. I encountered no bug, there was lag for a mere second when the huge army of the Emperor attacked, which indicates that the scenario was well play tested. The amount of triggers and units did not leave room for a detailed map, which is referred to below. The author even guards against a single random bug, by telling the player on screen to move two units to certain places if they don't go by themselves. The scenario starts as a RPG, while you build up your army and resources. You start in post imperial age and most of the map is revealed, as spy was not blocked in the editor. 4+

BALANCE: The campaign was played on moderate and the balance is above average. In the beginning you do only encounter enemies in special places, where experts will have reloads at the joust and fighting the Asura. You won't miss the enemies, being busy solving the side quests and building up your army. The final battle against the Emperors super heroes is tough but winnable, if you planned ahead with your resources. 4+

CREATIVITY: This is the strongest point of the scenario. The history and story are fiction and creative. The scenario has many well placed triggers and nice scenes. The tribute system with transports, appearing or disappearing of walls, rocks, units, teleporting, a death zone, explosions, a mysterious gate, wizards and I especially liked the scene with the wolf, asking some basic knowledge of AoK to solve the quest. 5

MAP DESIGN: The map design is not on the high level as the other categories. It is obvious that the author made a huge compromise to avoid lag. Large areas are grass 1 and clumped trees, little terrain mix, few elevations only for some buildings, sites and a nice waterfall. Long lines of rocks to avoid the building of a harbour, which could have been done with water depths. The map is done from scratch and was submitted to the game play. Even considering the above it is below, maybe almost, average. 3-

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The fictitious story, well told and developing in game was a good continuation of the history section and kept the thread. Throughout the campaign clear objectives where given and you get enough hints to always know what to do. Mind you that a BMP is not necessary to confirm the highest rating. 5-

OVERALL: A good scenario lacking too much in map design.

SUGGESTIONS: Practise map design or use a random map and alter it to your needs next time. Your trigger work and creativity are good and I hope you do more campaigns.

IN CLOSING: If you are not looking for a map design contest I truly recommend this campaign for its game play.
Dark Reality
Map Design2.0

First off, introductory remark: The caps get annoying. Very, very annoying. Second: The language needed a lot of attention. It takes out some of the thrill of being placed in a medieval world where anything is possible, when you have phrases like "...cause I will advise you". It doesn't cause any point losses, not in the very least, but believe it or not, the language and wording used in a scenario can make the entire thing by far more enjoyable. Look at some campaigns with a 5.0 rating, chances are they use this language that I'm talking about.

Playability - No problems really, at least not up to the point I got to. Which brings a problem, when getting the relics to the statue, you are told to go to the Temple of Faith. However, once there, it did nothing. Absolutely nothing. All in all, this campaign is very bug-infested and needs more testing.

Balance - It seemed well balanced at first, but then there are is the entire group of super-strong "frankish paladins" (renamed to other names). While I did not get that far, I do not see the possibility to win with the units that can be altered (the ones that don't have to be created, and therefor the only ones who can be turned into "super-units").
-NOTE: This is based on assumptions. I did not reach the final battle, and do not know what happens with these units. As this is a review, I am required to give my personal opinion. This is my opinion. Other players may have found the battle easy, others hard, I didn't reach it, from my view I found it impossible. No points were detracted for these assumptions

Creativity - This was a good point. It was nothing extremely new, but it wasn't quite anything else out there, that I have played.

Map Design - Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. This map may have been among the more boring ones. There was one piece of good eye candy that I saw, and that would be the waterfall behind the statue. But other than that it was all grass 1 with a few patches of various forest types, a road on the far edges of the map, and some cliffs. For a story this good, the map should be worked on more, it can make all the difference between a good scenario and a bad one. I recommend looking at scenarios by Ingo, such as "The Quest" and "The King's best men".

Story/Instructions - Not too bad. It wasn't developed as much as it could have been. The instructions were quite straight-forward as well
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
I played on moderate through many restarts and reloads before completing this one scenario campaign. The scenario has many interesting elements of play to experience. However almost all of them proved to be plagued with bugs, and confusion. Playing on normal speed, many of the messages did not display at all, or at least in any readable way that I could experience. Others that did seem to display correctly, were not held on screen long enough, and I spent the entire game referring to the chat box for the in game messages. This was the best of the display messages, and the worse being Mantrees message about the city of gold that completely stuck and required a reload. I experienced lag from mild to severe beginning at the 'pass of death' in-game objective. I was completely frustrated by many things in this game, and even though the design motivations behind them seemed fantastic, the delivery was very poor. Almost nothing was intuitive, which is not a bad thing in itself, but when this is done, additional design measures are needed to ensure normal play cannot upset what is intended. For instance, I destroyed the tower near the death pass before I received instruction to select it. I lost monks before I reached the devine gate. The death pass has other aspects too where player one seemingly can over ride the intention for play. From here you can attack destroying a wall and then Asuras entire army is just lured to their death there. One can also position a Trebuchet to destroy the Pyramid from here. I doubted from the other instructed play for the death pass, that any of that was intended, and without instruction or an obstacle of some kind keeping me from this, it was experienced as a problem with playability. This game has everything, and many elements that could be fantastic, but it fails at the level of delivery. I suggest you update it, as more work is needed in the editor, especially with the display messages that fail. Also to reduce the fixed force population on the map, will reduce or eliminate lag and add to the overall balance of play. The lag began for me usually after a taunt from enemy about failing to pay tribute. The taunts from enemies asking to change diplomacy and tributes seemed out of place in this scenario game. I tried some different strategies here with no change in outcome, other than reducing lag if I sent the tribute to keep them as neutral. Another intended feature? The question is rhetorical, but what is needed is an indication of what to do in regard to taunts. Needless to say, I did not find this scenario to be fun to play, as my many frustrations were compounded by the confusion and bugs. Seemingly fantastic and interesting aspects, and ideas that fail at the level of play. Take courage though because these aspects can be fixed. You have the entire framework for a great scenario with great game play, and I highly recommend that you reduce the elements included in each area of play. In none of your main areas for battle was there the need for large numbers of enemies to make them exciting, and In fact they had the opposite effect for me. Multiple castles that have no real strategic value and become tedious to clear from the map is not good game play. Large fixed forces that cause incredible lag is a design flaw. However if a battle with a large force is desired, then perhaps creating the force just prior to the battle or during will help to eliminate the lag. Most of the fantastic aspects of your design concept are hurt by this. So, to reduce the elements, add balance, and define areas of play is needed. What could have been reasons to give ratings reflecting excellence in design, as failed made for very poor playability. 2

I failed to see much if any effort placed with the balance of this game. The placing of large fixed forces and being given all the resources needed at the beginning of the game does not suggest balance for me. The tribute system was a good element, but since the other allied positions tribute away in an endless stream at the beginning, there was never any reason to play the build portion of this game with any seriousness. Many elements, and the some of the best ones were the quest objectives, didn't require this build up or tributes. Being able to surpass every player position on the map with incredible resources, so that you may defeat a large enemy that has been placed seemingly without intention is poor balance. The B&D and FF elements are not balanced together and I found the preparation for and the actual battles leaving something to be desired. I suggest again to reduce the elements for play in all areas. The populations, the fixed forces, the resources, all need to be revisited for balance. The good news if you do this you will probably eliminate many of the playability issues I mentioned above. Perhaps to provide some challenge to gathering the resources might have improved this. I suggest to provide some enemy attacks as a counter to build up at some point early in the game. The quests that use elements to be retrieved and/or brought to specific areas to meet an in game objective are set independent to the other aspects I mentioned for balance. I am given everything to meet these objectives there is no balance intended. Still, a suggestion would be to make this a part of the B&D element that exists to help improve the balance there, and also improve both aspects while doing it. Maybe to have player one train the War Elephants instead of being given them to start with would help make the B&D meaningful and more balanced. 2

Map Design:
The technical design in and around some of the areas of play are good. The visual appeal in many areas is either non existent or not a good portrayal of your story. Again here is another area where you have a good frame work and you failed to take the additional design measures needed to create a good map. This also effected playability on your map that is revealed to a great degree throughout the scenario. Some of the player positions are average with a few elements that reach just above an average design. The terrain is where you failed the most in this design, as throughout the entire map it doesn't even come close to an ES random map in visual appeal and only by the nature of the play does it equal it technically. A suggestion would be to revisit the terrain using known terrain mixing techniques and/or creating a few of your own. The elevations or lack of attention paid to it also greatly reduces the appeal of this map. You have some mountains, cliffs and elevations placed seemingly as technical enhancements to game play. These work well to create a good play situation, so to make these visually appealing by adding eye-candy elements would greatly improve this map. Again, I'm taken back to my experience at the death pass, and thinking of how much more I would have enjoyed that if the scenery was designed to portray it better. You are well on your way to a fantastic map experience, but work is needed in all areas of map design. The saving grace for your map is held only in your layout of the different player positions and the bit of animated eye-candy (explosions), that are given. My best suggestion is to view the designs by Gordon Farrell, he too uses primarily flat maps, but decorates them superbly. I think this would give you an indication of what I needed as a player to enjoy my map experience. Finally when you remark in the story about a land in Misery, then I need to visualize this misery too. The frame work of the design being complete, and the player positions being good technically moved me to stretch here. 3

I believe this to be a huge creative effort from the standpoint of the story and the creative elements surrounding the game plot. Even through all my frustration and what for me were failed aspects, I still came away with the impression that this scenario was very creative. There was new creative elements and creative reshaping of the tried and true. The story, the mixed elements, the quests, the special effects all seem to be poised for excellence. As if you could throw a switch and this could instantly become one of the best scenarios you ever played. To experience creativity in a game where other aspects are excellent is normal, but to experience it in a game that fails in many aspects is unique to my experience with playing scenarios in general. I suggest to go back to the editor and throw the switch on this very creative scenario. 4

Story and Instructions:
The story is very good, but playability issues I mentioned ruin the in game continuation of it. Still, to set Playability completely aside, and the messages that I comprehended from between the tributes in the Chat window were good and remained congruent to the continuation of the story. The instructions could be considered average for the most part, but some critical elements needed to be instructed better. The Temple of Faith comes to mind, where a player might be inclined to send another unit other than Ra'anra to attempt realizing this in game objective. Also the lack of information appearing in the objectives window as objectives had a negative effect on my experience being instructed in this scenario. I suggest you define the instructions you have, and also to add more. Objectives appearing in the Objectives window before and after in game objectives are achieved would improve the scenario. This could even improve the story if you creatively word them using the elements from the story. Readability was an issue for me, and the text in caps diminished my experience with your story. A Good story that is difficult to read, and seemingly could be very good if the delivery and in game continuation is improved. This also might be due to the pace of the game that has many lulls in the action where the player receives no aspect of story continuation. To set some units to 'click talk' or display additional messages to keep the player with the story could improve this. I could easily make deductions for many things that are below average for story and instructions, but again I see the foundation for excellence in the midst of a lot of disappointment on my part as player. The story and instructions as they exist are average. 3

Final Thoughts:
In spite of my experience playing, I was left with an impression that I witnessed incredible design talent in it's infancy. This scenario is in many ways fantastic, but it is extremely undeveloped in almost every area except creativity. It lacks crucial refinements necessary to achieve excellence in design. However these needed refinements or improvements would have a dramatic effect on this or other scenarios. As each category for review is developed, many other aspects will be developed along with them in a compounding effect.

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