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Crazy Kitsch Quest

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 2
Crazy Kitsch Quest

updated :Final map-design (nearly 100% explorable map), stuff added for better (re-)playability
edited 30/01/09 (spelling mostly)

For AOK TC with patch 1.0C (available at the Blacksmith) No modpack required.

Entertainment :Its a RPG musical parody.

For adults only : No Super-Giga-Mega-Slaughter, no nicely designed battlefield with 99.999 cute little corpses rotting and decaying artistically on the spot...(bonus : no lag neither)

Only bad taste, coarse language, Hollywoodian Kitsch eyesore, and sarcasms about our "much-ado-for-nothing" way of life ; you'll need the use of your head and a bulletproof sense of humour. Not to be taken literally...

Enjoy !

Thank you for reporting bugs,and for any comments/ reactions / advices that may help me improve the game.

And THANKS also for downloading and playing !
I'm sorry I made it so heavy, but this is a first, I had no clue...

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Official Reviewer
The cut-scene has good pace and music, I hope to play the full campaign soon.
File Author
Thank you so much for your encouraging reaction.Thank you also for taking the time to have a look at first submissions.

Edit: I need some help. This is a first version, but no more a demo, I've updated it.
Can someone explain how I can have this moved to single player campaigns ?
(blushing scarlet) I'm sorry for all my blunders...It's very fair to help people the way you do, you really deserve the name of Angel, of patience, kindness, cleverness and more.I just hope that at least I spared you "frequent excursions to the fridge" because it's bad for health, and I wish you all the best !

[Edited on 08/31/08 @ 05:57 AM]

Official Reviewer
It is best to send me an e-mail to move finished projects, moved.

Thank you for the honour to put me as a play tester but I did not test, I only sent you an e-mail report from one playing only. I just started to play the update and I will send another e-mail with a true test report. There are still issues but nothing to prevent this from being a wonderful campaign with a great gaming experience.

I edited your last comment into the earlier one, please do not double post; if you want to comment on a file again where nobody commented since your last visit, you have to edit your comment using the edit button above your comment.
gaston Thought it a friendly gesture to pay back the visit and have a go at your quest, and even then, I had a strange feeling I'd like it. And I really did. The Quest is funny and witty, rolls like a musical, and yet the subtle drama of it touches and moves our inner finer selves. Yap, the music's nice, too. The lack of the little corpses rotting and decaying artistically only added to the craftsmanship, even though I missed the lags. Good work, paisano. Or maybe paisana. Sissi could easily stand for either.
File Author
@ Gaston
Thank you so much for taking the time to download and comment. It's very kind of you! And I'm so very glad you've enjoyed it,too. I'll try and add a bit of lag since you miss it. Perhaps with 2000 flying dogs all over the map, that'd be cute ?
Again thank you pal, and good luck with your own so interesting campaign, I really think you have all what is needed to do a real masterpiece with it. See you !
PS: and sissi stands for CC, so people can call me names in different languages, see :Clockwise Conceit, Campingplatz für Cannabiszüchter, Crétin Consciencieux,Contemporanea Colica, Camino del Corazòn...and Cave Canem !

[Edited on 11/09/08 @ 04:56 AM]

Official Reviewer
if its an acronym, you're now Confit du Carnard :P
Gotta love duck.
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Crazy Kitsch Quest: A manic assignment where you don't quite know what to expect, or what you're doing, or what you've taken. From the very beginning, where "Objective displayed on minimap!", sissi shows talent for telling tales of the sublimely ridiculous.

Playability: 4
A near-perfect cutscene, the only problem of which is the volume of the audio, as it is played as a sound effect, it is sometimes hard to hear the lyrics. Some lateral thinking is required to advance to the second scenario, the quest. I didn't actually enjoy the quest as much as the cutscene, being harassed by Masters of the Templar isn't easy to defend against without pikemen and a 35 population cap. The puzzles were to a very high standard however.

Balance: 5
Perfectly balanced. The player is attacked early enough to force their hand, and I ended up using unrealistic tower-walls to keep the enemy at bay. The limited amount of units really makes the player think, particularly the lack of infantry.

Creativity: 5
Joyously varied. Borderline on the bizarre, CKQ combines puzzle, RPG, and build and destroy, almost flawlessly. Monks are tasked to pick up relics to make sound effects, farms are burned in time to lyrics (a must-see, if you keep your eyes open), and monks are murdered at the altar.

Map Design: 5
An excellent map, detailed and lush, which perfectly serves the creator's purposes. Sometimes you'll look at a part and just stare, until you realise that a vital part of the story was hidden effortlessly from you. (such as an objects ownership)

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was to a very high standard, however the instructions left me wanting more. certainly, I didn't feel there were enough hints, and prompts. The relics weren't in obvious enough places, and some of them I only found while rampaging around after destroying everything.

Additional Comments:
A well-rounded and enjoyable romp, with an excellent soundtrack.
Don't let the filesize put you off, Crazy Kitsch Quest is certainly worth downloading.
..unless you're on dialup.

[Edited on 02/06/10 @ 02:53 PM]

File Author
wow, Popey, you've been very generous, it's a very kind review and I thank you so much for taking the time to write it.

I totally agree with you about instructions : it's really a bit hard, I should have written a walkthrough.
But this was my very first campaign,(therefore also my first custom AI including taunts to triggers and 3 difficulty levels for fights). At that time, I was convinced - I'm very glad I was wrong - that there were only veteran-very blasé-players on AOK, and was sure they were all so used to all that tricks that it'd be tedious for them if the puzzles at least were not a bit challenging and/or funny...

Where I disagree is about the map design, it doesn't deserve so high marks, it bears the mistakes of all beginners, such as too many Gaïa objects, awkward map-copy, etc... But I'm glad you like it. (I'm only proud of my Disneyworld Firework, actually ;))

I wanted it to be played the way you really prefer,with any personality you may have. So if you want to destroy eveything to find the relics no problem, if you manage to guess the password with only one half of the parchment, no problem, if you can open the gates by insisting like mad, that has been taken into consideration too. Same if you can get to the island with humans (it IS possible providing that you're pigheaded and patient enough) I just hope you'll also try and send different units there before, for the fun of it. ;)

Cheats are part of the game,they were included in it by the original designers, so, pray just use them!!! It's a parody-game, after all.

Thank you again Popeh. *kiss*

PS : And if you lack infantry, that is because you haven't managed to find it, because there are good infantry units, and you have a possibility to summon them, or not.

[Edited on 07/06/10 @ 12:56 PM]

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Map Design5.0
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