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Advanced RPG skill Trick

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Advanced RPG Skill Trick
By Guthan

As you were planning a trip to the highest mountains of ThrorFall, a rockslide behind you dropped some huge rocks and blocks your way back. There is nothing to do but go on, about to start an adventure and a tutorial to learn how to use this 'trick'.

Inside you'll learn and advanced way to learn skills, train the skills, activate and use them INgame.

It's kinda complicated, but once you understand you won't forget. Myself I'll use it for my huge RPG I'm making, which will hold 8 skills, all able to level up. Some up to 20, others just to 5. It's up to you to decide how many levels you want to give.

I made this because I thought I would be handy for RPG-designer who doesn't really know a good way to make sure people can train and use skills INgame

So... Enjoy and thanks for reading (now download also and make my day good :D)

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Luke Gevaerts It's nice to see my work is appreciated.
File Author
What do you mean? -.-
WizardBoy What do you mean? -.-

It means that you're scenario features something that is already found and therefore used. It also means that your idea of your advanced rpg trick is taken from another designer. I suppose you read about the Blind trigger firing and attempt to use the system right away. You change to the concept of Blind Trigger firing to Advanced RPG trick.
I find this a little sad. You put up a utility by using another ones method, almost claiming it being yours. Hm, im not too sure.
If this was found out by yourself, and this meaning that you had nothing in awareness of the Blind trigger firing, then it has to be okay. This means you did find this out on your own and my worry is not needed to be expressed.
Else, if you did took the idea from Luke and made this utility as you felt it fit the skill concept then you missed your chance. It is in my opinion not very kind to use another his concept after one posted it, and then claim the system of triggers you saw as your invention. Just to let you know. Like i said or if not will say, be careful what you make. I rather not have the presence of a scenario in the blacksmith, which could be taken from another designer before even posted/submit.
Im not directing you this way as a moderator, its just how i treat this situation as a member. I find that Luke didnt made this (Blind trigger firing) for other to use, i think that opinion is already dieing, but, well this utility you made, well did not went on the right moment.
Rating: 5
A quite well done quite with everything in it displayed very clearly. I am positive people new to the RPG element of Age of kings(Me Included!) will find this quite usefull.

Additional Comments: I found this very easy to understand and I will use this for my own scenarios sometime as well! Very well done!
File Author

I've answered this by mailing Tanneur...

I have NO IDEA where I can find Blind Trigger Firing...

Take a look at this :

Found 22 Files
Download File Uploaded Rating DLs Cmts
Download File (95.82 KB)
95.82 KB Against Thee, Wickedly - Teaser
The highly acclaimed Teaser to Against Thee, Wickedly, recently updated to fix some bugs and spelling inconsistencies.
Category: Single Player Demo / Project 10/13/03
by Luke Gevaerts
4.9 (6) 2960 5
Download File (236.33 KB)
236.33 KB Joan the Maid (updated version)
Category: Single Player Campaign 09/09/03
by Sir Knight Luke - 1373 4

As you see I only found 1 download made by Luke... So where the hell am I supposed to find this Blind Trigger Firing?!

I did found this out on my own...

This is what I sent to Tanneur :


in your mail I received about the comments and reviews which might appear very slow on the site, I saw the name 'blind triggers firing' or something like that for the first time.

If I did downloaded Luke's skill system (if that is what he made, for I don't know it since I didn't downloaded it...) I think I would say something else but 'What do you mean?'

I truly figured this system out myself, cause I was looking for a way to make my Skills work INgame... I was inspired by Divine Divinity, but I can't make it that way since that it a true game, and this is just a scenario.

People can blame me for copyright... This is my own design and I will come out for it if necessary... This is my work and I'm proud of it. I wasn't aware of Luke's creation. And if I was I would possibly use his system and credit him.

Does it really look that much on my system?


[Edited on 10/16/08 @ 11:19 AM]

File Author
Thanks for the review, Hailstorm65
Official Reviewer
Guthan, BBCODE will not work in comments, so edit them to be more readable.

It was interesting sure, but could probably have been done in a dozen different ways and is nothing new. Check 'Brelda the Hun' for a sort of levelling system that works quite well.
File Author

I edited it.

I admit I downloaded Brelda the Hun, but I never played it, cause the scenario lagged so much during the opening cut-scene that I never played it...

Is it so hard to believe that I made something like this based on my own ideas? :s

Lord_MontyIII i used and learnt NOTHING despite being new.
its all simple, i was expecting something really good and advanced but it isnt really only slight differences from the one i am already using in my first scenario that im gonna release.
maybe good for other people.
Official Reviewer
If you are using it in your upcoming scenario you should give credit.
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