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Land of the Vikings

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Hi aok-heaven team,

I send your a campaign (by one scn.) for the Download-Site. I hope some people
have fun for that. It was a long work.
A german version you can find in the next time by the Agearena. (Only for

bye andi

Submittal: campaign
Your name : Andreas Marscheider (aMa)
Your Email :
Campaign Title : Land Of The Vikings (German: Im Land der Wikinger inkl.Sound)
Date submitted : 03.03.2000
# of scenarios : 1 (The Normans)
Difficulty level : Quite important: Select degree of difficulty >> MEDIUM << ,
otherwise some controllers won't work.


In the northern areas, where snow and ice is lying almost the whole year, the races of the Vikings have lived. Many of them have had a quarrel with eachother for a long time. Each of the princes and leaders claimed the crown themselve and had fought against eachother during the centuries. But some time the races splitted into two stocks. One part consisted of loyal adherents of Helgobart, a Danish prince, who was crowned to the king of the Vikings by his followers. On the other side the other princes wanted to see King Harolf (rollo) on the throne.To the northern gods will he seemed to be intended to reign over the Vikings - not this unworthy Danish prince, in which veins flowed no Vikingblood. The situation had escalated, when in 983 n.Cr the Norman fortress Haithabu had been attacked by Helgobarts men and ist inhabitants, moreover King Harolfs most loyal subjects had been slayed in a beastly way.
The Danish king at that has formed an alliance with the race of the Wenden, who supported him and his intention with their strong troops. The young Norman prince Wilhelm (the conquerer), the alderman of Haithabu, had just gone before the attack to King Harolfs court. Only a few fighter had escorted him and four carts filled with gold and food had been near by, which he had wanted to conduct at the Kings court. When he had left Haithabu he hadn't the slightest notion of the deceitful assault by the Danes . . .

Enjoy, and save often!
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Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Land of the Vikings is a single scenario, a B&D with FF elements, which starts as a RPS. Even though the scenario uses the historical sites of Haithabu and the Jomsburg, all persons and the story are fiction. King Harolf, elected by Viking princes, sojourned at the Jomsburg, when in 983 AD the Danish, who proclaimed prince Helgobart as King of all Vikings, attacked Haithabu.

PLAYABILITY: I enjoyed the scenario, mainly because it was tactically very demanding. It had a good opening cut-scene with an Indiana Jones like, inexplicable, narrow escape with an exploding bridge, but who mined the bridge? The introduction RPS added to the overall fun and challenge of one of the best B&D Age of Kings has to offer. After half an hour, I encountered a random bug and as a result, the Danish attacked only with unprotected siege weapons, to enhance game play the player should attack the units, which are unable to board a transport, blocked between cliffs and the harbour on the right side in the bay. In addition, there are enemy units blocked between the two bridges going west without passage, there an attack would also help the game play, provided the above happen, it is a random bug. 4+

BALANCE: As indicated by the author, I played the scenario on moderate, with original AoK, where heroes cannot heal and you got some of them. I found the scenario surprisingly challenging. The beginning of the siege of the Jomsburg was a tad too hard for my taste, but after some reloads, a fortification and a little build up the scenario’s balance is excellent, save often and enjoy the challenging battles. 5-

CREATIVITY: This was very creative, the scenario shows an army moving in formation, but maybe by the time you arrive some left. If you do not spot them during game play click replay and use ‘Marco’ and ‘Polo’, look for two Huskarls and six Pikemen and the exploding bridge was also quite new at the time. The map design added to the scenario’s balance, the possibility of various tactics and places for your attacks was a strong, creative plus point. You can attack with ships, land in the far west, at the bay or you attack by crossing the river on one of the bridges, which brings you nearer to the castle and the town centre for the King’s escape. 5-

MAP DESIGN: A superb map, top quality design with the iced map copied shores, which gave a good feeling for the Nordic environment, more than ‘perfect’. 5+

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: Land of the Vikings has a good, but short fictitious story. The lack of an informative history section is sad, as the historical sites and 983 A.D. raised my curiosity in the first place. The mix of historical places and tribes with none existing, as the Odaker and fictitious people with people misplaced in time are disappointing. Sufficient, valuable hints and a bitmap with the places to go are positive aspects. The objectives are clear, but traced, not masked, which is quite confusing towards the end of the game. 4

OVERALL: Land of the Vikings is one of the best B&D at the Black Smith and belongs in the best of AoK.

SUGGESTIONS: You can avoid two random bugs by getting rid of the third harbour towards the cliffs and a possibility to pass between the bridges on the Danish side.

OBSERVATIONS: The random bugs are rather a problem of Age of Kings than of the scenario. In general, the game engine finds its way to the wanted location, but sometimes units end in a dead end blocking each other, which a designer can solve with small map changes, but for that, the bugs have to happen during play testing which is most unlikely. Unfortunately, you cannot fix the bug for the army moving in formation in a B&D. The moment the standard AI needs more units it will take one after the other out of the formation. When the AI competes against a trigger, the AI wins most of the times.

IN CLOSING: Land of the Vikings is a must for all B&D fans.

[Edited on 06/16/05 @ 12:47 PM]

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Map Design5.0
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