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The Revenge of the Templar v.2 (English version)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only

Revenge of the Templars
By Xavill (Latin
Design Team


The nineteenth of March of 1314, Jacques de Molay, the master
of the order of the Knight Templars, was burnt at the stake in front
of Notre-Damme, condemned for heresy and perjury. This was the tragic
culmination of seven years of tortures and persecutions, that put an
end to the most powerful order of Christendom. During two centuries,
the templars had been the owners of more than a half of Europe's properties,
and lots of treasures. The templars were the bankers of the principal
Lords and Kingdoms, and in their hands was the Real Treasure of France.

Make alliances in order to accomplish your target

Paris is plent of traders. Make deal with them

This was the cause of their misfortune.Phillip
IV, King of France, humiliated by his economical servitude to the templars,
entrusted his right hand, Guillaume de Nogaret, the task to create the
favorable conditions to make disappear the order. The first detentions
were made in october of 1307.

The Pope, Clement V, influenced
by Phillip IV, who bought his papacy, decided to supress the order.Lots
of templars died in the interrogations. The templars that never
admitted his guilty were killed, or condemned to life imprisonment.The
ones that confessed the crimes publicly, were set free, and left
Glide in the crowd to avoid your enemies

The legend tells that while Jacques
de Molay, the last master of the order, was burning at the stake, looked
at the king , the pope, and Nogaret, and shouted a course: In a year,
the three responsibles of his misfortune will be dead.

In fact, in a year, all were dead under
suspicious conditions. The pope dead in a journey to Avignon, in the
Ville of Roquemaure due to a sudden intestinal illness. Nogaret was
killed in his villa: his murderer was never found. The king died while
he was hunting all alone , it's told that it was an accident.

Take an arch and kill your enemies silently

At the market you can find interesting things...


In this scenario you are Galzeran de
Born, who was a knight templar, tortured by the inquisitors during years,
till he confessed crimes he didn´t commit. Once he was free, in
Paris, he lived as a bagger till he saw his Master's death, in front
of Notre-Damme.

He heard his last words, and since then, he lives only to accomplish....The
Revenge of the Templars.

There are loads of sidequests to accomplish


- Multiple options: there are 15 different
ways to accomplish your objectives.

- Almost all the action happens in Paris: a very
big city, where you will find some enterable buildings.

- Multiple side-quests than can help you in your
main goal.

- A "Map" of the city (included in the
zip) to locate quickly where you must go, and where you are.( altough
the city is full of signs)

- Different ways to travel across the city, to
avoid your enemies (the inquisitors).

- A totally free game: don´t matter the
order you accomplish the objectives. It´s your choice.

The story of the Knights Templar starts in The Story of the Templar

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
King Jeff 2 Great campaign! Best I've ever played (but then again I haven't played Ulio). Only one question. After I poisoned the Pope, I ran out of Roquemarie and into the woods, only it wouldn't give me my weapons back. I've tried everything, even going back into Paris as a villager. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Will I have to restart the game?
File Author
You don´t have to run throught the woods. You have to follow the road you entered the city. Then all will work fine.
Thanks for your nice comments.
The Viking Lord Sorry about the review, somehow I accidently cut and pasted more than I should have.
Andres_age Really, I totally disagree with u in the review. The "bug" you found didn´t hurt gameplay in any way, and theorically you should review the last version, not the first...
and you criticized the map design... do you know how difficult is to map a city? i´d like to know, which tricks and eyecandies would you put in order to get a 5? You must take into account that ULIO has few cities, and tRotT is 90% a city, so comparing Ingo´s scn and this one would be like comparing apples and oranges...
Official Reviewer
Andres, Xavill is a member of your team and I understand that you defend his work, but you are not objective. Overall The Revenge of the Templar is one of the best campaigns I played. The playability is awesome, I played the three variations to get into the palace, used the thief and the champion for the ambassador, choose the three parties as allies, got the poison from two places, freed and did not free Silvan and still did not use all possible plots. Most bugs are not existent any more in version 2.0 and the two small things I realized would not influence my rating of 5.0 for playability, but the city map is overloaded with randomly placed dirt paths and flower patches, many broken carts, everything is too clustered. Outside the city eye-candy is missing in the landscape, but also here the predominant design tool seems to be the dirt path. My personal opinion is that the campaign deserves the fantastic overall rating of 4.8 ;-)
File Author
Please, i don´t want no kind of problems with the reviews.(i had enough once). It´s Viking Lord´s oppinion and the review is well explained. For me it´s ok.
And Andres can give his ideas too. I believe that Viking Lord has made the review on the updated version. If not, maybe he must check it.
Tanneur: waiting to read your review.
The Viking Lord I wish the review had an option to be edited. That way I could fix the 4 under playability and put it under balance and remove all that excess garbage. If I had a choice, I might change my mind over the eye-candy, but it seems I can't make any changes to my review =.
King Jeff 2 @ Tanneur99,

I disagree with what you said about the city. I thought the dirt paths and broken carts and density of the city did much to show what it was actually like back then, it was dirty and it was congested. Congradulations to Xavill, I thought the way the city was made did much to draw the character into the story and the times.
Andres_age When it rained in a city , all the carts soiled the streets with mud, and it was common to see plants in the streets, specially fungus and flowers in the clefts of the stones. the paths weren´t put randomly at the scn, they mark the way of the carts from the gates of the city to many buildings...
Andres_age I forgot it: if you publish another review, the new one overwrittes the previous one.
Anyway it´s your opinion, and of course not everybody will have the same opinion. I personally think that the playability has no problems, but it´s my (as tanneur said, "subjective") opinion.
You don´t have to modify your review if you don´t want. However, if u do a review you have to do it of the actual version, not the old one...
And xavill don´t mind a 4,6 :p
It´s up to you.
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