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The Revenge of the Templar v.2 (English version)

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only

Revenge of the Templars
By Xavill (Latin
Design Team


The nineteenth of March of 1314, Jacques de Molay, the master
of the order of the Knight Templars, was burnt at the stake in front
of Notre-Damme, condemned for heresy and perjury. This was the tragic
culmination of seven years of tortures and persecutions, that put an
end to the most powerful order of Christendom. During two centuries,
the templars had been the owners of more than a half of Europe's properties,
and lots of treasures. The templars were the bankers of the principal
Lords and Kingdoms, and in their hands was the Real Treasure of France.

Make alliances in order to accomplish your target

Paris is plent of traders. Make deal with them

This was the cause of their misfortune.Phillip
IV, King of France, humiliated by his economical servitude to the templars,
entrusted his right hand, Guillaume de Nogaret, the task to create the
favorable conditions to make disappear the order. The first detentions
were made in october of 1307.

The Pope, Clement V, influenced
by Phillip IV, who bought his papacy, decided to supress the order.Lots
of templars died in the interrogations. The templars that never
admitted his guilty were killed, or condemned to life imprisonment.The
ones that confessed the crimes publicly, were set free, and left
Glide in the crowd to avoid your enemies

The legend tells that while Jacques
de Molay, the last master of the order, was burning at the stake, looked
at the king , the pope, and Nogaret, and shouted a course: In a year,
the three responsibles of his misfortune will be dead.

In fact, in a year, all were dead under
suspicious conditions. The pope dead in a journey to Avignon, in the
Ville of Roquemaure due to a sudden intestinal illness. Nogaret was
killed in his villa: his murderer was never found. The king died while
he was hunting all alone , it's told that it was an accident.

Take an arch and kill your enemies silently

At the market you can find interesting things...


In this scenario you are Galzeran de
Born, who was a knight templar, tortured by the inquisitors during years,
till he confessed crimes he didn´t commit. Once he was free, in
Paris, he lived as a bagger till he saw his Master's death, in front
of Notre-Damme.

He heard his last words, and since then, he lives only to accomplish....The
Revenge of the Templars.

There are loads of sidequests to accomplish


- Multiple options: there are 15 different
ways to accomplish your objectives.

- Almost all the action happens in Paris: a very
big city, where you will find some enterable buildings.

- Multiple side-quests than can help you in your
main goal.

- A "Map" of the city (included in the
zip) to locate quickly where you must go, and where you are.( altough
the city is full of signs)

- Different ways to travel across the city, to
avoid your enemies (the inquisitors).

- A totally free game: don´t matter the
order you accomplish the objectives. It´s your choice.

The story of the Knights Templar starts in The Story of the Templar

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
The Viking Lord
Map Design5.0
The Revenge of the Templars

This has to be one of the better campaigns made in Heaven Games's history. Next to the newer Ulio and Against Thee, Wickedly, there is The Revenge of the Templars. While lacking in some regards, it was throughly entertaining and I enjoyed playing the Latin Design Team's work.

When I first played, I found a few bugs that caught my attention. Xavill was a good trooper and quickly fixed them. What impressed me the most is none prevented you from playing; though still proved to be a nuisance.
Balanced to the point of sheer challenge. It was hard to the position of where I have to take off a point. While it was fun, I found evading teutonic knights and other miscellaneous enemies to be extremely difficult. The main thing that I am complaining about, is the fact that I had it on "easy" and it was certainly not.
Brillant, from the side quests to ambushing the teutonic leader in the woods, the campaign retained its own style of creativity.
Map Design:
I wasn't blown away by the eye candy; nothing extremely creative with eye candy was done, but still I left with a feeling of satisfaction.
His story, while lacking the creative twists that made up Ulio, is entertaining. I had little trouble understanding the instructions and how I was to accomplish them.

I recommend this campaign for any of those who are looking for a good playable game.
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
“The Revenge of the Templars” is a challenging RPG, a campaign with many optional scenarios to play on the same map. The fictional story is based on historical facts and it could have happened similar as described.

PLAYABILITY: This is one of the most enjoyable campaigns with a fantastic pace, challenging balance, great side quests and a high replay value. All of this kept me busy for some evenings, playing the various options; it was never boring, a lot of fun and I always discovered new things. It is enough to do different tasks at another time or playing quests in a different sequence to create a new game. With the experience I had, it would just not feel right to give anything but a perfect overall rating. Unfortunately there were small flaws in every category to rate, except for creativity. In the end I opted to only take one point off of playability, being the most subjective category. For playability I realized two things, when the player kills last the King, the view change goes directly to the tomb scene (end cut-scene), but the on screen text reads "you arrived back at the base" and the player gets control of two Galzerans on the map. The joust looked strange, the opponent waits left and Alecon passes him to draw up right with Galzeran. The "old dog" and a healing monk, following galzeran stood in the way of the combatants, in the middle of the tilt-yard. 4+

BALANCE: The campaign was played on moderate as requested; it was play tested that way and the triggers work best on that level. As most RPS/RPG the campaign is not difficulty-level-dynamic, so the campaign does not get easier on standard or more difficult on hard. This was well replaced by the various choices the player was given. The balance was near perfection. The player could practically play on easy by printing the map, marking the positions of the monks, avoiding to become discovered, not freeing a brother in arms and choosing the Arabs as an ally. On the other hand he could choose hardest, almost impossible, freeing Silvan and choosing one of the other Orders early in the game. I assure you in between are more levels than moderate and hard left. I am disclosing this with intention, to help other players. It takes some time to find out about these "levels", hopeless by playing one game only. A moderate player could get frustrated on "hardest" and an expert not satisfied with the missing challenge on "easy". 5-

CREATIVITY: Without ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’ the campaign deserves the highest creativity rating. There are many well placed triggers, the fourteenth century map, the on historical events based story and the play options with their related side quests, simply ingenious. Creative the objective screen, how it follows simultaneous the three main objectives and the side quests. 5+

MAP DESIGN: Paris looks lively like a real city and it is fun to play the map, designed according to a real plan from 1315. Xavill is probably the best city designer for AoK, fantastic design, a little clustered, but great and very detailed. The city takes up the vast part of the map; only two scenes and the final cut-scene are outside the city walls and here the maps are lacking in detail and Gaia. The other remark I have is that the dirt path was too frequent and randomly placed. Dirt areas on land and water would be realistic, carefully placed wheel-tracks too, but wheel-tracks on a cliff and its crossing in the Seine? 5-

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The impression starts with a perfect author’s description page, continues with a good read me, an exemplary introduction screen and a great outstanding in game developing story. The BMP is appealing, the interesting history section a must read, the objectives clear and the hints helpful with a supporting map in the read me. Probably the most important hint the author is giving if you choose to play anything but “easy”, reads: “Save often. Better: save very often…”. A small remark concerns the hints; you are told that the objectives can be played in any sequence, which is correct apart from a small detail. You learn about a secret passage to the palace, which you can use only after somebody asks you to gather information, which was a little confusing. The hints tell you to use it "when needed", with your starting objective to kill the King, for me this meant a need for a secret passage from the start. 5-

OVERALL: A great campaign with the potential of an overall 5.0, simply lacking the last painful efforts.

OBSERVATION: The campaign was very difficult to rate due to the fact that all five categories deserve a 5.0 regarding them isolated from the rest, but four of them had minor flaws and I hesitated, not knowing where to deduct a point. Thanks go to Ingo van Thiel to direct my attention to a review of Roland’s Quest and credits to Gordon Farrell for writing the review, showing a solution to this particular rating issue.

SUGGESTIONS: Inverse the positions of the combatants at the joust. Get rid of the "you arrived at the base" text, the player will realize where he is if it wasn't the last quest. Kill the second Galzeran with a trigger, in that case attention to your loose condition, or change ownership, conditioned to the arrival at the grave scene. According to the review tutorial: "A perfectly balanced scenario should provide a challenge for a veteran player", a goal which you achieved without a shadow of doubt, but we also rate if a scenario was too easy or too difficult, taking our own skills into account. Both can happen to the player of your campaign and you should give precise hints in your introduction screen so that we can create our own level. Avoid randomly placed Gaia and work on your landscape. As for the secret passage the lady could also advise you to have an ally before using the secret passage, have another objective saying: "Find an ally before using the passage."

IN CLOSING: Without exaggeration, The Revenge of the Templars will be a classic of AoK. Download this campaign and save often, better very often.
Map Design5.0
Playability- 5
This is by far one of the best scenarios/campaigns out there. The playability was very good and offered a lot of various side quests. Triggers were also used nicely in the game, perfect 5.

Balance- 5
Once again, 5. While it is somewhat hard to "die", it is all too easy to lose in it, which made the game nice and challenging, without making it borderline impossibly hard.

Creativity- 5
The fact that I had never heard of any of this sparked my interest. At first I thought it may be a fictional story, I still do not know if it is or isn't, but it's a very well developed one. Not knowing how it ended made it better, rather than knowing right from the start it would work.

Map Design- 5
Gorgeous. The city was simply beautifully made and extremely easy to maneuver through. The historical accuracy also added an interesting flavor. Very nice use of eye candy and various types of units (as opposed to a few types of units only renamed to something else).

Story/Instructions- 4
While the story itself was very good and the instructions were just right, so that you knew what to do, but nothing was given away, the gates confused me. As I do not own a printer, I kept having to minimize the screen, and the directions you get when clicking on the signs seem somewhat vague and sometimes off as well. Instead of putting flag colors with navigation points in the instructions, you could have typed up in which vague direction the gates and different town names were in the actual game.

Overall, this game was awesome, and I can only recommend it to anyone who needs 2 or 3 hours to spend doing something good. Different ways to complete the game (something seen far too rarely) made the scenario almost ripe to be a demo to an entirely new game. It lets the player play the game over and over, finding different solutions to problems. The ability to do multiple side quests at the same time was very nice as well.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
I was kept on my feet and was checking for monks everystep of the way. Later Paris was starting to feel homely and safe, thats when i stumbled into the monk. Now this new threat made me keep playing.

Balance: 5
Nice Balance i had just learned my way round the city and got the short cuts when i got found.

Creativity: 5
Extremely creative, nothing else to say

Map Design: 5
I liked how you could enter buildings and the layout of Paris was nice a bit more pleasing eye candy would make it brilliant.

Story/Instructions: 5
Hard to get at beginning but i settled in i liked the story how your choices affect it abit

Additional Comments:
Favorite map iv ever played,a few bugs but they don't affect the story.
Btw this was my first ever post and my first ever review.
The davestar
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
I was kept alert all the time,looking for inquistador monks all the time. As soon as you think you know were all the monks are there is a new one round the next corner.

Balance: 5
The Balance was good. Nothing else to say.

Creativity: 5
Very Very Creative. The idea of not leting the monks see you is brilliant. 5.0!

Map Design: 5
Paris was very detailed. I wish I could do a city that detailed.

Story/Instructions: 5
I loved the story and there were very clear instructions.

Additional Comments:
The best scenario I have played!

It has Inspired Me!
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Revenge of the Templars by xavill is very enjoyable and challenging RPG scenario. It tells the story of Galzeran de Born, one of the last members of the Templar Order, who witnessed his masters death and is now on a mission to accomplish the Revenge of the Templars.

Playability: 5
Revenge of the Templars was the first custom scenario I ever downloaded and played, and its certainly the reason I came here to AOKH and stayed. This is a great scenario to get you into the game and show you just how amazing the editor is. It's a typical quest for revenge, set out in an outstanding way. I loved all aspects of it; trying to avoid being caught by the inquisitors, running away from captures, making alliances with the Teutonic Knights and Hospitaliers, etc. I was kept alert all the time. The game is one of the most enjoyable scenarios I have ever played and it's fast paced gameplay with keep you on the edge the whole time. No bugs or lag were found when I played this game.

Balance: 5
The scenario was challenging but very well balanced, and can all players. This was the first scenario I played ans whilst I found it challenging, it wasn't impossible to complete but I certainly struggled at points. I had to attack dogs, dodge inquisitors, and ally with either the Teutonic knights or the Hospitaliers. I used the transport boat once I was caught. The scenario has custom difficulty dynamics to make it suitable for all players no matter what their skill level is.

Creativity: 5
The Creativity was great. I particularly loved the Side Quests and making alliances. The storyline is very creative and isn't just your typical revenge scenario. There is a whole array of creative trigger tricks which were all unique back when this scenario was first made. The side quests are ingenious and fit nicely with the main story and are all creatively done.

Map Design: 5
The map design was Excellent; I really thought I was in Paris. It looked very accurate and was beautifully designed. The map had great terrain mixing and fantastic use of cliffs and elevation. The city itself was designed nicely and had a good building placement. It was not too open yet not too crowded. The city is realistic and has an appropriate historical feel and setting. The flags at the side of the map help with direction as well.

Story/Instructions: 5
The Story was very well laid out. I understood what was going on and the objective page was full of detailed instructions and helpful hints. The historical setting of the scenario was very accurate and added a great atmosphere to the scenario. The character development was brilliant and allowed us to connect with the characters and really get into the story. The instructions are clear, easy to understand, and I didn't get lost at all.

Additional Comments:
Revenge of the Templars is one of the greatest scenarios available to download in the AOKH. It is creative, beautifully designed, has a good storyline and is so much fun to play. This is the scenario that inspired me to start designing.

Thanks Xavill


Edited 03 July 2015

[Edited on 07/03/15 @ 03:09 PM]

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Map Design5.0
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