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~Son Against Father~

Author File Description
Dantares IV
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
~Son Against Father~

Once a peaceful nation, now the nation of Galatin is ruled by an evil tyrant who with his enormous armies is now ranging across the land; destroying all who oppress him. Most of the land has fallen to him with comparative ease. However, some have resisted. Facing impossible odds, their only hope is that someone will come back to the land and help them rid the land of the tyrant. One man does come back. Though only with some bodyguards, and his German Shepard. He informs the town that he is the son of the tyrant who is destroying the land. At once the townspeople draw their weapons or pick up stones and prepare to pummel him to death. His bodyguards raise their shields around their Lord and wait for the mob to attack. The son’s German Shepherd snarls his yellow teeth; restrained only by the son himself. However, the son quickly tells them that he has come to take back the land from his father, not join him in destroying it. After a little more talk, the mayor agrees to help him. Offering him a small force of troops, and promising to aid him later on should he succeed in forcing his father back to his supposed “Super Fortress”, he sends him away with his blessing. Many dangers lurk ahead for the son. Can he succeed, or will the last hope for the nation die away...

~An Important Twist~

When you begin the game, the first thing you will realize is that the Son has no name except “Son”, and the father has no name except “Father”. The reason for this is because I want YOU to put yourself in the place of the son, and imagine your father as being this tyrant. It will make you understand better why the son does not wish to kill him. This is one of the many interesting twists you will find with this game.


Son Against Father is a game I have worked on now for about three and a half years. After working on it for about three months, I abandoned the project because I saw no potential for it. About a year later, I found the file buried in my vast abyss of files, and just looked it over. The triggers were about 10% done, and the map design was worse than a random map, but the storyline I made up was, to me, too great to give up on. For a while, a game series call The Second Siege of Belgium was my “Life’s work”. However, when my supposedly “wonderful” cut-scenes were reduced to low threes, and high twos, I realized that it would take years to bring it back to light. So, I abandoned it. I’ve almost given up on this game many times. Whether it be because of bugs, a crash with the computer, a two month break to try a worthless game that took up 3/4s of my computer memory called Age of Empires III, or even just pure laziness. However, I overcame my laziness, I overcame the bugs, terminated the crash problems by kicking the computer in the side a few times and threatening to throw it out the window if it would not snap out of it, and I quit trying to use the hopeless AoE III editor with the high end graphics that made naval battles that were two minutes long on the AoE III timer, half an hour long in real life. I did stop a few times for two separate competitions, and for a couple other games I had in mind, but I always came back to this. So now, I have finished my work. I can R.I.P.

~Game Play~

This is not your average RPG game, This game is mostly an RPG, but there are some elements of, FF, DtS, and AtS.


Difficulty: Moderate or higher

Speed: Normal

On a side note, if you have a good pair of headphones, they will work great for this game.


Here are some of the many things you can expect from this game:

~Detailed instructions
~Heavily detailed storyline
~Almost everything that could have its name changed, has been changed.
~Great sound effects
~Thrilling music for almost every battle
~Theme music from famous hit movies like Last Samurai, and Mission Impossible III
~The music during the final siege is something I have been saving for a long time. It is possibly the most epic sounding music you may ever hear.
~Exciting twists and turns
~Surprises around almost every turn
~Close call battles
~Fighting against enemy units not in the Feudal or Castle Age, but in the IMPERIAL age
~Slaughters which could take place on both your side, and the enemies.
~Starting the game with Four men and a dog, and working your way up to an ARMY
~Maybe a little bit of luck
~A five minute cut-scene, at the beginning, a couple short cut-scenes in-between, and a final approximately ten minute long cut-scene at the end
~Bitterness, hatred, and enemies
~Love, compassion, and comrades
A final duel using a style of fighting style COMPLETELY UNIQUE TO AOE II
And finally, REVENGE!

~People who Contributed to Making this Game Possible~

After playing Sabato the Witch, I wanted to make an RPG myself. I also wanted to use Ingo’s method of having the landscape change as you went through the game. First a forest, then onto a hot desert, and later, through a swamp, etc…

Many thanks to Oliver for Renaissance.

I then had many play-testers:

Andanu T
Mickey Winters
RS GreoO
And then some “not so well known people”
Lord Death23
Josh the Dude

Lastly, I thank matty12345 for the bitmap.


I hope you all enjoy this game. Please comment on it and tell me what you think of it.


You need Renaissance installed to play this file.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
sSc_Cobra007 On a side note, Dant. You should have made it into a single campaign scenario so sending the board image wouldn't have been necessary, and the settings would have been defined already.

So, what settings should we be playing it in? Dark Age, Imperial age, Post-Imperial age, without resources?
Official Reviewer
sSc_Cobra007, Member Since: 08-26-2004 but you sound as if you bought the game yesterday.

How to play a scenario, from Single Player, click Standard Game, from Random Map select Scenario..., select the scenario you want to play. The settings define in the Scenario Editor; in the Campaign Editor, you place scenarios in a sequence. Are you placing 1 scenario in a sequence? To play the defined settings of the scenario, use the default setting Standard, this applies to Victory, Starting Age, and Resources. Reveal Map: Normal, unless you want to cheat. Select your difficulty.

With regard to the "board image", the BMP, the BMP saves in the .SCN/.SCX file not in a campaign file. Did you really believe that by zipping a BMP it saves in the .CPX without saving first in the .SCX file? However, here you are right; there is no need to include a BMP, not for .SCX and not for .CPX.

BTW, Dantares IV did place his scenario into a .CPX but asked me to edit something. I did not bother to place one scenario into a sequence it should play when I updated with the sound files being bigger than the usual 48 MB.
Jimmy2 Wow, this looks great.

[Edited on 08/19/08 @ 10:34 AM]

Guthan Aaah... Finally it's done!

Lucky me, I have a fast Download program, takes only 10 minutes :)

if it doesn't take longer then a week for me to complete this game, I'll must likely review it :)

Dam, is this the most giant post in AOK history? :)
sSc_Cobra007 Wish I could fix that comment, Tan. But no, I didn't meant how to open the file. I was having trouble reloading the scenario, and somehow the units ages screwed up every time I reloaded.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
I will be reviewing this later, but for now I have one major complaint; shouldn't the gameplay be logical even if you DON'T read the hints every time to advance the map slightly? I was really confused most of the time, mainly since there aren't any objectives at all in the scenario. When I reached the city of Cerek, for example, I was told to defend my archers but nothing more. Then the Son said he would go for the mayor alone, but all soldiers cod still kill the mayor together. I had had so many casualties by now that I didn't want to risk any more by staying in the city. I continued and managed to get to the fort, where I first stopped, pretty much stuck after having my butt kicked a few times by the overwhelming imperial forces. Apparently, the soldiers you free in Cerek play a major role in the battle here, but I had never been given any hint in game that there would be soldiers to free there. It seems I simply have two choises; A, read all the hints before actualy starting, thus ruining a lot of the story and excitement, or B, read the hints continuously throughout the game to stay updated, which ruins the gameplay by shattering the atmosphere with annoying reading as soon as there's any action.

Gewitterdrache This sounds really great, but, unfortunately, my game crashes whenever I try to play it, or even go to the edit screen (Sometimes using 'TEST' cancels out whatever crashes it.)
Snoopah Same as the above. It crashes when I try to load.
Official Reviewer
I do not approve games that crash. However, it will crash if you do not have Renaissance installed and/or if you do not load the altered data to the game engine. I put the link at the end of the description when I approved. I even marked Renaissance in blue. Renaissance is an altered .DAT file, before playing a game with Renaissance in your .DAT folder the game engine has to load the altered data. To do that back up your original .DAT file, load Renaissance into your Data folder, start the AoE II, from Single Player go to Map Editor, click Create Scenario (Not Edit Scenario), then Menu and finally ‘Quit to Main Menu’. Now load 'Son against Father', it will play without a crash.

[Edited on 10/14/08 @ 07:48 AM]

Map Design3.0
Well, this map was nothing stunning but fairly enjoyable. The gameplay was smooth BUT... there were umpteen crash-on-starts, although I had renaissance installed correctly so it was hard to get it finished at last (even save-games crashed) and in the end I had to play it in one leap from the start to the end from the editor to prevent having to start over again in later tries. Besides that, it was quite nice.

The game was fairly easy for me on moderate, but not too easy and I can imagine others having some difficulty so I wont detract too many points here.

It's always nice to see someone who brings in some new music even if it takes 45MB which is no problem as it only took 15 mins for me to download so that's OK. The music in short was great. The map itself featured a nice, flowing kind of gameplay which is both action-packed and not too plain, and that is a rare combination I only say in a few, high-rated campaigns like Ulio.

I am sorry to say this but despite the fact you used *some* eyecandy in a few parts of the map, I was not impressed by it. The roads through the forest (!) were as broad as a city square could be, and terrain mixing was also barely observed. I even saw a path of grass1 somewhere at the start, just... no. Terrain mixing lacked everywhere basically and the city/town/fort designs were also of a quality I can create in a random map (in-game) if I would want to so really, a 3.

The story was quite nice but nothing really impressive although the author did try to make it look like it did. It was quite plain and had no real twists or turns so that's quite say, lacking but still, it has potential and is not that bad. The instructions were quite lacking at times although usually they were adequate enough to my liking.

Additional Comments:
A good map but lots - LOTS of room for improvement. Recommended download- not sure. For those who like blunt battling and don't mind a 50+MB download, yes, but those who have high standards on map design, no.

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Map Design3.0
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