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The Ruler

Author File Description
Derfel Cadarn
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Required Modpack (if not included with the download): Age of Chivalry: Hegemony
Style: Other
Number of scenarios: 1
To play The Ruler you need to have the Age of Chivalry - Hegemony mod pack installed.

Update 18 May 2017
I bring good news and bad news! The bad news is that The Ruler is still unfinished, and in terms of storyline has not really extended at all since its original publication on AoKH almost a decade ago. The good news is, that I have updated it to some extent. The original file was made for one of the earliest version of Age of Chivalry, and had actually become unplayable in the recent versions. This updated project file will make it playable again for Age of Chivalry: Hegemony 2.02, and features - in my opinion at least - much approved map design - utilising many of the new eyecandy objects of the mod - as well as other small details. I know some people fondly remembered this project from years ago, and I thought it was a pity that it was no longer accessible at all. This should fix that. I still hope to one day finish this project, but until then, this map will suffice. It still contains many hours of gameplay if you make different choices!

Original description
In this unfinished campaign you play as Rhys ap Madog who, after numerous journeys and adventures, is finally able to take over his deceased father's lands.
This campaign plays or at least intends to be played as a demesne simulation. You make various decisions a nobleman would make, including who to marry, what alliances to forge, whether or not to expand your demesne and how to react to your neighbours.

With it come various systems, including a simulation of the four seasons, a tax system, a levy system, and a mercenary system. You get to pick one of two stewards, and this will influence your income, military prestige and even foreign policy. And should you convert any enemy soldiers of note (footmen/longswordsmen) they will be more than just useless, faceless, rabble - they all come with a unique name.

Note: the campaign is unfinished and, with most storylines, you can only play until you have reached Winter. Nevertheless, you should still easily get hours of gameplay out of it.

Reasons for submission
I have not worked on The Ruler (initially called The Custom of Wales) for quite a while now, and I consider it unlikely it'll be altogether finished. The storyline is complex, with many different branches to resolve, and it would take a lot of time for me to figure out again what all the various triggers do. However, I am pleased with both the story as it is and its implementation thus far, and so have decided to submit it in its present state, as it still offers a lot of gameplay. Should this project ever be finished, this file will be updated.

To play The Ruler you need to have Age of Chivalry - Hegemony installed. You can get it from the AoK Heaven Blacksmith here. Installation instructions are included with the file.

To install the rest of the campaign, move The Ruler.cpx into your Scenario folder in your Age of Chivalry directory. If you have installed the game into the standard directory, you can find it at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\Games\Age of Chivalry\Scenario.
You must move the various sound files (with .mp3 extension) into your Sound\scenario folder, which you can find at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\Games\Age of Chivalry\Sound\Scenario, provided you installed the game into the standard installation directory.

Now you should be ready to play!

The AI used in this scenario is the (M) Standstill AI by Matei.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Alex Coles If I agree to assassinate Thomas, but then instead tell him Rhodri's plan rather than killing him, it crashes a little while after he acknowledges what I Rhys says to him.
Official Reviewer
This is excellent, Kor. The amount of detail and variety is enough to keep the interest despite it not being complete. It's good to see Chivalry getting such good use too.
ultracougar Well, It was very good. Amazing actually. The ways you used triggers and scripts to make such a intricate, intriuging game was just awesome.

But I got stuck at the part where it informs you that you have to visit your state and collect your taxes/raise an army.
I do all of that, at every estate, plus I complete the the meeting with Rhodri where he wants you to assasinate Thomas, But still-nothing.

Is this where the game is supposed to end, since it is incomplete?
Derfel Cadarn
File Author
Thanks for the comments. :)

Ultracougar, iirc to make the season end you first have to visit Lord Thomas. You'll have a few more things to do then and the season will change, which I think is pretty much as far as I'd designed on that particular path. There's four different main story branches, though (although one is more or less hidden), so there's probably still more to be done if you start from scratch.
OzE_PyRoLeGion **** this is amazing, improve it dude, its godlike almost, its a perfect sim for a lord in 'back in those times', Great, deserves a 5 but i would give it a 3, so as to make you earn the 5, :P


3 days and no response, and nobody is even looking at it, why?!seriously, this is one of the greatest maps [until theres another one] ever, update it, like, as in, NOW!
Edit: could you also update it with the map itself? so i can check out how you did the triggering, I'm stumped, triggers just don't work for me, and i want to do another ver of it, with more of a storyline in it, and more things to do, because you are a lazy bastard!

[Note: Please use the edit button to avoid double posting. - Blacksmith Staff]

[Edited on 03/09/10 @ 11:45 PM]

fryslan is it posible to make a campaign obout grutte pier? it is a good story onley it has not a happy end ):
Scots_Guard i loved this, i just wish you could have finished it...
Enneathan I enjoyed this very much. Too bad it doesn't last long but, while it lasted it was magical. I liked the dialogue and the season's system. Good job.
The_Cardo_King Very good, awesome even. I will repeat everyone and say you should reeeeeally continue working on it if you have the time this is excelent and with some more work could become worthy of a full 5!!! Bonus points for using Age of CHivalry, the best but less-used modpack on thr blacksmith.

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